Demonstrators Call for Liberation of Kekistan in Washington, DC

A group of Kekistani urges Trump to keep Bannon. The man yelling at them is a long time spokesman for the Antifa movement named Daryl Lamont Jenkins. This is the same Antifa leader who was thrown out of the National Press Club for showing off his collection of interracial porn to reporters.



  1. I want to move to Kekistan! I can’t believe Fat Daryl is still alive. I can’t believe he didn’t blow out some arteries by now.

  2. Daryl is on heart medication. He went to the hospital after protesting Amren a couple years back because he forgot his medication and almost had stroke #2. He would be dead of a stroke if he wasn’t culturally appropriating the white man’s medicine.

  3. This “kekistan” stuff is just embarrassing. None of these people have any aspirations for real change, they are just run of the mill edgy libertarians. Sure, it can be funny, but ultimately these people can’t wrap their heads around the struggle at hand.

  4. Excuse me, embarrassing? I’m quite proud of my Kekistani heritage thank you very much!

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