New Orleans Is Getting Hot

Jason Kessler reports on the escalating situation in New Orleans:

“Left-wing rioters from Antifa drove to New Orleans in an armored assault vehicle, maced a woman in a wheelchair and defaced several Confederate statues. In exchange Confederate supporters landed punches and knocked an Antifa across the head with a flag pole. All of this happened Monday evening on May Day, a date significant to left-wing groups and which coincided with other uprisings around the country.

Most of the violent activity occurred while police waited on the sidelines, according to sources who likened the situation to that in other liberal cities like Berkeley. Police were purportedly told to stand down while scenes of mass violence erupted between right and left-wing demonstrators. With masked men, police snipers, armed Confederates with assault rifles and military convoys bussing in truckloads of ‘anti-fascist’ demonstrators it might seem like a New American Civil War is starting in New Orleans over the legacy of the last one. …

He has a follow up article at VDARE:

“Left-wing provocateurs in New Orleans have been spoiling for a fight all week, ever since masked men hired by Mayor Mitch Landrieu began tearing down Civil War era Confederate monuments. Members of the far-left group Antifa were engaging in acts of provocation prior to outbreak of violence by burning Confederate flags, slashing tires, spraying mace and throwing bottles. Sandra Gerhold, who attended Monday’s vigil told me, “two supporters standing at Beauregard were threatened with a gun.”

Will Antifa will be convicted of “gang activity” and “terroristic threats” for waiving the anarcho-communist flag? Remember white Confederate history buffs Kayla Rae Norton and Jose Ismael Torres were sentenced to up to 20 years in prison in Douglasville, Georgia earlier this year after they’d allegedly issued a similar threat to black people while in a truck convoy displaying Confederate flags. …

After Monday night’s debacle McHann hopes that activist will start to arrive from all over the country, “Our strategy is to get enough people in front of the monuments to block removal, if it comes to that.”

What could happen?

Antifas and Anti-Southern activists are hosting a big celebration in New Orleans this weekend:

Here are the antifas who have been coming out of the dark to throw sucker punches, rocks, bottles, mace and pepper spray at Confederate heritage activists, slash their tires and key their cars:

Antifas vandalized the Beauregard monument in New Orleans the other night. It was caught on video below:

It wasn’t the first time:

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  1. The mayor of New Orleans wants NOLA to become a more tolerant city? Allowing the Antifa’s and other leftist scum to destroy and riot against the white people encorages tolerance?! The man is, at best, delusional, at the worst, an Antifa sympathetizer!

  2. The greatest blessing of Antifa will be to reaccustom Southern Whites to the notion of violence being a viable, doable, and necessary part of every day mainstream politicks.

    Until We, Southerners, are once again willing to be violent, we will be ruled, because the rules don’t belong to us – but, to aliens.

    God bless Antifa…

  3. Brad, you and David Duke need to remember that Mitch Landrieu is the leading Roman Catholic politician in New Orleans, and the main force behind the destruction of the Confederate monuments. If the Roman Catholics, their church, and politicians in New Orleans didn’t want these monuments defaced and destroyed they wouldn’t be touched. That’s the sad fact of the matter.

  4. If our rulers really gave a damn about White free speech they would have shut down these anti-White screamers and thugs a long time ago rather than hide behind them. Apart from NS and some WN’s our people are denied any defense.

  5. @Krafty Wurker…

    ‘Brad, you and David Duke need to remember that Mitch Landrieu is the leading Roman Catholic politician in New Orleans, and the main force behind the destruction of the Confederate monuments.’


    As the city of New Orleans, and, indeed, the state of Louisiana, as a whole, symbolizes both French Catholicism and Roman Catholicism in The South, I don’t see where you are going with that?

    Are you unaware that many Catholicks (both Roman and Eastern Orthodox) are very pro-white and pro-South?

    Might you be unaware that Mayor Landrieu is a scalawag – and that they come in every blood?

  6. Can’t say you can blame the Catholics – the Southern Baptist Convention would/is behind destruction of Southern monuments and emblems wholeheartedly.

  7. None of this is ‘organic’. These terrorists are bought and paid for with Jewish money. Without their money none of this would ever have occurred. Don’t bother to vote, it doesn’t matter. They own all politicians. You must break Jewish money to destroy Jewish power. You have to have a generation of St Thomas Mores who can’t be bought by the king or (((kings))) as it were. How do you break Jewish money and give them the desire to return to their brethren in Israel? I don’t know.

  8. Mitch Landrieu is no Catholic. You cannot call yourself a Catholic and support abortion. By the way, it was Catholic armies who stopped the mohammedan infidels at the gates of Vienna. It wasn’t Luther and Calvin.

  9. Mitch Landrieu is a graduate of a Roman Catholic University and a Roman Catholic law school. Landrieu’s sister was the US Senator from LA. Landrieu has been the driving political force behind the destruction of our Confederate monuments.

    You Roman Catholics are in denial.

  10. Whites planning to visit NOLA, change your plans–no money for these pigs–let them starve.

  11. Hopefully this FINALLY wakes up the Morons and the Cuckservatives. Where my cousin works in Lancaster Ohio at the High School being that it was the hometown of William Tecumseh Sherman (Evil Man but I digress) a Negro raised a ruckus over the Sherman mural in the High School because it showed slaves on it. Remember this, this dont stop with Confederate Memorials they’re coming for everything. Confederate stuff is what they see as a SOFT TARGET.

    White Man, rise up and FIGHT

  12. It’s this kind of garbage that inspired the creation of the Ku Klux Klan. Twenty-five years ago I was as left-wing as Barack Obama. Now I think the Klan is justified. Now THAT’S progress! Keep it up AntiFa!

  13. Many Roman Catholics in New Orleans are on our side. Landrieu like his father is a sanctimonious nigger lover. White people in New Orleans know what he is. New Orleans is a Roman Catholic city, and was the largest port in the Confederacy. Roman Catholics in New Orleans were loyal to the CSA and the monuments are proof of that.

  14. Yeah, the Roman Catholics in New Orleans can keep telling themselves that when the monuments are gone & destroyed.

  15. I’ll be at Lee Circle on Sunday.

    I couldn’t do much but stand around for an hour and offer moral support for the defenders of the Davis memorial which is now blocked by fencing. It was quiet, and there wasn’t antifa action when I was present at the Davis statue. We’ll see on Sunday.

  16. New Orleans has a handful of 8 and 9 figure millionaires residing in the city. It turns out that a few of them have been working both openly and behind the scenes to fight removing the monuments. It’s the only reason they haven’t come down already.

  17. As usual, it’s Jews, transplants and other outsiders leading the fight to remove the monuments. Outside of the professional activist class, black folks generally don’t care about them. The white middle class supports keeping the monuments. Most of them, however, will not engage in organized activism in support of the monuments because they’re busy with their lives (kids, jobs, etc.).

  18. It’s crystal clear now that serious blood must be shed: the jews & their commie race traitor scum are forcing it, Film everything, preferably with the mask-penetrating IR cameras I understand exist; wait for the vermin to strike first (as of course they always do), then kill them.

  19. Lew
    MAY 4, 2017 AT 11:10 PM
    As usual, it’s Jews, transplants and other outsiders leading the fight to remove the monuments. Outside of the professional activist class, black folks generally don’t care about them.

    Everywhere there are major universities you will get outsiders and troublemakers. This is why anywhere you go the College towns are absolute sewers. Another subtext, New Orleans like elsewhere had a substantial drop in White population since 1950. If any of these major cities were 70% White this wouldnt happen, however you have politicians truckling to the Negroes with these stupid causes that benefit their constitutents nothing but makes them think they’re putting it in the Crackers face.

  20. As for the Roman Catholic issue, the Yankees spent so much time fighting against the Catholics, they failed to notice the Negroes and others beginning to cause trouble. As late as the 1930’s in the Midwest Catholic Churches were vandalized and people were warned not to sell their homes to Catholics. Being a Roman Catholic put you only a notch above a Jew, who was a notch above a Nigger. Yankee Logic 101


  21. Krafty Worker you are an asshole troll. Plenty of us Roman Catholic Southerners (including most of South Louisiana Cajuns) hate this shit. My catholic great grandfather fought in an Alabama regiment with Stonewall Jackson. Krafty looks like a Jew troll come here to divide Southern whites

  22. What’s your problem Krafty? been bitten by all the snakes you were handling in your ignorant backwoods chapel?

  23. @jedediah

    Anti-Catholicism is not a Southern virtue, in fact the Vatican was the only nation to recognize the Confederacy, although it wasn’t officially designated as a nation it was then called the Holy See. Jefferson Davis was schooled by Roman Catholics. The First Klan allowed Jews and Catholics to join. Bernard Baruch’s father was a ranking Klansman in South Carolina.

    What changed between 1877 and today was this. Before 1877, the Episcopalian Church held sway among the Southern Aristocrats, the Baptists were commoners. During and after Reconstruction, the Baptist Church exploded in growth and began writing government policy in the South. The Baptist Church originated in New England, namely Rhode Island because they’d been tossed out of Massachusetts by the Congregationalists. Rhode Island Baptist missionaries worked hard during the Colonial Days and by the early 1800’s the Baptists had taken over the common Southrons, displacing the Presbyterians and others.

    Reconstruction was much of the time the work of Yankee Social Gospel Evangelicals combined with a large dose of Jewish swindlers and native Yankee swindlers. The Reconstruction governments passed laws to ban or discourage Southern past times like going to whorehouses, making and drinking moonshine, knifefighting, gun fighting, brawling, wrestling, horse racing, cockfighting and dogfighting. When Reconstruction ended, the Baptist Church had exploded in power since 1865 and they kept and expanded these laws. The Baptists encouraged the Yankee notion of Prohibition as well. The ridiculousness got so bad that by 1900 most religious denominations replaced sacramental wine with grape juice, so as to keep the more radical Baptist politicians from trying to harrass them.


  24. The Rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan following Birth of a Nation in 1915, saw it rebuilt in the image of the Southern Baptist Church. In the Klan bylaws Catholicism was outlawed, Judaism was outlawed, Atheism was outlawed and alcohol consumption was outlawed as well, the Klan supported Prohibition. When the Klan moved north into Ohio and Indiana, it found a ready audience because there were a lot of Northern Baptists who held many of the same beliefs as the Southern ones. In Ohio there was a hierarchy among most Rural Whites who they considered worthless. Number one most worthless was of course Negroes, followed by Jews, Gypsies Arabs and Greeks, then Roman Catholics. Among the Roman Catholics the Italians and Mexicans were seen as the lowest of the low, followed by the Slavics, then the Irish then the Germans. To understand the Yankee you must understand his bizarre and confusing racial hierarchy.

    Of course in the 1920’s North, the Negro was seen as less of a problem then the Jews and Catholics, who were NUMBER 1 on the Northern Klan’s radar. Although they hated Negroes more, Catholics were as I showed you only a notch or two above a Negro, in fact Northern Housing Covenants used to restrict sale of homes to Negroes Jewish and Catholics. Remember the Baptists were the most Radical Yankee Puritans in the old days and their beliefs governed the Southern Klan and the Northern Klan. Consequently there were Catholic church arsons, Catholic preists beaten up, you name it. This ended with WWII when the whole WE ARE ALL AMERICAN CAMPAIGN Came along. Still for years after WWII, in the North saying someone was a Catholic was akin to saying someone had Negro blood.

    Unfortunately via the Baptist Church, this idea snuck into the South as well even though if Jeff Davis and Bobby Lee were alive today, they’d be shocked and appaled at it.

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