Confederate Monument Vandalized By Antifas In St. Louis

It never stops with these people.

This is the new thing for “our fellow Americans” who call themselves Antifas. They have nothing better to do than to vandalize our historic monuments under the cover of darkness:

“ST. LOUIS – Protesters and counterprotesters squared off Tuesday evening at the Confederate Memorial in Forest Park.

The groups on opposite sides of the debate over whether the statue on the north side of the park near the Missouri History Museum should stay or go were mostly peaceful in their separate protests.

The monument has been targeted for relocation by Mayor Lyda Krewson, as it was by her predecessor. It’s part of a national movement in some cities to relocate Confederate statuary away from public spaces due to their connection to slavery and white supremacy. …

A line of St. Louis Police officers watched as the groups gathered near the monument, which was ringed by a waist-high metal barrier. At one point, some of the protesters went through the barricade and marred the statue with a comment that included a profanity.

Overnight the monument was vandalized with blue spray paint and phrases including “stop defending injustice,” “this is treason,” “no KKK” and “black lives matter.”

Employees of the St. Louis parks department began removing the paint shortly after 7 a.m. …”

There is a Take ‘Em Down STL group now.

The first protest on Tuesday was rained out, but there was a clash anyway in Forest Park between Antifas and Southern heritage and Patriot groups. I’ve been told that one of our people was there and witnessed the confrontation when an Antifa stole two Confederate flags and ran off:

Normally, I would be eager to get involved in this, but I am not so sure after Gainesville. According to our guy, it was more Patriots cucking about “racism” and “white supremacy.” They are having a “Rally To Save American History” next Saturday at Forest Park:

St. Louis Antifa are holding a rally in Forest Park next Tuesday:

St. Louis Antifa say they are coming to the Southern Heritage/Patriot event on June 3rd:

Peggy Hubbard, a black woman, is hosting the “Rally To Save American History” event:

Jesus Christ.

The “Patriots” are banning the Confederate flag from a rally to save a Confederate monument in St. Louis. This is going to be another one of these “unity” rallies where the Patriots and Rainbows are confronted by Antifa and Black Lives Matter and proceed to act like they are their best friends, cuck out about “racism” and “white supremacy” and try to convince them to “unite” behind the American flag.

I wouldn’t advise anyone to go to this except as a spectator. This isn’t our fight.

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  1. “when an Antifa stole two Confederate flags and ran off”

    There will come a time when these running characters will be chased down by bullets.

  2. The problem is this is in Saint Louis and I doubt many of the local Whites these days even realize they are Southern. Heck they’ve practically purged the Southern accent out of a good deal of Missouri and I am still unclear how they did this, I assume this was all the children of the Union Soldiers who came west from the Middle West States and claimed the abandoned plantation lands along the Missouri. In fact I have a friend in Missouri who argues with me about it, says WE ARE MIDWEST WE FOUGHT FOR THE NORTH, all this crap and he’s older than I am. Of course the US Census unfortunately counts Missouri with the Midwest, although it counts Delaware with the South. Delaware is a state that voted down Secession in January, 1861. Buck Buchanan was still President then and there were no bluecoats in sight. In other words of their own volition they refused. Strange how just a couple years ago some of the descendents of a few Delawareans who escaped Delmarva and managed to get to Virginia finally dedicated a monument to their ancestors, its the newest Confederate Monument in the nation.

    The programming is deep. Deprogramming will take time.

  3. Observe and record.

    A March on Ferguson would be more offensive in spirit.

    Defending a lump of bronze isn’t good operational method.

    Attack gives you the initiative.

  4. St Louis University is built on the land of the Camp Jackson Affair.

    Perhaps steal a March on these Antifa and Cucks and hit the University instead.

  5. The “Patriots” are hopeless. Of no use at all, really. And the Heritage folks, what have they actually done? I know there are good people involved in the Heritage movement but it is 100% cucked compared to what it was 100 years ago. Like night and day.

  6. Like I said in the other thread, these whites will not do anything that will “damage their reputation.” Reputation being not viewed as some kind of ‘loser’ in the eyes of the rest of the white middle and working class they associate and want to be associated with.

    I realized many years ago most of the people posting and writing on these WN pages and boards did not have a clue about the real whites they are fighting for. You are getting acquainted with them now.

    You are going to have to use different approaches in order to get any mileage out of most whites. For a start, there will have to be money in it for them. At least the PERCEPTION of money. Until you can make money off of saving the white race, no traction is going to be had. But some are starting to savvy up to where they can. That is why there are now people on the scene like Vox Day, Milo, Spencer, etc. You must use these to your advantage.

    No financial prospects, no white ethnostate.

    Don’t waste time bemoaning this; learn to work it. It is reality. Whether you like it or not.

  7. Off topic, but an exchange I was having with our fellow commenter Junius led me to Wikipedia and some other websites, from whose information I assembled the following timeline:

    1625 – First arrival of an English ship in Barbados

    1627 – First permanent European settlement, by the English, on Barbados. Eighty settlers, ten indentured laborers.

    1640 – Introduction of sugar cane from Dutch Brazil to Barbados

    1644 – Population of Barbados estimated at 30,000. About 800 African slaves, the remainder mainly English.

    1649 – Charles I beheaded

    1654 – January: Portugal completes its capture of Dutch Brazil. Jews fleeing the Portuguese arrive in Barbados.

    1654 – April: End of first Anglo-Dutch War. As soon as the war ends, Portuguese rabbi Menasseh ben Israel, of the Netherlands, sends his brother-in-law to England, to present a petition for readmission of the Jews to that country (whence they’d been expelled AD 1290).

    1654: December: An amphibious expedition led by Robert Venables and William Penn (father of Pennsylvania’s founder) leaves England on the order of Oliver Cromwell, who has turned his attention to the Spanish West Indies.

    1655 – May: An English force under Venables and Penn captures Jamaica, advancing England’s Carribean position from Barbados and other eastern islands to the heart of the Caribbean Sea itself.

    1655 – September: Menasseh ben Israel himself, whom Oliver Cromwell has induced to come to England, arrives in that country.

    1655 – December: Whitehall Conference, in England, to debate readmission of Jews to that country. Cromwell stops the discussion, to prevent an adverse decision.

    1656 – To avoid their being expelled, as Spaniards, when England declares war on Spain, Marranos in England reveal they are Jewish. Cromwell apparently gives Jews informal permission to reside and trade in England.

    1657 – Portuguese-Jewish merchant Antonio Fernandez Carvajal and Simon de Caceres buy land for a Jewish cemetery in London. Solomon Dormido, nephew of Menasseh ben Israel, (successfully) applies for membership in the Royal Exchange, from which Jews are excluded and through which wholesale trade is mainly carried on.

    1660 – 27,000 blacks, 26,000 whites in Barbados

    1666 – At least 12,000 small landholders in Barbados have died, been bought out, or left the island. Many of the remaining whites are increasingly poor

    1680 – 17 slaves for every indentured servant on Barbados

    1700 – 15,000 free whites, 50,000 enslaved blacks on Barbados

  8. Lyda formally announces what we all knew was coming:

    Unlike her New Orleans colleague, I think Lyda is going to do two things differently:

    (1) She’s going to try to find a taker, to soften the opposition — As far as that goes, I’m going to try to see if I can make a call or three and see if the suburban cemetery where James Morgan Utz is buried, and which hosts St. Louis’s CMD annually, will take it.

    (2) She’s going to drag the issue out as long as she practically can, because she wants to dwell on an issue that has almost universal support in the city body politic. That, and as long as the issue is hot and the UDC’s statue is still there, she can point to it and blame it for everything that goes wrong, as a diversion.

  9. Good points countenance.

    Btw Banacourssi, the Spanish and Portuguese were also very busy importing blacks onto their sugar plantations too. And…if Cromwell was a shill for Israel then all New England was too. The people who ran New England were Cromwell’s right hand men.

  10. “Btw Banacourssi, the Spanish and Portuguese were also very busy importing blacks onto their sugar plantations too.”

    I didn’t intend to suggest otherwise, Captain John. I was simply wondering whether there was a correlation between the return of (non-crypto) Jews to England, on the one hand, and an English embrace of plantation slavery on the other. Somewhere in the information that Mr. Wallace, our host, has posted here over the years, there was, I think, a statement that Jews introduced to Barbados the “Pernambuco model” of agriculture, Pernambuco having been northeastern Brazil. The “Pernambuco model” meant, I gather, slave-based plantation agriculture.

  11. Ireland was a plantation in another sense. A replanting of Population. The Stuart Kings Actually had the patents to monopolize the slave trade in Portuguese territory and perhaps even Spanish islands. So really it’s mostly the English wanting a slice of the lucrative trade. Drake and Raleigh were trying hard to break into a share of the Spanish slave trade as well.

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