Audiobook: ‘Our Southern Nation’

I am starting to record and release Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future (American Anglican Press, 2015) as an audiobook. Many people have asked for an audio version and so I am working on it. Thus far I have the introduction and two chapters completed. I will try to get another chapter done every few days around my work schedule. The book is free in this format (or click here to get a physical copy from Amazon) and I hope you enjoy it. If you do, please drop me off a donation.


Chapter 1: Re-discovering the South’s Origin

Chapter 2: Defining the Golden Circle

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  1. I am glad that ’tis THOU, who doeth do the reading, as not only art thou the author, the book needs to be narrated by a Southern voice.

    When I have heard Yankees narrate classick works of ours, I am struck down by the incongruity of it, and cannot enjoy it, even if the reader is right fine.

  2. @juniusdaniel1828,

    Thanks, sir. I do not have a radio voice and am sure I am mis-pronouncing some of the foreign words, but I do have good audio equipment so the quality of the recording should be ok. Plus, I enjoy doing it. And when I listen to an audiobook it is always nice to hear the author reading his work. Anyhow, y’all enjoy it.

  3. Hello Mr. Cushman,
    I had thought that your book looked very interesting, but had been hesitant to order it as their was no “look inside” feature at Amazon. After listening to the Introduction today, I went ahead and ordered a print copy from Amazon this morning. Sounds very good!

  4. The download feature appears to be turned off, so I can only listen online?
    I usually listen while driving and the coverage is spotty, plus I just don’t like the soundcloud player.

  5. @Michael Cushman…

    You’re welcome, and thank you for this wonderful book, the knowledge of which you have shared so much of with us.

    By the way , I know your voice well, and am glad that it is ‘not a radio voice’.

    The chief characteristick in the voice is one of reticence, while being morally forthright, with some mischievousness and ironical outbursts, when you are being morally indignant.

    For narration purposes, I think your natural speaking voice would be best – because you use your voice musically, to adjust to the mood of what you are narrating.

    Please be careful to allow that to happen when you are reading through long historical sections, so as to keep the reader enlivened.

    Also, be prepared to have this audio book banned from Britain…

  6. @TZ,

    I am sorry about that. I just enabled the download feature. It has a limit of 100 downloads per file because as of yet I only have the free subscription to Soundcloud. The first thing I will do with donations is to upgrade my subscription so that everyone can download the files if they would like.

  7. @juniusdaniel1828

    Thanks for the tips. I will try to keep that in mind.

    And, yes, I’m sure this will banned in the UK. No more Rights of Englishmen there, unfortunately.

  8. @James

    Anyone who still believes this is one nation obviously hasn’t been watching the news the last 20 years. The whole Blue State/Red State meme shattered that just like the Jesusland Map did in 2004. This was never one nation.

    Unfortunately though I doubt had the North and South not banded together in 1775 that they would have ever become independent of Britain. The simple reason is technology. In 1775 it still took over a month to cross the Atlantic, it still took months to assemble an army and maintaining supply lines was almost impossible. By 1820 with better ships and the coming of the steam engine, such a rebellion would have been much more difficult. Consider it this way, had we remained part of Great Britain when Universal Emancipation 1833 coupled with Universal Civil Rights came down from Parliament we would have been screwed.

    Lord Dunmore showed in 1775 that Great Britain was willing to free Negroes to slaughter whites to maintain the colony, When I think of an alternate history where Britain won the Revolution and maintained us as a police state, I see British soldiers lining up white women to be raped by Black bucks and killing white men while they got drunk on rum and laughed. Northern Reconstruction for all of its evil at least Southern whites still managed to hold onto some basic rights. As compared to under British Law where we would have had large armies of British soldiers and European mercenaries roaming around burning homes and raping wives and daughters and then watching as Negro conscripts did the same thing.

    Being yoked to the North vs being yoked to the United Kingdom. That’s like choosing between being shot in the head or shot in the heart

  9. Having done a fair bit of public speaking, ( and radio in my younger days), junius’ comments betray either a narrow provincialism or a serious lack of understanding of the King’s English. “Radio voices” were prized because they could be understood by everyone, rather than just a select group.

    As an example, I think of Alexander Scourby, who narrated the entire King James version of the Bible when I first began to listen to audio tapes of Scripture. That voice and it’s cadences with all of their proper ‘toney’ English, are the only way I want to hear the King James Bible.

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