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It has been a remarkable month.

I’m still exhausted from it all. I have a lot to catch up on. In the last month, I have participated in Alt-Right events in Auburn, AL, Pikeville, KY and New Orleans, LA. It was impossible for us to attend the event in Charlottesville, VA. I simply couldn’t do four events in a month!

As we were leaving for Pikeville, KY, Occidental Dissent got “no platformed” by PayPal. I didn’t have time to address that issue before heading to New Orleans the following weekend. I’ve since found a safe and secure PayPal alternative that allows our readers to donate online. Based Stickman was “no platformed” by PayPal and GoFundMe and came up with the same solution.

I told these people when we got “no platformed” by Disqus that we would adapt to any obstacles thrown in our path. I’m a man of my word. These rallies and protests we are having now are different from the ones we had from 2013 to 2015. Back then, we didn’t have the ability to livestream these events to tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people like we did in New Orleans.

It a whole different ballgame now. I could say more about how much this has changed, but I really shouldn’t. I will just say we have gigantic platforms now which we didn’t have two years ago and we need to continue to grow those platforms in the same way the Alt-Lite has done. We’ve broken the “mainstream” media cordon sanitaire on our ideas and their slanted coverage of our events and now we are organizing to neutralize antifa violence in the streets.

If those obstacles are permanently eliminated, you might see the movement finally start moving!

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  1. Where do you find out about upcoming events? I don’t usually hear about them till they are over.

  2. Sounds good.

    Let’s improve fundraising – hire sympathetic professional fund raisers. We can get lists of everyone who donated to Trump and Romney. Then have a pretty young Auburn gal meet them in person and ask them for a contribution.

    How do SEC schools get people to give $ to them for their terrible football thug/rapists schools? Fund raising is a skill, like sales.

    Let’s get better at fund raising.

  3. Thanks to everyone who is contributing.

    This is a new system. It seems to be working though. I’m sure everyone who is booted off PayPal will end up here eventually.

  4. Hunter, I already asked this question in your earlier thread on PayPal, and I’d still like to know: were you able to collect all the funds that were donated to Occidental Dissent through PayPal? In particular, can those donors who contributed around the time the ban was going into effect be sure that the funds reached you, or was there an attempt on the company’s part to seize/hold donations?

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