Sessions: June Deadline for Sanctuary Cities

The US Justice Department, headed by former Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, has issued a deadline to several major “sanctuary cities” which shield illegal immigrants from deportation. Cities such as Philadelphia, PA risk losing millions of dollars in Federal grants if they do not comply with US immigration laws by June.

Time reports:

Officials in Chicago, New York, New Orleans, the California Department of Corrections, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Milwaukee, and Miami all received letters. [The] Justice [Department] said each had been identified in a 2016 inspector general report as having laws that may violate federal law.

…The letters follow a warning Attorney General Jeff Sessions issued at the White House in March when he threatened to “claw back” federal grant funding for so-called sanctuary cities, or areas where local officials limit their interactions with immigration enforcement. Officials in sanctuary cities often refuse to detain undocumented immigrants simply because they are in the country illegally.

The Trump administration as a whole has taken a hard-line stance on immigration, calling for the speedy removal of criminals while also broadening the levels of crime that could subject someone to deportation. Attorney General Sessions has taken particular aim at sanctuary policies, saying they are linked to spikes in crime and threaten public safety. In a statement on Friday, the Department of Justice said many of the jurisdictions they sent letters to are “crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime.”

New York City could lose $4.3 million in Federal grants, according to the article. Perhaps this money could be put directly into a fund building the border wall or deporting Third World immigrants?

This appears to be an issue where the Trump is largely sticking to his campaign promises. No doubt, Sessions is a major force behind the scenes in favor of enforcing immigration laws. Immigration is basically the Alt-Right’s “red line” on Donald Trump and the issue which most animated the Right-wing behind his candidacy last year.

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  1. Though many municipalities, the entire state of California included, will choose to remain out of compliance, up to and ever beyond June 30, ultimately, this will not suit Sessions.

    It is precisely then, when a real crackdown on lawlessness commences – perhaps next summer – when the bedlam, that is likely to ensue, may spark some of the definitive events of our time.

  2. From the commentary at HuffPo on this very subject. Note the arrogance and the anti-White and anti-Southern/Middle America attitudes. Apparently, us deplorable yokels are too stupid to realise how much our survival depends on SJWs and SWPL/Yuppie Whites living in the fashionable places of America©®.

    Terry Bisson

    I believe in reciprocity. Let the blue sanctuary cities withhold federal taxes, and we’ll see who wins.

    Trendy- Lefties are indispensable to us miserable and ungrateful wretches out here in flyover country.

    Dan O’Day

    File a tax return that says “Sessions stick it”. They’ll have to charge you in the santuary city, with sanctuary city jurors. Acquit!

    Daniel Cihomsky

    Middlesex High School

    If NYC looses funds then the city should stop supporting security for Donald Trump , let the secret service do it all by themselves

    NYC arrogance. Not surprising.

    Frank Muschal

    Getting tired of the yokels from red states which get more federal monies than they pay in taxes, trying to take money from blue states which pay more in taxes than they get from the federal government. I’d like to see a budget wherein states get as much investment from the federal government

    Yep, Trendy-Lefties are the only people who work and pay taxes in America®.

    Mark Cohen

    St Leo University

    but but “dynamos” of individualism or santimony like Alabama would resemble third world hellholes even more than they do now. They might actually have to raise taxes on “Boss Hogg” or “Jeff Sessions” oh the tragedy…./sarcasm off

    Classic Judeo Yankee trope. When all else fails, insult Southerners and blame the South. From the folks who constantly lecture us about not being judgmental bigots, when they’re not pestering us about non existent sins.

    Aileen Mullaney

    If the states with sanctuary cities find a way to have their citizens withhold their federal tax dollars, all those red states which get way more back than they pay will be hurting

    Marcia Ditter

    Seattle, Washington

    That list would include Seattle. For the record, my state pays more to the Feds than we get back. Then we get to support the Red states. Let them support themselves!!

    Yep. A handful of gated enclaves inside of walled citadels in Yankeedom and in the People’s Republic of Cascadia, are indispensable to civilisation. Never mind the fact that all us yokels could cut off the food and electricity.

    And finally, the anti-White trope by an ostensibly White woman who lives nowhere near the niggers she and her type claim to love.

    Trish Mc Farkus

    I’m soooo tired of old archaic white men making up the rules for the rest of us!
    They, like coal and typewriters, need to be history

    We’ll blast Sweet Home Alabama over loudspeakers as you starve inside of your enclaves and wonder how us yokels can survive without your money.

  3. Side note.

    Trish Mc Farkus

    I’m soooo tired of old archaic white men making up the rules for the rest of us!

    No Ms. Farkus, it’s you and yours who have controled the Federal Government since 1860 and make up the rules for all of us, then you whine that we’re a bunch of ungrateful, unpatriotic® and seditious subhumans who have no gratitude for all you’ve done for us, for our own good, when we object.

  4. @ juniusdaniel1828

    Yesterday, Junius, they had a large power outage in San Francisco. PG&E claim it was a substation failure.

    California has to buy most of it’s power from other states, including us evil, Confederate Texans. it’s a financial and technical disaster. Experts reckon it’s only a matter of time before their grid collapses.

  5. Prediction: The sanctimonious won’t comply. They’ll run to some federal judge who will block Session’s threat. Trump Admin will try again with same result. Trump has to bypass the anti-White courts and stop playing their game. If he does his ratings will go through the roof.

  6. @more of the same

    “Prediction: The sanctimonious won’t comply.”

    Their chief complaint is that it’s not municipal and state police’s purview to enforce Federal law. Which, arguably, they might have a point. Nonetheless, it’s customary for state and local forces to cooperate with Federal agencies.

    However, these are the same people who think nothing of driving from Minnesota or California to Texas, to demand that Texas enacts laws that they want, or to force Texas LEAs to do their bidding. Or to pass laws in Washington that don’t really apply to them, or to their states. But then, they’re hypocrites.

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