Louisiana House Passes Monuments Bill

The Louisiana House has passed the monuments bill:

“The Louisiana House approved Monday legislation aimed at blocking the removal of Confederate monuments, causing the 24-member Legislative Black Caucus to walk out.

A largely party-line 65-31 vote followed an emotionally-charged two hours of debate and comes as the majority black City of New Orleans is taking down statues of figures from the Civil War’s Confederacy.

Members of the legislative black caucus walked out of the House chamber after the vote.

“It was disgusting. We just couldn’t stay,” said Rep. Terry Landry, D-Lafayette, while waiting in the hall for an aide to get his glasses and cell phone from his desk in the chamber. “You have to stand for something.” …”

I didn’t have any confidence in the Republicans. I still don’t think it will get past the Republican Senate, who are a mouthpiece for business interests, or the Democratic governor who is subservient to organized blackness. It would be nice to be proven wrong though.

Update: Narrative Collapse points out there isn’t any real monument protection in the bill.

Note: If you aren’t familiar with the Black Caucus in the Louisiana House of Representatives, watch the second video. It explains why there was a Battle of Liberty Place.

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  1. I didn’t see anything in that second clip that was a surprise. It actually disappointed. What’s one to think when there’s no crotch grabbing or dry humping? Black politicians are far more colorful than that smooth talker at the microphone. But, is Halle Berry black enough?

  2. We did this in North Carolina during the summer of 2015, when president Obama was leveraging BLM to destroy our graves and monuments.

    Now, in North Carolina, you can only move a monument, IF you get a 66% approval vote in our state legislature, and, as well, you have an equally prominent place, in that particular locale, whither you are to move said edifice.

    Basically, that finisht any possible debate of moving our monuments.

    Where I live, practically every town is presided over by a tall courthouse statue of a private soldier of the Confederate armies.

    When a town makes this gesture, I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am in my home country.

    I would never live in any area that sported no Confederate symbols.

    I know what it is like to live in the North, with all their monuments to our conquest; and whenever I beheld those things, I clencht my teeth.

    With every respect to many decent Yankees we knew, I thank The Good Lord, the wife and I have been able to return home.

    I so love the South, I don’t even want to leave for a few day trip.

  3. In the end the wording of that legislation is unimportant, what matters is the resolve of the White Southern Man to defend his nation and its honor.

  4. What they are afraid of is the power of the White man when he gets angry and starts to organize.

  5. @Bobbi…

    ‘Why are they scared of all of those dead Confederates?’

    Because, M’am, those dead Confederates threaten to become reborn…

  6. The second video demonstrates that some people are too stupid to be embarrassed. That something like that can take place in a government institution demonstrates the extent of our humiliation.

  7. If it passes, some judge in New Jersey or Massachusetts will overturn it. As always. We can’t even vote in appropriations for traffic lights, without Yankee interference.

  8. @Denise

    Ms Denise. Try to convince folks there, to do it. I’d get rid the ones here in Texas, if I could. But there’s nobody worth voting for, to replace them.

  9. Glad the white boys in the Louisianan house at least did a token measure to preserve their ancestors legacy. This is only the beginning. First they will attack monuments to (white male) Confederates; next they will attack monuments to (white male) Founders from the American Revolution (many of whom had grandsons who were gray). If you know an American patriot types who have not woken up on race, please share my essay “When Dixie Goes, So Do the Founding Fathers” with them. If they chose to support thier people, they will (based on their ancestry and geographic location) either move towards Southern Nationalism or become Copperheads. https://putnamlibertynotes.wordpress.com/2017/05/12/when-dixie-goes-so-do-the-founding-fathers/

  10. @Miss Denise…

    ‘James Owen – then we need to target the judges.’

    We used to. It was called The Klan. Their effectiveness as a righting unit was largely mitigated by the agencies of The Northern Government, and their buddies, the Jewish left courts, in the 1960s.

  11. James

    Exactly how could any judge overturn a state/local vandalism charge? Im sure they’d need some sort of precedent to do that. The thing is, if its alright to vandalize a memorial of Lee, then it is alright to vandalize the Lincoln Memorial. In other words once vandalism is excused by law, then its all fair game. The only hope for us is the Supreme Court to weigh in. Either Vandalism is a Crime or Vandalism is legal. We cannot have this legaliezed to death,

    My understanding of vandalism laws is that anything put up in a public court square is technically unless otherwise noted is the city/county/state’s responsibility to prosecute as destruction of public property or private property is a crime.

  12. That 2nd video was. . . . .sickening. . . . . . . .it made “Idiocracy” look like a documentary. Are we really headed toward this kind of cr@P?

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