100% Cotton Southern Nationalist Flags

Would you would like a 100% cotton high quality Southern Nationalist flag? They are now available from Patriotic Flags. Until now all we had were cheap nylon versions of the now-iconic banner used to rally our people across Dixie. These flags would be great to display at events or your home. Only 24 are available and they are expected to sell very quickly. So act now if you want one. They are only $36 per flag. Also, know that in buying one of these beautiful banners you will be supporting a pro-White, pro-South business whose owner has long been active for our cause.


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  1. Just bought two 5′ 8′ rebel flags. I have 4 Southern nationalist flags already. They are the cheap ones but still in good shape. I buy all my flags from patriotic Flags. I wish they would get more olive rebel flag patches. I got a bunch of new camo I need to get right. Thanks for the good prices and inventory Patriotic Flags!

  2. I’ll talk with the wife.

    Though I’m attracted to the idea, I’m not sure what good it will do – (hanging it off our antebellum mansion in the middle of town) because nobody knows what it is or means – as opposed to the older flags which need no explanation.

  3. I got one of the cotton flags last week. It’s great! I never got any of the printed flags though, but I’m going to get some of them when they are back in stock.

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