Hollywood Heroes – Well Maybe One

We haven’t had very many pro Southern, race realist, immigration patriots, American First folks in Hollywood or in the rest of the Mainstream Media. The last Southern heterosexual to own any major television network was Ted Turner. When Ted merged Turner Broadcasting/CNN with Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Communications – Ted Turner basically disappeared from public life. He was never heard from again.

Right wing Conservatives are always hoping for some Right Wing patriot to somehow make it to the top of Hollywood then go on to ride in on a White horse and


Right Wing Conservatives always go for an actor – they elected Ronald Reagan Governor of California, then President of the United States. There was hope that Clint Eastwood or later Arnold Schwarzenegger would “save California”… but it wasn’t to be. At the end of the day, the worst Leftist, anti White Jews brag that yep:

“We run Hollywood, we control all the news that’s fit to print”:

“Who Runs Hollywood? C mon.” Joel Stein LA Times

But, we have had a few White guys that managed to work in Hollywood – then subsequently did solid political activism after they got out of the business. One such good guy is:

Ron Maxwell – Director of “Gettysburg”

Ron Maxwell apparently took a leading roll in taking out GOP House Majority leader Eric Cantor. The Key issues were Cantor’s as bad as it gets Jew immigration/amnesty programs and also Eric Cantor’s strong support for Neo Con attacks against the secular, Russian backed government in Syria.

I encourage our readers to listen to this surprisingly fair NPR “This American Life” report about the rise of Steve Bannon, Breitbart News, the Eric Cantor and Pat Buchanan campaigns. Pat Buchanan is interviewed in this show and again – it’s surprisingly fair and balanced. I am always shocked when I find intelligent, fair news reporting in Liberal Left places like NPR, The Atlantic Magazine, the New Yorker etc.

Here’s the full interview:

NPR – This American Life

Ron Maxwell is writing solid “America First” commentary for Breitbart News:

American Last – Ron Maxwell


  1. “We haven’t had very many pro Southern, race realist, immigration patriots, American First folks in Hollywood or in the rest of the Mainstream Media”

    Uh, we’ve had ABSOLUTELY ZERO. Despite his place of birth, Ted Turner is obviously a totally evil, anti-white shabbos goy. Hollywood should be firebombed.

  2. Ted Turner’s CNN based Georgia wasn’t bad. CNN used to feature Ted Turner. The Jewish Media mafia elites were very worried about Ted Turner, Ted was making noise about doing a takeover of CBS. But, again that all ended with Ted Turner married Hanoi Jane Fonda and sold out Turner Broadcasting CNN to Gerald Levin’s Time Warner Inc.

  3. Countenance

    I went to see “Gods and Generals” in a real movie theater. It seemed to me more like a school assignment that I was forced to see – nothing like Gettysburg.

    It was all cleaned up – presented for Hollywood – the Southern Confederates were all mouthing PC “we’re not racist” nonsense. The Black slaves were making oratory from Shakespeare. I basically wanted to puke.

    I really hate to see once proud White men get down on their knees….

    Oh well.

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