The Real Threat of Terrorism

The real threat of terrorism, as far as the establishment is concerned, is that it will inspire a nationalist backlash against open borders. That is why after a Muslim blows up a bunch of people the main concern is to tell people that not all Muslims are terrorists and we must be united and terrorists will not change our way of life. The main problem is not the dead and injured people and their traumatized families. The main problem is the threat that normal people might want to get rid of the Muslims and open borders and multiculturalism. Once you understand this the reaction of both political parties and nearly all celebrities and certainly all the media makes sense. Remember, you are the real threat. Not the terrorists.

A few examples:

Amir Khan: Not all Muslims are bad

Manchester mayor: Muslim terrorist “not a Muslim”

Huffington Post: Muslims are not terrorists

Daily Beast: Not all Muslims are terrorists

Pope: Muslim terrorism does not exist

The Guardian: Not all Muslims are jihadists

BBC: Not all Muslims are the same

News24: Not all Muslims are terrorists

Who are the “real” terrorist threat?

Teen Vouge: White male terrorists

NewsOne: Top ten White terrorists

Time Magazine: White extremists more dangerous than jihadis

TYL: White male terrorists

Rolling Out: White male terrorists

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  1. Terrorists are just the irregular soldiers of the wider community they represent through violence.

  2. As long as you are a brown skinned terrorist and you are blowing up White people, the establishment will be on your side.

  3. We can’t let the fact that White people are being killed divert us from our goal of eliminating White people. The real tragedy would be if White people stopped us from replacing them.

  4. “The real threat of terrorism, as far as the establishment is concerned, is that it will inspire a nationalist backlash against open borders.”

    Not at all. The jihadis are merely the symptom. They are a weapon to instill fear in the populace. It will get worse not better. No place will be safe. It is part of the intended chaos. You will be begging for global government. Do not take your eyes off the bankers and their cohorts.

  5. Snowhitey
    May 27, 2017 at 5:48 am

    “They are a weapon to instill fear in the populace. It will get worse not better.”

    They are used to bring about an ever more oppressive police state.

  6. RB, after each muslime attack, you need to seek out the wise counsel of Katie Perry-‘overcome terrorism with love and acceptance’.
    Oh and open all borders and barriers, they help create terrorism. See…..Katie has the answers I how to stop terrorism.
    Fight violence with love, teddy bears and candlelight vigils. That’ll stop’em!!!

  7. One of the absurd things about it all is when ‘British’ and ‘Australian’ Islamics go and fight overseas, they can then slip straight back into our countries when they’re tired of combat and miss the comforts of home, KFC and a stable environment. Once home, they can use their newly aquired skills against us, which begs the question- why are they allowed back in when, clearly, they represent a huge and clear danger to the populace?
    There’s one jihadi locked up in Turkey who’s been fighting with ISIS. The government has labeled him ‘Australias most wanted’ and are trying to get him back to Australia. As far as most people here are concerned, he’s Australia’s most unwanted. They want him left in Turkey as they know if he’s returned here, he’ll be using our legal system at taxpayers expense to escape real Justice. He’ll then sponge off taxpayers and our law enforcement agencies will have to waste their time keeping it under surveillance. If he’s left in Turkey, the problem just isn’t there.
    Our government thinks they’re winning votes by bringing these turds back……but all it does is anger people.
    These people broke the law overseas, so thats where they should be dealt with. Its the governments job- first and foremost- to protect its citizens. Well they’re doing a bloody good job! KEEP THEM OUT!!!

  8. @john
    Western governments are not selected by the oligarchy to protect their citizens, they are selected to carry out White Genocide.

  9. Deportation of the Xenos, is like sexual abstinence.

    It works 100% of the time. But, (the question will be asked) “What about the Dzhoos!?”

    Besides the obvious response (Who the hell cares?) is the knee-jerk pre-programmed response- ‘But they suffered under the Nazis/They had the Holocaust/They’re &*(% Chosen Fuglies, etc. AD NAUSEUM.

    And there is your answer. 1) No one who is sane, wants to fornicate with an ugly Jewess. And 2) no White nation should have that murderous, lying, christ-killing race in her environs.

    “Let the CIRCLE be unbroken.”

    Make it 360. Deo Volente.

  10. Dispite all this, the Left still insist Christians are more violent thsn the religion of pieces… referencing atrocities committed by Christians in the 1400’s. They also compare deaths by terrorism with your chances of being struck by lightening and of course, again Islam compares favorably.
    I take solace from the fact that at least in all terror attacks, some of the vics will be leftards who asked for it.

  11. Jeremy Joseph Christian, RIGHTEOUS WHITE MAN, just stabbed 2 SJW f*ckwits to death, in Portland Oregon. He was telling 2 sand nigger bitches to get the FUCK OUT of America. 2 race traitor retards tried to stop the RACIST – and he stabbed them to death.


  12. The Islimic terrorism is a measure designed to cause the subjugation of the populace through fear. It’s like the samurai’s “right to cut down and leave” or “crossroad cutting” from the Shogunate. These fools with their vigils and such are simply reaffirming their submission to the occupying barbarians. They think they’re expressing “love” but what they’re really doing is a ritual kow-towing before their masters.

    On a societal level, these Muslime attacks are like the master giving their slaves a beating. The vigils and gatherings for peace, etc., are the slaves lining up to kiss the master’s whip hand to prove they’re not going to rise up and string him up, thus hopefully postponing the next beating.

    Entire nations of once-proud warriors deep in a squalid Stockholm syndrome before a pack of low-IQ camel jockeys their ancestors would have sent fleeing in terror in a matter of moments. It’s unspeakably grotesque.

  13. The Jews have won at least right now, we have to turn it around and we will AT SOME POINT. Hopefully not too late

  14. We are the real threat because it’s us the government wants to repress.

    I think most of this shit is fake, designed to lull us into submission to tyranny in ‘our best interests.’

  15. Yeah, and White Genocide is just a racist Nazi conspiracy theory as anti-White terrorism and “replacement” become the norm.

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