60,000 Haitians Allowed to Stay in USA

The Trump Administration is allowing tens of thousands of a low IQ, high crime rate population to remain in the United States for an additional 6 months, Orlando Sentinel reports:

Although Dept. of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly extended their stay by six months, he warned they should make accommodations for “their ultimate departure from the United States,” Kelly said in a statement last week.

…The earthquakes struck near Port Au Prince in 2010, which is the nation’s densely populated capital city. It killed more than 200,000 and left another 1.5 million homeless, according to the United Nations.

After the earthquake, Haitians were granted a temporary protected status by the Obama administration, which protected them from deportations and allowed Haitians to get work permits. Officials typically grant the status to protect residents of war-torn countries or those hit with natural disasters.

The program brought about 60,000 Haitians to the United States. Kelly opted to extend it six months after public protests — including one near Walt Disney World — and lobbying from Florida politicians Gov. Rick Scott and Senators Marco Rubio and Bill Nelson.

Before the program expires on Jan. 22, 2018, Kelly will review Haiti’s designation under the program, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’ website states. He could extend the status or terminate it.

Notice that establishment Republicans and Democrats are united in keeping these Haitians in the USA – placing the welfare of foreigners above that of natives.

Haitians have an average IQ of just 67, a whooping 31 points lower than the US average of 98, making them unfit for most jobs in a First World society. As a nation they score in the mentally retarded range, which starts at an IQ of 70. The latest scientific research shows that IQ is 80% hereditary, meaning that Haitians simply have little if anything to offer other than manual labor. Haitians also have an extremely high crime rate, especially regarding sexual attacks and violent crime. Their continued presence in the US will undoubtedly constitute a significant burden on both tax payers and those unfortunate enough to live near where the government has settled them.

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  1. Haiti is all it’s ever going to.be. Returning Haitians to Haiti is the kindest thing that could be done for them, it’s their natural milieu.

  2. This is prime breeding stock for our people to assimilate with, producing the new mongrel man.

  3. The MGTOW faggots CONSTANTLY blame women for the orcification of the West – but there are loads of actual White Men, wielding actual power and authority, who are actively enabling the spread of Orc filth in once White Nations…………….hmmmm……………

  4. The IQ of the US is below 98. The average White European IQ is 100. Whites are less than 60 of the US population. Africans in America average IQ is 80. Latrinos about 90. Arabs and Indians 85. The few +100 IQ NE asians are offset by the lower IQ SE asians. The US IQ is below 96.

  5. Denise – I agree 100%. The massive invasion of nogs, chinks, headscarves, kebabs, et al. is planned, directed, funded and executed by the Jews for the explicit purpose of WHITE GENOCIDE. They WANT us to turn against each other (men hating women, etc.) because they WANT US TO BE TOO SCARED TO NAME THE JEW.

    Not anymore!

  6. So, what are you going to DO about it? Instead of posting ad nauseum, what are we going to DO about it?

    How long before CWII begins? Or are we all just going to let every single godless bastard who claims spurious ‘authority,’ continue geocoding our people?

    Dear God, let a LEADER arise to lead us into BATTLE.

  7. The Haitians are the worst when it comes to laziness, too. They are all over eastern Miami-Dade and Broward counties. And, many are really arrogant. They know who the system supports and they know it’s not “us”. They’ll slam the door in your face and saunter with teeny tiny baby steps as they sway back and forth across the pavement. As a friend said, it must take them years to give birth they’re so freaking lazy.

    Now we positively know we are being replaced with the cream of the crop.

  8. While the traitors are white and (((white))) males, it’s the womyn who vote them in due to their feelz. The Frankfurt School couldn’t have gotten a bridgehead if the groundwork hadn’t been laid by female suffrage. Giving women the vote was the suicide of the West, period.

    MGTOW are also understandable, given that “marriage” has absolutely nothing to offer men whatsoever. They don’t get the right to children, sex, or even a helper out of it — all they get is the “right” for the woman to take their money, their homes, and any children who may have accidentally been popped out whenever the whim takes them.

    I have nothing against women as homemakers and mothers. But they should be out, out, out of politics. No female voting. No female leaders. The human being is biologically designed for the man to occupy a dominant role, and this is equally true at the cultural and societal level as it is at the family level.

    Sorry, Denise, but you ladies have to go back … to the kitchen, that is.

  9. Haitians are really nasty Niggers. Nasty in terms of personal hygiene and disgustingly nasty in their sexual habits, I think the great Apes are more noble than these Simians – but they will make perfect new “Americans”. BTW, the reason White’s , as a group, do not react is that most White’s in the USSA are spiritually petit bourgeois, the same now as in the 60’s when they had a chance to support George Wallace in his presidential run and George Lincoln Rockwell. The only reason they responded to the Trumpsters line of BS was economic – return of decent paying jobs that made the bourgeois life possible. I think they will be disappointed.

  10. Ironsides
    May 29, 2017 at 7:12 pm

    “While the traitors are white and (((white))) males, it’s the womyn who vote them in due to their feelz.”

    Hey, I am pretty sure the statistics show White women voted for Trump in similar numbers to men. And it is the men of the Republican Party who have been screwing Whites for the last 100 years.

    There is NO difference between Republicans and Democrats on the White Genocide issue. They both want White Genocide, they only argue on HOW it should be done. A vote for a Conservative or a Liberal, is a vote for White Genocide.

    If you read too much MIGTOW propaganda, your brain will become addled and you won’t be able to think rationally any more. MIGTOW are a suicide cult. Cults like thinking should be avoided.

  11. Denise
    May 29, 2017 at 6:11 pm

    “GG – the MGTOW are faggots – literal homos”

    This so much this.

    Beware of men who chase women away, and then want to meet up with young men. They chase women away for the same reason feminazis chase men away. They view the opposite sex as sexual competition.

  12. back on topic: and then another 6 months, and another….these congoids are here to stay. Not a day goes by but that the Trump regime commits another atrocity against Whites in ‘Murka.

  13. “Not a day goes by but that the Trump regime commits another atrocity against Whites in ‘Murka.”

    The Trump shills said it was going to be a disaster if Hillary got elected. Nope. The same would be happening under Hillary as Trump.

    The strategy for Republicans and Democrats during campaign is to behave like radicals, to paly to their base and scare the other side as much as possible. That way the scared browns or Whites will campaign and vote for Democrat or Republican and shore up the credibility of the fake two party system. Once in power the winner radicals moderate and we get the same unchanging policy.

  14. Well I exaggerate there. The anti-Whitism would be more noticeable under Hilary, but the country would be moving in the same direction as now. Don’t forget what is happening in Germany, in regards to massive non-White immigration, is being done by a conservative party.

  15. Haitians are completely useless. Their absolutely no reason to allow them to stay. They created Haiti and they should all be sent back to Haiti.

  16. Damn — you’re a bunch of feminists who blind yourselves to the fact that, for example, in Austria, men voted for the right-winger and women for the left-winger? That the women of Sweden are busily working to import as many invaders as possible while working against the “patriarchy?”

    Well, if you’re feminists, there’s no point in hanging around on this site.

  17. If you jokers are still thinking in terms of “left or right”, after what Conservatives have been doing to Whites since the 1960s, I hold out no hope for you as nationalists.

    An awake person knows there is only Pro White or anti-White.

    If you hate White women and support ZOGEmperors for President, you are a right wing anti-White,

  18. Ironsides
    May 30, 2017 at 1:36 am
    “Well, if you’re feminists, there’s no point in hanging around on this site.”

    People who demand to get their way, or they will take their toys and go home (TTGH), should be shown the door in ever case. Such people are movement wreckers.

  19. These……’humans’ will never be deported. Lawyers, Jews, leftards and black lobby groups will see to that.
    Yes they have nothing to put on the table, but to the above mentioned groups thats beside the point. Returning them would ‘violate their human rights’. We all know the left has no concern for our human rights when these things rape and murder us.
    The average IQ of America lowers with EVERY black arrival.
    The Wests enemies are not just in the Middle East, they are the people we…….’voted’ for.
    Yep……we’re stuffed.

  20. Single white women do not all vote for leftists. Look at Ann Coulter.

    I agree with RB. There is no ‘left’ or ‘right’ that defends white interests. To continue believing in the kosher paradigm is an act of willful denial or worse.

  21. “Hopefully the economy can still be rebuilt,” she said “It’s still a beautiful country to visit and it’s still a beautiful country to represent.”

    Rebuilt? I would wager that economic conditions in Haiti today are no worse than they were before the earthquake.

  22. I’m a woman and unfortunately I agree with Ironsides. In my almost 40 years on this planet, I have met very few women willing to go against whatever the public opinion is, even if they know it is wrong and damaging. I know of almost zero that are capable of even examining any evidence for an obscure or non mainstream viewpoint, it is all about moral or status signaling/preening and attempting to enforce conformity among women. If you don’t go along, they shun you at best or actively attempt to destroy you.

    I used to think this behavior changed when people grew up, but nope. It stays the same. I see elderly women doing this! It is very strange. If you think it’s bad for men, imagine how bad it is to be a nonconformist woman with “extreme nazi” beliefs and their own sense of style that doesn’t follow trends. Really, not following the herd is the worst sin for women. Also not being interested in what so and so said about whoever, or hearing about their relationship issues, or whatever stupid and society destroying media vomit they’re currently consuming. Like who cares?

    Honestly, I pity men. I admire them and like and respect many men (I feel the same about almost zero women) but I cannot imagine having to attempt to form relationships with these degraded and emotional modern women. It makes MGTOW far more understandable to me. But I don’t take a lot of things personally, like most women. I wouldn’t want to date a feminist or someone who believes that race isn’t real, or a Yankee or a million other things I dislike. So basically, all this to say that we don’t need to fight and women on the right need to understand how bad men really do have it. Not that you’ll find many women here, there’s precious little opportunity to moralize and pose and preen about how they’re superior “good people”. It isn’t easy but we need to find a way because without white men and women we don’t have white babies. I’m pregnant with my fourth but I can’t single handedly keep the white race alive (lol)! So get it together and get over yourselves!!

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