More Black Communists Against George Washington Statue

Recently we pointed out that Marxist activist and Southern University adjunct professor Malcolm Suber was leading a group called Take ‘Em Down NOLA against a statue of George Washington in New Orleans. This is part of the Leftist group’s campaign to get rid of public memorial and monuments to Confederate soldiers, priests and essentially any White historic leader in the city. The crusade is being depicted in the media as anti-Confederate but actually it is much broader than that and coincides with Suber’s far-Left, anti-White politics.

This brings to mind another Black communist group’s activism against a statue of President George Washington. Every year when the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) holds its big rally in Columbia, South Carolina and calls for Black power and the eradication of all symbols of Southern heritage they place a black box over the statue of President George Washington that stands on the capital steps. Check out this Fox News story from 2011 and understand this is not a new push against Washington and the US founding fathers:

The NAACP’s South Carolina office chose to cover a statue of George Washington during its annual rally honoring Martin Luther King Jr., drawing complaints from conservatives that the group was offending the legacy of the nation’s Founding Father.

The state chapter of the civil rights group claims it meant no disrespect and only covered up the statue to provide a more suitable backdrop for speakers at Monday’s event. Pictures taken at the event show the statue was completely covered on three sides by a wooden, box-like structure.

Of course, if the Black group only wanted a dark background for speakers they wouldn’t need a three sided box to cover up Washington. Clearly, they juat can’t stand to look upon the statue of the Southern planter, war hero and president.

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  1. Brad, calling them communists might be giving them too much intellectual credit. How about Black bastards? After all quotable sources claim 3/4 of Blacks are born out of wedlock.

  2. I remember seeing pictures of that NAACP event in 2011. The uncropped photo was a great visualization of what Washington saw when he looked off the porch of his Mount Vernon home.

  3. George Washington was a closet Abolitionist and his will emancipated all of Mount Vernon’s slaves upon Martha’s death. He was also the first one to use the United States Army to enforce the will of the Federal Government over the states, WHISKEY REBELLION. Who commanded his army? Governor of Virginia and General Henry Light Horse Harry Lee aka Robert E Lee’s Daddy. I sometimes wonder if General Lee at some level didn’t ever think that his Father helped set the very precedent that Abe Lincoln used upon the South.

  4. I can’t wait for the day (and it’s coming )when they find out that there is no magic money tree. Lo and behold all those evil white devils going to their jobs have made it possible for blacks to have a very comfortable existence.

  5. @billyrayjenkins

    Washington didn’t use the US Army to put down the Whiskey Rebellion. He used the state militias of Virginia and Pennsylvania. The US Army a/k/a “The Legion” had been destroyed in the fall of1791 by the Indians. The tax on distillers was targeted to raise revenue to pay for a new US Army, and repay debt from the American Revolution.

    The Indians and their British allies operated on the American frontier in those days, and, protecting Americans with a tax on distillers seemed like a good idea at the time.

    BTW, Washington, personally may have been the largest distiller in the USA. So the tax was on him.

  6. Negroes aren’t really Communists or anything else political. They just ape Whites. True negro politics is gibz muh dat o I kills ya, cracker.

  7. While I am deeply grateful to those who have riskt life and limb to go our and defend our heritage, in these spots, I can only repeat what I have said before – let us take away our monuments and complete the leaving, that we started 60 years ago, of our large cities, which already belong to the Yankee Empire and their Negroes, and just strengthen out monopoly over our small towns and rural environs.

    Let our enemies have what they already have, and let’s focus our energies into securing our future.

    It IS beneficial to us to have all our enemies (Negroes, Jews, Scalawags, and immigrant dependents), compacted into dense and small areas, because this leaves us nearly 85% of all the remaining terrain in Dixie.

    The reality is that everywhere The Empire goes, in the world, it establishes urban centres for it’s power, but, never succeeds in conquering the countryside (look at Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan) which ultimately, when they run out of patience and the desire to pay for the efforts of maintaining these ill-gotten gains (as the always do) they abandon.

    Understand the Yankee Empire mindset – they have incredible coercive strength, but, relatively little staying power, where they are opposed.

    Let’s oppose them, give them nothing, and then wait it out – like Ho Chi Min did.

  8. Krafty

    You are correct, but when I said US Army the state militias had been federalized into service. There was merit to the Whiskey Tax but it did establish a precedent that the President could call up State Militias to put down a rebellion.

  9. This was not a one time thing. The NAACP covers up the George Washington statue each year at their their I hate whitey rally. They also have had speaker say that they want to tear down all statues that depict a slave owner.

  10. Anti-Whites attack our race by attacking our racial heroes. Geo. Washington is as big a “racist” as any Confederate hero is. All the old White guys must go in the name of Diversity!

    Diversity means #ChasingDownWhites.

  11. @billyrayjenkins

    What would you want Washington to do? Let the British & Indians massacre White people on the frontier?

    Btw, I’m getting tired of you running down Washington and other White men who built America. You must have no ancestors who were in colonial or early America? You know a lot of the words, but, you have no feeling for the subject.

  12. @Krafty

    Actually my family came here in the 1600’s. I didn’t run down George Washington, I merely pointed out the fact that he okayed using the US Army to collect taxes. That set the precedent for what Lincoln did many years later. That army was being sent to attack sovereign American citizens in Pennsylvania for not paying their liquor taxes remember that. Most ended up fleeing PA after that for Kentucky, Virginia and further points south.

    You need to get over MUH FOUNDING FATHERS MUH CONSTITUTION and be able to criticize when criticism is due. Yes Thomas Jefferson led to the flooding of the USA with Jewish Vermin via his open borders act in 1802 and provoked England unnecessarily, yes James Madison declared an unnecessary war with England who was fighting to defend Western Civilization from the godless French and almost got us destroyed.

    Krafty it’s called intellectual honesty. When you hold people above criticism, then you in effect deify them as gods.

  13. more of the same
    MAY 9, 2017 AT 1:43 PM
    Anti-Whites attack our race by attacking our racial heroes. Geo. Washington is as big a “racist” as any Confederate hero is. All the old White guys must go in the name of Diversity!

    Diversity means #ChasingDownWhites.


  14. @billyrayjenkins

    You are out of your mind sonny. What’s your nickname, “tinman”? LOL. Btw, you are defacing the “stars & bars” with your silly ass lightning bolts. Are you still in high school?

    Considering Washington died before his wife did, I don’t think he had a lot to say in the matter, and he knew it. When you get married you will understand. LOL.

  15. Krafty

    George Washington left that in his will that the slaves which were owned by he and Martha were to be freed. This did not extend to the dower slaves that Martha’s first husband Daniel Parke Custis who died without a will owned. These slaves were under Virginia law the property of the Custis Children.

    The flag of the Army of Northern Virginia is a Battle Flag it is the Southern Cross a variation of the Saint Andrews Cross. The first flag of the Confederate States of America is the Stars and Bars not the Battle Flag. As it is a Battle Flag it can be modified in any way possible as it is NOT the Flag of the Southern Nation. They have been modified in every way imaginable with Hank’s face, with stock cars you name it. As they are not the flag of the Southern nation, they can be modified. The present flag of the Southern Nation is the Third National Flag.

    The SS Lightning Bolts are there because it is an outlaw biker patch, and it has double piss-off potential for the SJW’s. Neither Hunter nor anyone else has a problem with it. WASHINGTONS SLAVES in his will Freed At Martha’s Death.

    The Negroes are so DUMB they have no idea that Washington supported the end of slavery. This is what makes me ROFL. BTW Washington was WRONG on that,

  16. @Krafty…

    Hey now : what’s with all this ‘tin man’ stuff?

    You know? … if you read all of Billy Ray’s comments, over the next 6 months, you will have 20 credit hours towards an undergraduate history degree.

    As to Billy Ray’s lightnin’ bolts : Obersturmbannfuhrerin Denise has dun’ rappt you over the knuckles with her riding crop.

    Stop while you are ahead…

  17. Krafty Wurker and his friend Onceler have been on my_____ since I began supposedly defending the Roman Catholic Church. I am not even a Catholic my family were always Baptists of some stripe, my particular branch left that church for the Church of Christ. The only defense I gave the Catholics was that Krafty and Onceler seem to hold there is some Catholic Conspiracy against Dixie when this sort of talk would have gotten Jeff Davis to put a gun in their face, PERSONALLY and Lee would have stood as his second.

    THE CATHOLIC KNIGHT: One of the most overlooked facts of the American Civil War Era is the sympathy the South gained from Europe’s most influential monarch – the pope of Rome.
    Pope Pius IX never actually signed any kind of alliance or ‘statement of support’ with the Confederate States of America, but to those who understand the nuance of papal protocol, what he did do was quite astonishing. He acknowledged President Jefferson Davis as the “Honorable President of the Confederate States of America.”

    From this we can glean three things about Pope Pius IX…He called Jefferson Davis by the customary title “Honorable.” He acknowledged him as president of a nation. In doing so, he (at least on a personal level) effectively recognized the Confederate States of America as a sovereign entity, separate from the United States of America. News of this reached the North, and the Whitehouse was considerably irate about it, prompting a response from the Vatican that the pope’s letter did not amount to an “official” recognition in the “formal sense.” The pope’s letter to Jefferson Davis was accompanied by an autographed picture of the pope. Pope Pius IX was a revered figure in the post war South. General Robert E. Lee kept a portrait of him in his house, and referred to him as the South’s only true friend during her time of need.

  18. If Whites don’t understand that we cannot live peacefully with blacks ever then we are surely doomed as it seems to be now.

  19. I remember in the 1990’s, New Orleans removed 31 names such as George Washington from the public schools. These days it’s the monuments moved to an anti-Southern, white-hate museum, a guilt glass for white people. Conservatism is a cowardly measure of self-hate and loathing- perhaps not quite as bad as the other guy (who is an outright and open communist). But that’s why it’s a long line of failure in preserving Southern much less Western culture. You can’t win in a football game by constantly backing up and ceaselessly apologizing, cuckservatives, always cucking forevermore……

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