Raleigh-Durham IWW Exposed (Part II)

Editor’s Note: This is the second installment in a series on Raleigh-Durham IWW.

We’ve identified some more Raleigh-Durham IWW supporters who were in Graham, NC. Keep in mind that these people were in a mob that was screaming “f*** the police.”

Joe Wood:

Devin Ceartas:

Matthew Kornberg:

Sounds like a challenge:

Help us destroy Raleigh-Durham IWW. We’ve got some more biscuits that need to be buttered.

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  1. My guess is that Kornberg is Jew – he’s definitely got the Jew type of receding hairline…

    But seriously…

    This is the trash that is standing in our way, and this is the trash that has the blood of every White person killed by a Vibrant on their hands.

  2. Marcus, you need to fine-tune your jewdar apparatus. Kornberg couldn’t be more jewy if he tried!

    The real Wobblies of 100 years ago were bad-asses who have nothing in common with the LARPers who call themselves Wobblies today.

  3. Matthew Kornberg.

    Plans to return to NYC and open a chain of delis to rival Katz’s. Kornberg’s Korned Beef©. KKB™

    Instead of a catcher in the rye bread, he’s a Jew in the Korn.

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