Trump’s Latest Black Pills

I’m just going to give them to you straight:

1.) We’re going to keep DACA because “this is a case of heart.” In fact, (((Steve Schwarzman))), the CEO of Blackstone Group, a hedge fund billionaire persuaded Trump to break his campaign promise.

2.) Mike Pence is coming back from Australia with 1,250 Syrian refugees which are being dumped on us.

3.) Angela Merkel convinced Trump to support a free trade deal with the European Union.

4.) Apparently, Trump has no objection to indicting Julian Assange.

5.) After campaigning on the fate of our civilization being at stake in the 2016 election, Trump and the GOP Congress are gearing up to spend the political capital on (what else?) tax cuts.

Note: The only good news of the day was that Based Stickman is organizing a military defense wing of the Proud Boys. The moral of the story seems to be you can’t count on politicians.

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  1. It’s about time we woke up to reality. Government itself is a control mechanism. It doesn’t serve us. It doesn’t serve decent, hardworking, moral people. It merely uses them. Don’t even both trying to sort it out. Abandon the political system. Change will not come through the ballot box. Ever.

  2. He was adamant in refusing entry to these filthy moslem refugees when he first took office.

    Either he has been completely compromised or he was playing his base throughout the election.

  3. I think there is a strong possibility that Trump will be the last president of the USSA. After him the Empire will break up into a number of smaller revolutionary White republics and city-states. I will become Fuhrer of the Greater Yankee Reich.

  4. 5) The GOP has theoughout my life been first and foremost been about cutting taxes for the wealthy. I don’t even mind tax cuts. The gov’t taxes the same dollar earned again amd again and rarelt if wver spends it as I wish they would. But that is their highest priority. They run on social issue because that excites normies. But in office an elected GOPer always puts his real energy into tax cuts and serving business interests. I truly loath the party.

  5. Australia takes muslim refugees. Those they kept on that island whom they wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot-pole were apparently considered very bad. Thanks to Obama, Trump and Pence they will be our fellow Americans….

  6. The Israeli republic of America is coming to an end. The time will come to reclaim it from the enemies within. Your forefathers founded it. It is YOUR country.

  7. I see that Trump is holding a rally in Pennsylvania next Saturday. How long until his own supporters start heckling him and these rallies end?

  8. Most Western governments now have an import/export policy – import third world hordes, export all our jobs. Yep…..truly helping us aren’t they. Just for good measure, step on the ants nest that is other nations wars and have refugees crawling out from everywhere to invade us or expose us to terrorism.
    These spineless traitors really have to go.

  9. Schwarzman is a really greasy Ivy League Jew. He is married to a Roman Catholic, by a Roman Catholic priest. That says a lot.

    Let’s face facts, Trump-Pence are not going to get into a fight over the DACA Dreamers with the Roman Catholics of both parties and their Jew allies. The fact is we already have 30 or 40 million Latino Roman Catholics here under the most questionable of circumstances and Trump-Pence are not going to get into a fight with the Roman Catholic & Jew alliance over a few million more Latino Roman Catholics.

    As I’ve pointed out to you numerous times in the past, Angel Merkel is the leader of the CDU/CSU the Roman Catholic Party in Germany. Angel is for open borders and free trade—as long as it’s the Americans who don’t cost her anything.

    In many ways the AltRight is like the Children’s Crusade, getting led to the slaughter, by the well intentioned, who can’t even collect on a political debt, let alone understand what’s going on around them.

  10. We were perhaps rather foolish to think Trump was ever one of us. He’s a billionaire, comes from New York and has Jews intertwined into his immediate family. He doesn’t feel your pain. During the painlessly long campaign he said all the right things to get elected, he pretended to be an ‘outsider’ when it suited him, then quickly became insider.
    Wouldn’t it be good if you could say to Trump – ‘you’re fired’.
    Unless someone like David Duke gets in the W.H. , there will never be any real change.
    Trump is fake.

  11. Errr…that was meant to say ‘painfully long campaign’. Sorry to confuse…..did that one in a hurry and without my glasses!

    Don’t feel too bad about the 1250 Syrian refoe’s us Aussies have dumped on you….our government have kept plenty for us.

  12. Have seen this opinion on Twitter and was thinking the same thing – it’s possible that the Assange deal is a ruse to get him on U.S. territory where he can actually be freed. So a possible scenario would be that Trump gets the Brits to agree to “extradite” Assange to the U.S. – then he’s put “on trial” but none of the charges stick and then he ends up under “house arrest” for a year and is free after that.

    As I explained to my sons yesterday – there’s no way that the U.S. government is going to get the Brits / EU to give up Assange by stating up front that he won’t be charged with anything.

    It seems odd that Sessions would suddenly make getting Assange a big priority – Sessions, a true Southern Nationalist (who understands it all – Blacks, Jews, etc.) knows very well that Assange and Wikileaks were absolutely instrumental in getting Trump into power. So the only scenario that I can see is that it’s a ruse to help get Assange out of Europe.

    All that being said – if I’m wrong and they do get Assange, put him on trial, and then sentence to him to many years in prison … all bets are off. I’d definitely be off the Trump Train at that point in time if I haven’t left it sooner.

  13. Having Trump is no loss to us. Else wise we would have had Hillary and now the situation is shown in stark contrast. It was difficult to dial in when both parties said the same thing but now that we’ve had a chance to vote for and elect someone with our primary message to have him openly betray us is like the big flashing blue light.

    “The Goyim Know” is what the guy had on his sign at the freedom rally. There’s lots who don’t but I bet a major amount of the population doesn’t believe the government on 9-11. They may not know who but they know someone is lying and we should tell them. It’s the Jews. The Satan worshiping Jews.

    I still suspect they are either blackmailing, threatening him or both. This means that there’s still hope even for Trump. If they are doing these things it’s going to piss him off. The pedo raids are continuing. In large numbers. I personally believe this is the biggest leverage the deep State has. Else they would have defectors. Numerous video’s are coming out by people who say they have been a part of wide scale sexual abuse, sex trafficking and child sacrifice to control the deep State. Now some of these may be bullshit but some are real. Even Dr. Phil and Oprah have put these on TV. Dr. Phil said several times during the show that he had several contacts and knew 100% that the Women’s story of being sold as a child to deep State actors for sex slavery was real.

    There’s another new video from a currency trader in the Netherlands that looks genuine. He does check out as the person he says he is and he tells much the same story. He states explicitly that if you want to know what they are doing there’s no other better document than “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.

    The internet changes the equation and puts them on the defensive, Our side has never been stronger.

    Never despair. Remember that the Jews have been thrown out of every single country they’ve ever been too. This time they will be exposed world wide and they’ll be no more of them moving somewhere else and bad mouthing the former “colony” for abusing them. Everyone will know.

  14. @SamJ: The Roman Catholics have an anti-White pro-Latino momentum of their own, with or without their Jew allies. That’s a bitter pill for well intentioned Roman Catholics to swallow.

  15. Yet more Trump reversals…This is getting tiring watching how quickly he is betraying his “America First” campaigning rhetoric. I am in the process of working up a Trump-and-the-Jews type post for my blog,t hat I hope to have up tomorrow.
    i tend to agree with the earlier comment by spahnranch1969 that : “Trump will be the last president of the USSA. After him the Empire will break up into a number of smaller revolutionary White republics and city-states. ” Greater Dixie needs to get its act together in the event this occurs. Covington and the boys in the PNW will be on their own and within striking distance of California. If this unraveling occurs, and I think at some point it will, it will be interesting to see how it all goes out.

  16. The Moral, which we should have known from much bitter experience: NEVER trust a politician and NEVER tie your hopes to one.

  17. It has long been said by some that the elections in this country has long been a fraud perpetrated on American voters. The election of a POS like Barry Sotero and now Trump seals the deal.

  18. @Brad Griffin…

    Sir, your black pills have made me sick. Take ’em back. I don’t want no more.

  19. I will predict in time both Bannon and Sessions will exit his administration. Jared Kusher sure has a lot in common with Damien Thorn, the fictional anti-Christ child in the movie the Omen. Trump was the last gasp of white America in much the same way as the Communists say there is always a Bourgeois revolution the precedes the Communist revolution.

  20. Well, I’m back to where I started on Trump. When he first announced his candidacy, I laughed and said I’d go for it, because at least he’d take the USA through the scenic route on the highway to hell, i.e. give us an entertaining presidency. My bad for being swept up by the drama and the rhetoric.

    I can’t be too butt hurt about these black pills, because even then, I suspected Trump was FOS. But I intended to vote for him anyway, because I couldn’t abide Hillary Rodham Clinton the BLM Social “Justice” Warrior or any of the rancid Republican offerings competing for the Hispanic vote, especially the Act of Love crap coming from the mouth of Jeb!

    It looks like we can determine the true populists by the fact that they can’t seem to take off. The system is very, very efficient at stopping them and doesn’t hesitate about being ruthless in doing so. So, we can figure that Barry Goldwater, George Wallace, Patrick Buchanan, Ross Perot, and possibly Barry Sanders were the real deal. Goldwater and Perot were successfully positioned as unstable crackpots. Buchanan was positioned as the new Hitler. Wallace was shot and a Sanders supporter was murdered.

    But there are some interesting things to note from the whole issue of populism with We the People being Trumped by the system this way. He seems to be the latest in the line of recent politicians who won as populist change agents but didn’t do a damned thing to stop the agenda they were put in to fight. Ronald Wilson Reagan put NAFTA on track and amnestied the Mexican illegals, Barack Hussein Obama put in his health “care” program and some interesting new amnesties like DACA for the so-called Dreamers and time will only tell what Trump will do.

    Oh, it’s easy to get pissed off at the idea of how TMFIC are laughing up their sleeves at all of us, but here’s a sobering thought for them. Prior to Reagan, the last faux populist the system allowed to take the White House was Franklin Roosevelt. Even then, Roosevelt made a point of implementing several programs that actually helped America staving off any more populist rumblings for thirty or so years.

    However, since 1980, there seems to have been only two cases where the establishment candidate was NOT challenged by a candidate claiming to represent populism. Aside from a brief skirmish that was easily quelled with Perot, William Jefferson Clinton handily beat Bob Dole, the Republican establishment challenger in 1996 and George Walker Bush beat the Democrat establishment challenger, John Kerry, in 2004. The rest got in under some kind of populist theme.

    The rise of a populist candidate always reflects major discontent with the government by the governed. If things are going pretty well, then an establishment candidate keeps the White House with no populist challenger to battle. The frequency of populist challenges, whether they turn out to be faux populists or the real deal is remarkable and should be more troubling to TMFIC.

    It would appear that TMFIC are aware that Americans hate their agenda and want change. Aware enough to either plant faux populists in as safety valves or find a way to bribe/blackmail them into implementing their agenda.The thing is that TMFIC’s Faux Populist Formula hasn’t factored in the necessity of allowing enough reforms to pacify the electorate which results in the base that brought them in getting disillusioned and even more restive.

    What has been going on in America is like the Weimar Republic on steroids. TMFIC in Germany were well aware that the Germans were not happy campers and they watched German nationalists as closely as they did American nationalists. But Hitler took them all by surprise. Why? They were watching the candidates they thought were normal enough to appeal to German normies. They thought that Hitler was too radical to gain any traction from the Germans, so they ignored him, not being aware that their abuses against the German people had radicalized them enough to vote in a Hitler.

    Each faux populist that gains office and disappoints his base is resulting in the electorate at large getting more radicalized. We see what is happening with the Democrat Party which appears to have been taken over by the CPUSA. The Republican Party is still complacently conducting business as usual, not realizing that their whole scam is about to implode if Trump does not put through the America First agenda he runs on.

    The Alt Right jumping off the Trump Train and raising hell about Trump’s broken promises is only the first rumblings of what is to come if Trump isn’t allowed to get his act together before 2020 and save American Capitalism by forcing it to stop raping the American people. For if capitalism becomes totally discredited and the Democrats are the American Communist Party, there is definitely going to be an opening to fill for an American Nationalist Socialist Party led by a true populist with just enough cunning and charisma to slip through as what they believe is a faux populist.

  21. @Junius They talked about border wall funding all afternoon on CSPAN Radio. The Holy Roman Catholic Ryan must be squirming. That’s the only fun part of it.

  22. @clytemnestra57

    Trump raised a lot of populist expectations and going back on them will not help his presidency. He will be hated by both ends of the spectrum. Bob Whitaker likened this election to the one in 1856. By 1860 it was, I believe, a 5 way race. This enabled Lincoln to win. Whitaker’s takeaway was that it’s practically impossible for a genuine pro-White to win without a 3rd party. 2020 should be very interesting.

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