We Need to Get Better

Our side – the Southern Nationalist, Alt Right, immigration patriot, race realist side, we’re getting a lot better at doing important things:

Demos in hostile places like Leftist college campuses such as U Cal Berkeley.
Producing excellent, informative youtube videos, podcasts, posters and cartoons.
Recruiting attractive, effective young spokeswomen

But, one area where we’re still not very good – is in the area of (sometimes drunken) group chanting, singing, group insulting. The best nationalists/populists in this area have to be…

English/British soccer fans.

My old Comiskey Park White Sox fans (I was there at Disco Demolition Night 1979) we were pretty good in this area. Our stadiums group songs included:

Queen – “We will, we will rock you”
Steam – “Na na na na, ney hey, good bye”

But check out these Manchester United soccer/football fans/hooligans singing

“you can stick your F***** ISIS up your arse” (sung to the tune of “She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes”


Top 5 Man United Chants


  1. This is a wonderful post and I fully agree with the sports metaphor that music since the dawn of humankind (whoops, I am going to check the PC bullshit) the dawn of Mankind, music in many forms has been the soundtrack of our lives. Since very early times, music has been important socially, culturally and especially used to rally the troops to battle. Even today music is an excellent rallying cry for all. Of course the South has a wonderful history of music and should be used whenever possible. From 1860 Southern Patriotic “Grand Secession March” to The Allman Brothers Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd we have a rich music history to draw on.
    “The South shall rise again” God bless Southern music and God bless the Southern States.

    N.B. Re: PC crap, my Mom was a very strong, independent and successful woman who had a wonderful, long marriage with my Father. She was educated, had class and etiquette but never took a backseat to anybody. I was always very proud of her and she never had a problem with words like “mankind” knowing it meant all humans, period. Sadly with our wealthy society today there are too many bored, lazy people with nothing better to do than think of ways to whine and complain. If only they could spend that time on something actually productive!

  2. This is a very important cause that could determine if we live, or die off. We need to act and speak like grownups. Its good that whites from all backgrounds believe and are active in the movement, but the most articulate and intelligent need to be at the forefront doing the talking on our behalf and portraying a positive, sensible image for us. What we do is not a game, and is not for children. Its REAL.
    As I keep saying, reach as many as possible with the truth, a few facts and figures, and a friendly, calm manner and they are as good as ready for our message.
    Over to you….

  3. Here’s a music chanting confrontation right before a racial war between White British troops and Zulus in South Africa. I think the Zulus have better chants than the British troops and the Brit’s songs aren’t as good as the Man United football supporters:

  4. British soccer club fandom is like American college football fandom in a way, in that both are kinda sorta wrapped up in the blood and soil imperative. Even if the team player demographics leave a lot to be desired. This is why it’s so easy for populist-nationalist politics in Britain (and on the continent, too) to grow out of soccer fandom and fan clubs.

  5. Countenance is as always –

    Straight on, dead on the money.

    We’ve never met in real life – maybe this year in St. Louis.

    I don’t think I will go to Amren as it’s going to be too crowded in the middle of the hottest time of the Summer in middle Tennessee.

    “Meet me in St. Louis”

  6. The great Southern rocker Greg Allman just passed away. Duane Allman, Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash…..all gone and greatly missed.

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