Le Pen & Macron Win, Headed to Run-off

UPDATE: The New York Times reports:

In France’s most consequential election in recent history, voters on Sunday endorsed Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen — one a political novice, the other a far-right firebrand — both outsiders but with starkly different visions for the country, early returns and projections indicated.

The result was a full-throated rebuke of France’s traditional mainstream parties, setting the country on an uncertain path at a critical moment when France’s election could also decide the future of the European Union. The two candidates appeared to be headed to a runoff on May 7.

NBC News says that Le Pen was “backed by a quiet army of women” who were concerned about their future and that of their children in an Islamic France.

UPDATE: The Washington Post says that nationalist Marine Le Pen will advance to the second round and face globalist Emmanuel Macron.

We are watching closely to see how Marine Le Pen does in the first round of voting today in France following an explosive few weeks of Muslim immigrant terror attacks, National Front campaign HQ bombing and being denounced by the Israeli government. Given all that has happened and the tight race between the top four candidates it is difficult to know exactly where Le Pen stands – but the media seems pretty bullish on her chances.

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According to The Telegraph’s poll tracker globalist Macron is at 24%, followed by nationalist Le Pen at 22%, cuckservative Fillon at 19% and communist Melenchon also at about 19%. If this is the outcome it would send Macron and Le Pen to the second round and be the best ever result for the National Front.

The Telegraph says that “France Resigned – Le Pen May Win.”

The Forward debates “Should France’s Jews Leave if Le Pen Wins Election?”

Forbes writes “In France, if Le Pen Cracks 30% She Could Win it All.”

Fox reports “Marine Le Pen Sees Trump-Like Boost in Support, But Victory Far from Assured.”

The Telegraph says “Marine Le Pen Rides High in France’s Bellweather Town that Always Backs the Winning President.”

The Telegraph reports “Marine Le Pen Leading Race as Polls Open.”

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  1. The EU/Modern Europe is a creature of the student rebellion of 1968 which is itself a creature of Jewish/French Existentialism.

    The tenets of which are as follows:

    1) There is no inherent meaning in the world
    2) Since nature abhors a vacuum, we must fill the void with our own values
    3) If we are going to go through all that trouble,the values ought to be true to our highest ideals

    There is some truth to that, but somewhere along the line we ended up with White Genocide and 7-year-olds “transitioning”.

    If you recognize Nietzsche in the above, you were not wrong…

    The Aryan alternative is that wherever you look int he universe you can see an inherent enduring order that has the potential for life, joy, and wisdom. Man is best served by accommodating himself to that holy Order both inwardly as an individual and outwardly through social institutions.

    When you personify that Order you approximately get God.

  2. @Serf

    “Amish country voting for the benefit of its people controversial.”

    Anybody voting, that isn’t a Trendy Lefty, is controversial. It’s also Sedition®, Treason® and a threat to true Democracy®©. It’s antidemocratic, unAmerican and antisemitic©®, as well.

  3. At The Kremlin, they are all gathered around their TVs – Czar Vlad having put so much into Miss Marine’s candidacy.

    I’m sad to see she is trailing Macron.

    I hope it’s a matter of what region has been tallied, thus far.

  4. Here’s my analysis.

    Le Pen is in the final Run Off.

    Some rightists are voting for the center-right guy first round because they know she’s a certainty for round 2.

    She’s good for around 40-45% in second round.

    The Others will gang up on her for the second round and she loses by around 10%.

  5. “”…..Czar Vlad having put so much into Miss Marine’s candidacy…..””

    No. There were and are some iron rules for Soviet and Russian secret services and one rule is that when somebody abroad is pro Soviet or pro Russia, then all secret services must stay far and away in order not to descredit pro Soviet or pro Russian person.

    Thatswhy all Trump russian hackers stories were also absolut BS. Of course Russia have lot of spies but they don,t go close to person who is naturally pro russian. Czar Vlad is lifetime KGB guy, he knows the rules and don,t move a finger for Trump or Le Pen.


  6. It’s going to be Macron vs. Le Pen in the May 7th runoff, it seems.

    That’s what initial exit polls are saying, and there isn’t really any dispute at this time.

  7. @James Owen

    The holocaust Hitler 25 points plan, London elites out of business of international trade through barter.Eliminate the middle man such is Wall Street with nafta and gatt wealth 20% investors accumulated for doing nothing.

  8. The polls showing the voters’ second choice (if their candidate does not make the runoff) seem to indicate a big win for Macron in the summer over Le Pen. Mélenchon’s voters prefer Macron to Le Pen 30-11. Fillon’s voters go Macron over Le Pen 53-21. Today is as good as it gets.

  9. Hamon calls Le Pen an “enemy of the Republic.” Fillon endorses Macron. Those who supported communist candidate Mélenchon would appear to be unlikely to go Le Pen. Unfortunately, it seems to me that the final election will be a landslide victory for Macron.

  10. Just like the United States and every other Western country, France will have to crash and burn before people pay attention. H.L. Mencken said, “Democracy is the theory that the people know what they want, and they deserve to get it, good and hard.”

  11. @Mestigoit “Today is as good as it gets.”

    Unfortunately, you are probably right. I think the only chance Ms Le Pen has is if another huge terror attack happens between now and the runoff. Which is not out of the realm of possibility. I imagine that her making the final ballot will cause quite a bit of panic among the radicals in France, and they may be motivated to make a big statement.

  12. And if Le Pen loses May 7th? So what?

    The New World Order is nevertheless in its death throes. It will be another candidate on another day, a collapse, what have you. The gears of history cannot be stopped from turning.

    Just keep building the Order that will preserve humanity into the ages.

  13. Macron is literally a cuck — married his school teacher 24 years his senior and lives with her three adult sons from a previous marriage.

  14. Marine Le Pen is France’s Trump: thick as thieves with the Jews, and denounced as a shabbatz goy by her own father. I certainly hope she does not win the 2nd round…just to avoid a repeat chorus of “welp…betrayed again”. Yup.

  15. Wasn’t Le Pen recently pilloried by Jews and denounced by Israel for asserting French pride and refusing to accept blame for the “holocaust?” They seem to think that the French should have been willing to die to the last to save Jews. It’s true that she isn’t like her father, but it hasn’t helped her much on this.

  16. She is extremely hardcore compared to most nationalist parties which score above 5% throughout the Western world. Much more so than the Sweden Democrats, for example.

    This is a big win for us. Keeps our momentum going – which is extremely important. Helps to normalize the nationalist Right. And we will gets tons of good media out of this. No, she isn’t her father. No, she won’t win the run-off. But she is now a huge player in European politics. And the future belongs to the National Front (40% of those 18-24 support Le Pen).

  17. Le Pen is now under 23% and in 2nd place with 85% of the vote in. I just don’t see from where she picks up another ~27% in two weeks. I guess that a strong majority of the French are more or less satisfied with the EU and their security issues and not willing to make a major change.

  18. This whole election was planned to turn out this way. First Hollande bows out of the election to deny Le Pen her best foil. Second Fillon “surprisingly” wins the nomination of the mainstream cuckservative party (because of the skeletons in his closet).Third out of nowhere comes a “centrist” (code for lefty) candidate with no political record for opposition research to tear apart (talk about the blank slate!). The result in the run-off 70% for Macron 30% for Le Pen. It was all a scam from the beginning. Maybe it’s just me but it seemed like Le Pen went soft in the final month of the campaign just like Norbert Hofer did in Austria during the re-vote in December 2016. So maybe it’s possible that even these “nationalists” are on the globalist pad.

  19. The left and conservative will join forces to push her out on the second round.

    I think the main stumbling block for the survival of the French is after they murdered their aristocrats and royals in violent revolution, they created a constitution that sowed the seeds of their racial death. I can’t see how this mistake can be undone without another violent revolution and a new constitution.

  20. What I see is a nation fit for conquering. 1/3 Fascist, 1/3 Liberal Democratic, 1/3 Commie. Their Republic is finish my Padawan.

  21. Can a nation indefinitely keep electing a candidate that no one is really passionate about? And survive?

  22. @Haxo

    Whether or not she is owned by the Jews it’s impossible to separate the rat faced bastards from White Genocide.

  23. According to statistics in Wikipedia and possibly other sources around, France is apparently at least 89% white French. I’ve been to France and kind of suspect this figure is utter bs. As with other Western nations, I think the non-white elements are grossly under reported or intentionally hidden to minimize public concern. The public should have a right to know the correct percentages. It effects everything in their lives from crime trends and quality of life to demographic changes.
    Die versity and faultyculturalism is killing us off perhaps quicker than we think.

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