The Alt-South vs. Rainbow Confederates

In my experience, the quickest way to get banned from a “Southern heritage” Facebook group is to point out what our Confederate ancestors really believed about race.

In the wake of New Orleans, we’re seeing a renewed campaign to tear down Confederate monuments all over the South. This doesn’t come as any surprise to us. We have long believed this would happen. This is a logical consequence of the cultural and political revolution of the 1960s.

The Jim Crow South was overthrown by the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Blacks were enfranchised all over the South by the Voting Rights Act of 1965. LBJ and the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. invited White America to believe that the Millennium of “colorblindness” and “racial equality” was at hand.

As hard as it is for us to believe now, White Americans in the 1960s came to believe that they could do anything. America had emerged from its isolation as a global superpower. They had survived the Great Depression and won the Second World War. They were racing the Soviets to land on the moon and along the way they declared a War on Poverty, a War on Drugs and a War on Racism.

This was the world in which the Baby Boomer generation came of age. The Boomers were the first generation in Southern history to buy into the notion of racial equality. Every Southern state had an anti-miscegenation law until they were struck down by the Supreme Court in the Loving v. Virginia decision in 1967. Every Southern state was racially segregated until the Civil Rights Act of 1964. White racial attitudes changed dramatically in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s:

The Baby Boomer generation have spent their entire adult lives navigating this world of changing White racial attitudes. Since the 1960s, “racism” has become a modern version of a cardinal sin. It has been joined by the other cardinal sins of the confession of political correctness which include anti-Semitism, sexism, nativism, xenophobia, homophobia and white privilege. Collectively, these are the sins which make someone a good person or bad person in modern America.

The “Rainbow Confederate” phenomenon has been one curious result of this. Baby Boomers have deceived themselves into believing that the historical Confederacy was a place much like modern America. It wasn’t racist. It had nothing to do with slavery or white supremacy. Instead, it was a multiracial and multicultural utopia where people of all races fought together for Southern independence.

For the past 30 years, Rainbow Confederates have believed that they could defend our Southern heritage through a combination of legal challenges, political activism and historical revisionism. The bill has finally come due. As everyone can now see, it turns out that we cannot defend our Southern heritage in the long run while losing the culture, lying about our history, trusting Republican politicians and ignoring uncomfortable truths about race and identity which are now in plain view.


Here are some of those uncomfortable truths:

1.) First, Martin Luther King, Jr. famously had a dream about racial equality in 1963. As a result, we transformed every aspect of our society in order achieve that dream. After a trial of 50 years, we have invested more money trying to achieve MLK’s Dream than any other civilization in the history of the world has spent on a monumental project and have spectacularly failed to attain the goal.

2.) Second, Martin Luther King, Jr. was wrong about race. There is no such thing as racial equality and chasing after this impossible goal is a modern version of Spanish conquistadors searching for El Dorado or the Fountain of Youth. 150 years ago, our Confederate ancestors were right about race. 50 years ago, our segregationist ancestors were right about race and their predictions have come true while those of the abolitionists and integrationists have failed to materialize.

3.) Third, the result of the Civil Rights Movement wasn’t a new millennium of “colorblindness” and “racial equality” as had been promised. Racial equality was never achieved because it doesn’t exist. Colorblindness was discarded and forgotten once it had served its purpose. Whites are the only racial group which bought into this nonsense. Every other racial group has taken advantage of Whites and organized politically in order to promote their own racial grievances and agendas at our expense.

4.) Fourth, the result of the Voting Rights Act of 1965 in many parts of the rural South and in some of our major cities has been to replace white supremacy with black supremacy. The present state of New Orleans, Birmingham, Atlanta and Memphis are a testament to the unintended consequences of MLK’s Dream. These cities have been transformed into places our people don’t want to live anymore.

5.) Fifth, racial identity is an even more important issue than racial equality. As a consequence of the Civil Rights Movement, the South is now full of racial, cultural and ethnic groups – including many deracinated natives – which don’t share the same identity. These groups are now clashing over public spaces. According to the Rainbow Confederates, this isn’t supposed to happen because we are one big happy rainbow and identity doesn’t matter. And yet, it does matter and we see time and again how racial and cultural demographics are decisive in decisions to remove our Confederate monuments.

6.) Sixth, the Confederate monuments were erected by a generation of Southerners who shared our racial and cultural views. They are being lost by a generation of Southerners who don’t and who are therefore uniquely incapable of defending our Southern heritage. They are the only generation who failed to preserve our Southern heritage and the reason they failed is because they chose not to defend our culture. They chose the easy road. It was more important to them to navigate a hostile “mainstream” culture and be seen as “respectable” in the eyes of a media which hated them anyway.

7.) Seventh, we are now saddled with the failed culture that our Confederate ancestors desperately tried to escape in 1861. They said at the time that “Free Society” was a failure. They said it wouldn’t end with slavery but that the nature of “Free Society” was such that it would perpetually generate new -isms which would weaken and rip apart the social fabric and level and degrade our culture.

8.) Eighth, Rainbow Confederates engage in deceptive historical revisionism as a way to reconcile their modern racial and cultural views with the Southern past.

9.) Ninth, racial and ethnic groups have always been rivals, contested space and struggled for dominance. It isn’t “hate” to recognize the persistence of racial conflict. Instead, it is realism. It is about recognizing a failed paradigm and moving beyond it toward a sustainable living arrangement.

10.) Finally, Southern heritage won’t be preserved without the Southern people. Also, if the Southern people are ashamed of their Confederate heritage, they can’t be relied on to preserve their heritage anyway. They will squander their rich cultural inheritance and leave behind a world dominated by other racial and cultural groups to their posterity. Although they are incapable of seeing it now, this will be their historical legacy which is a product of their shameful cowardice.

The Alternative South isn’t going to continue to wait on the Millennium. We’re going to challenge this charade. It is time to accept the fact that racial equality doesn’t exist, that our Confederate ancestors were right about race and MLK was wrong, that someone always rules, that we are the Southern people and that other racial groups aren’t interested in creating a colorblind utopia. We are unburdening ourselves of White guilt and reclaiming our sense of racial, ethnic and cultural identity.

It is probably too late to persuade Rainbow Confederates in their 60s and 70s of these truths. Even as black majority cities vandalize and tear down our Confederate monuments, they persist in their desperate and pathetic attempts to *prove* they are not racist to these people. They are preaching a message of unity and coexistence to people who only want to dominate them. We are capable of reaching Millennials and Generation Z through social media and this will be our focus.

The Rainbow Confederates had their chance. They are conservatives who focused on politics, but lost their culture. We are reactionaries and will focus on rebuilding our culture at the expense of temporary political defeats. Even if these Confederate monuments come down, the process of doing so will explode some racial illusions and reawaken our sense of Southern ethnic identity.

We will emerge from this experience less cucked than we were before.

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  1. “Since the 1960s, “racism” has become a modern version of a cardinal sin. It has been joined by the other cardinal sins of the confession of political correctness which include anti-Semitism, sexism, nativism, xenophobia, homophobia and white privilege. Collectively, these are the sins which make someone a good person or bad person in modern America.”

  2. I LOVE reading the incredibly funny, deliciously raaaaacist and non-politically correct newspapers that the old Citizens’ Councils used to put out – here’s a link to the whole archive:


  3. This “boomer” (b.1960) will fight until I leave this world what many of my co-generationalists have done to our people To. My. Dying. Breath. I swear this oath before you all. We aren’t all “reconstructed”. far from it.

  4. Eric Voegelin put the dividing line in modernity between those who pursue real possibilities and those who pursue possible realities. That also seems the dividing line between alt.south and rainbow confederates.

  5. I know Ike.

    We have some great Boomers. We also have some sorry Millennials. Most people make up their minds about these issues in their late teens/early twenties. That’s when they are most open to being persuaded and that is who we need to focus on.

  6. The people in power who passed the civil rights laws were not boomers. Yes it was the boomer generation to buy into that shit because we were the first generation to be raised by tv. We thought blacks were like the ones on tv.

  7. I have made the contention that the Baby Boomers aging out of power and the generational transfer of power from Boomers to Generation X is going to be rough and shaky, and probably the most profound and drastic generational transition of any one either side of a century of whenever it happens, and it’s going to start pretty soon. The reasons why I think this, I won’t get into, in order to keep this comment short. But, reading between the lines of your missive, it will also change the pro-South sphere.

  8. In the South, the Boomers were coming of age in the midst of the Civil Rights Movement. They didn’t pass the civil rights laws here. Older Southerners in Congress resisted the Civil Rights Movement. The Boomers were the first generation to buy into this nonsense later in the 1980s. That’s when Southern racial attitudes began to catch up with the North.

  9. A parallel example is the Spanish Civil War. Only in that war, the right side won – but Gen.Franco restored the corrupt Bourbon royalty. Over the last decade or so the statues of Franco have been taken down, Communist Jews who fled Spain were invited back and the whole system is cucked and leftist. The petit bourgeois of Dixie are strictly materialistic and, quite plainly, skull fucked with Zionism and just plain fascinated with the Negro. A rather hopeless situation.

  10. White privilege was NOT a boomer concept. I myself am an X’er.

    The boomers truly believed in colorblindness, at least on a theoretical plane. It was the jews who were using notions of equality to usher in an even more unequal society like the one we have today, where a tiny percentage of people hold the vast majority of the wealth, and where the founding stock of protestants and many northwestern europeans are hunted down, savaged and enslaved.

    But it bears noting that assigning ‘privilege’ to all whites was most definitely a phenomenon that originated in the mid-1990’s and popularized sometime after 2000. Again, it was the vilification and demonization of the WASP’s that the jews used, in part, to sell ‘equality’ to the other whites, especially the irish and germans.

    But it was the jews’ plan to come for everyone in time. Don’t blame all evils on the boomers as they were manipulated and seduced.

    Generation X was suckered into thinking all that stuff was in the past, that blacks really hated each other far more than they did us, and that post-racialism (and sexism) was our inheritance.

    What an obscene joke. It’s not too late to awaken many of us. In fact, as X reaches a political majority in the next five years, we will be the demographic that decides the fate of western civilization. No successful revolution was ever led by 20-somethings, and we’ve never had a president under 42 (or thereabouts) for a reason.

  11. Some of the best writing Hunter has done has come in the last year. I’ve been a reader for four or five years now and had the pleasure of meeting him and his wife at the Oxford rally in the Spring of 2014. I’ve been unable to attend an event since and that weighs heavy on my conscience. I’m the sole provider for a family of four, my wife being a stay at home mother.
    I grew up in the 70s in the Deep South when public schools had only been integrated less than a decade. I know what it’s like to see White achievement completely destroyed. I worked my first job bagging groceries at a Piggly Wiggly when I was 15 years old. I learned what “food stamps” were when I loaded new Cadillacs and Lincolns with carts full of free groceries every 1st and 15th of the month. My manager told me those groceries came out of my taxes, to look at my paycheck.
    In middle school during the early 80s there were no blacks on any of our school sports teams, by the late 80s and high school, Whites were being systematically replaced by blacks at all levels of Sports. Private schools began to pop up everywhere. None, and I mean NONE of the White girls in my high school graduating class of 700 students dated a nigger. Not one. Looking at my Alma mater almost thirty years later on their Facebook page, I’d say a solid half are mud-sharks. It’s depressing really. It really was the last best time to grow up in the South. That’s all gone now and I lament it’s passing.
    As far as Rainbow Confederates go, Hunter is right. They will not assert that the Confederacy was right and spend all their time proving they aren’t “racist”. There’s good reason for this. The Scarlet Letter “R” is the kiss of death in America 2017. You can be a degenerate of the lowest order in 2017 and as long as you’re not a “racist”, you’ll be accepted. Being a “racist” will get you fired in 2017 and I see that as our biggest challenge. We simply must be able to support our families and I don’t know how to do that if I’m out of a job. I’m open to suggestion on how to change this. I cannot speak the truth or even voice a dissenting opinion publicly that goes against the narrative of “equality” without fear of losing my job.
    The very least I can do is send you a donation Hunter. I’m closing in on retirement and then it’ll be a whole other ball game, but I don’t think the Nation will last that long, that could be a good thing, or it could be really bad for the Southern States.

  12. Great article, Hunter, but the vision of equality was not Martin Luther King, Jr.’s. It was Hymie and his crew. But, it wasn’t a vision. It was a method of destruction. The NAACP was created two decades before MLK was even born. It’s the Jews. It’s always the Jews. In more recent times, it is their sick & twisted vision of ruthless world domination called Zionism. Demons in the flesh.

    “In a Jewish-controlled environment, gentile men become soft and capable of any treachery, because their new class, the shabez goi, are epitomes of the living lie, with their insidious
    conspiracies on behalf of the secret government of the parasites. In this sort of world, manliness, strength and honor are despised. The most important feature of the shabez goi wretches, as
    liberal, faceless representatives of Jewish interests is that they never solve a problem. If we have a national problem today, we can be sure it will be worse ten years from now, and even worse twenty-five years hence. All problems intensify, this is the basic law of the shabez goi government.

    We have only to look at the race problem in America, as a typical illustration. One hundred years ago, we fought a bloody war which ravaged much of the nation, in order to solve the problem of the Negro minority in America. One hundred years later, the nation is on the point of being torn
    apart once more by this problem, as the shabez goi wretches have worked ceaselessly since 1900 to intensify this problem, which had been dormant from the period of 1870 to 1900. De Tocqueville said everything which needed to be said about the race problem in America more than a century ago, but no one paid him the slightest attention.”
    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Pages 49-50

  13. @Onceler

    I grew up and went to school through college in Boston, and the first time I ever heard the phrase “White Privilege” was sometime after 2010 – from a Jew’s mouth.

    You’re right in that Boomers didn’t come up with the concept, but as a generation they paved the way for that kind of Marxist trash.

    And I agree it’s not all Boomers – it’s a generational issue that would take volumes to fully explain.

  14. THE CONFEDERATE FLAG – a definition…

    Today, as yesterday, this symbolizes the right of The White South to determine it’s affairs free from any constrained reconciliation with the desires, needs, and opinions of those alien, and to those ideas idea alien to us.


    Though the Confederate flag is often flown by those who would prefer to fly the Swastika, there are huge differences –

    #1. The Confederate flag is a Christian symbol, and is, thus, anti-pagan.

    #2. The Confederate flag not only represents the right of The White Southern Man to exist outside of the Jewish orbit, it represents his right to exist outside of every orbit, but, that of his own.

    #3. The Confederate flag is the ultimate death symbol to all who love universalist ideas of governance – whether the Judeo-Bolshevist One World Order type or that of the White Nationalist.

    THUS, and most importantly…

    #4. The Confederate flag stands for local control by local men – the very antithesis of The U.S. Constitution, which, though it contains some admirable ideas, is, fundamentally, a document which was written, and has been further modified, to usurp the rights of local men, everywhere.

    The Confederate Flag is the living reminder of the tried and true clan mentality – a living flesh and blood people on a native land, over which they hold undemocratick unegalitarian sway.

    No wonder the modern world hates it.


    Cursor to 21:25, and listen to Thom Hartman on RT-TV…

  16. For all that we can rightly hate on the Boomers, we should probably keep in mind that their parents were likewise no paragons of virtue or sensibleness. It was the “greatest” Generation who went hook, line, and sinker for Roosevelt’s New Deal, then for his War to Save Bolshevism, then for Israel’s right to exist as a racially-conscious ethnostate when absolutely no one else may do this. Shitheads raised by shitheads.

    >>A parallel example is the Spanish Civil War. Only in that war, the right side won – but Gen.Franco restored the corrupt Bourbon royalty. Over the last decade or so the statues of Franco have been taken down, Communist Jews who fled Spain were invited back and the whole system is cucked and leftist. The petit bourgeois of Dixie are strictly materialistic and, quite plainly, skull fucked with Zionism and just plain fascinated with the Negro. A rather hopeless situation.

    Apart from praying for an asteroid impact?

    The imperial establishment has been screaming for war with Russian for the past few years, and they’re so hubristic at this point that they may think it could be won. Could be an interesting development for Dixie, those parts that don’t get nuked.

  17. The word “Confederate” doesn’t necessarily mean enslaving Negroes or asserting White supremacy (Both of which are fine with me!), it refers to a form of government where the States, not the national government, have most of the power. That was how the American Republic was originally set up under the Articles of Confederation, from 1777 to 1791. The “Founding Fathers” had no right or authority from the people to change that form of government when they secretly met in Philadelphia in the summer of ’87.

  18. The Alt South is honoring its nation’s heritage as well as the memory of its heroes. Only the lowest, most villainous rascals could have a problem with that.

  19. Are those “Rainbow Confederates” really a force to be reckoned with, or just a small group of sad clowns?

  20. No, Junius, the Confederate flag stands for slavery, the Confederacy’s cause. That was the stand your ancestors took. There’s no walking or talking it back.


    Hell I don’t even treat “Nazi” symbols like “Nazi” symbols. In Peter Brimelow’s book Alien Nation he calls our current state of affairs “Hitler’s revenge”. When you add up all the killing done in the name of equality (Lenin, Stalin & Mao et. al.) racism looks positively restrained.

  22. “White privilege was NOT a boomer concept.”

    Yes it was. The activists in the sixties and seventies used to refer to “White skin privilege ” all the time. It just didn’t really catch on in the mainstream until the last 15/20 years.

  23. @Old Hickory

    If that’s true, I’m guessing that the “activists” were mainly Jews, or they were White scum that had more in common with groups like NAMBLA in terms of their radical beliefs.

    Because like I said, even in the Leftist universities of the Northeast, the phrase wasn’t used openly until very recently.

  24. Hmmm…

    Looks like you’re right Old Hickory – it’s just that it was pretty much the domain of the EXTREME Leftists until recently – they even probably realized they couldn’t bring it mainstream until the conditions were right.

  25. Marcus Cicero
    May 31, 2017 at 5:54 am

    “If that’s true, I’m guessing that the “activists” were mainly Jews, ”

    The screamers were jews, the cowards that backed down when the activists started screaming, were the Weakest Generation Whites. Read some of Bob Whitaker’s articles about it. He can tell you what happened. He was there.

  26. Onceler,

    1.) I’m not blaming the Boomers.

    2.) In the last video, I believe I said “white privilege” came about in the 1990s and 2000s.

    3.) From everything I have read, most people make up their minds about these issues in their late teens and early twenties. That’s when their minds are most open. It is much more difficult to get people to change their minds on the basis of new evidence later in life.

    4.) I was born in 1980 so I am a borderline Gen X/Millennial.

  27. Truth Corps,

    I’m sure we will meet up again at some point. Everything we do doesn’t have to be a public demonstration or rally either. I was planning to host some private events around the South before this explosion of activism took off in April.

  28. John Bonaccorsi,

    The Confederate flag stands for Southern independence. Most of the people who fought in that war were not slaveowners but recognized the danger of staying in the Union.

  29. @ Old Hickory

    You’re only right if you believe Noel Ignatiev, who used Ted Allen’s activism to change ‘white skin privilege’ into ‘white privilege.’ They were totally contradicting concepts. Allen claimed that racism wasn’t innate in people and instead was created by the ruling class to divide labor and fool whites into thinking they enjoyed some concrete benefits from segregation. ‘White skin privilege’ was a mirage and a ruse, in his view. His point was the whites enjoyed NO privilege because of racism.

    Ignatiev paled around with Allen and used him to deconstruct segregation and to convince whites to go along with it, according to Allen’s schema.

    This is why blaming Boomers for ‘white privilege’ doesn’t work. They, like Allen, really did get suckered.

    I happen to agree with much of what Allen believed, I just think tribalism, as it were, is absolutely innate in people. In my version, racial differences exist but aren’t nearly as pivotal as the tribal/racial instinct in dividing people, which never really allows for a united labor force.

  30. I should add, that some of the Boomers do deserve blame – just not all of them. The upper middle class and overall ‘Yuppie’ element featured some hardcore sanctimonious, self-righteous prigs who wanted to accumulate wealth and/or status (think academics) all while convincing themselves they weren’t exploiting anyone, namely the white working/middle class.

    But remember that the jews had achieved a more dominating role in American society in terms of shaping expectations and mores yet they were still largely perceived as some fringe-type minority group.

    White working class Boomers are often very skeptical and deep down resentful of ‘The Great Society.’ They, after all, became (((its))) chief scapegoat.

    Frost/Nixon is a good movie to watch to understand some of the class consciousness of the Boomers. The struggle between the two men bridges the generation gap and Boomer versus I guess Ancien Regime is the film’s main theme.

    Walter Kirn’s book, Lost in the Meritocracy, about his nervous breakdown at Princeton, is also a good insight into the Boomers’ narcissism and self-servingness. Kirn is hilarious in it, lampooning the spoiled richie rich kids there whose entitlement was only different in style from the Boomer meritocrats.’

    But the best work I’ve seen that explains the full monte of Boomer delusions is the hit Broadway play, Beautiful about the life of Boomer icon Carole King. I saw it in January, in a theater packed with 99% Boomers, and came out feeling sad that their fantasy never came to fruition – that’s how authentic and sincere the musical realizes their journey, as it were.

    And I’m not even that big of a fan. But it was a powerful show precisely and intentionally in its plea for Boomer understanding.

  31. Its hilarious how Jews can utter the words ‘white privilege’ and keep a straight face, given their abundance of money, power and influence. As if Jews are somehow less privileged than us and are struggling.
    They send white men to go and die for them while they remain out of harms way, never actually do any real work, and have all that precious money to enjoy.
    How dare any Jew call me ‘privileged’.

  32. @Onceler

    “Generation X was suckered into thinking all that stuff was in the past, that blacks really hated each other far more than they did us, and that and that post-racialism (and sexism) was our inheritance.”

    I grew up on the Red river, in North Texas, in the 70s and 80s. I guess I got a Confederate education. My parents, teachers and other adults warned me about blacks and the troubles that they caused and which swirled around them. Nothing blacks said or did, disabused me of the notions I was taught. I never heard of the idea that blacks hated each other more than they hated us. Confederate symbols were just a part and parcel of life. Blacks belonged locked up, or in chains. Leftists were objects of contempt and scorn. That was just the way it was. Everything I saw and experienced reinforced what I was taught. Leftists were distant characters in the news. Their ideology was ridiculous nonsense that ran contrary to observed, experiential reality. I never heard of political correctness until I heard Rush Limbaugh talk about it. Even now, Leftist culture and ideology are still largely nonexistent in this corner of Dixie.

    As Hunter once said:

    “Confederate ideology has stood the test of time because it is closer to the truth than Yankee ideology.”

  33. @HunterWallace
    I liked this piece, especially your statement that: “The Alternative South isn’t going to continue to wait on the Millennium. We’re going to challenge this charade. It is time to accept the fact that racial equality doesn’t exist, that our Confederate ancestors were right about race and MLK was wrong, that someone always rules, that we are the Southern people and that other racial groups aren’t interested in creating a colorblind utopia. We are unburdening ourselves of White guilt and reclaiming our sense of racial, ethnic and cultural identity.”
    As someone who was raised in evangelical Baptists churches, before going Reformed a couple of year ago, I would add that the Alt-South should not wait for the Rapture either!
    Glad to see your above comment about being on Dr. duke’s show soon. i will listen to that one. Dr. Duke was the main force that fully woke me to the JQ, about 3 1/2 years ago.

  34. @HunterWallace, it will be great to hear you on Dr Dukes show- two intelligent, and articulate voices joining together for what should be an informative and insightful program.
    Dr Duke is especially in his element when paired up with Mark Collett on Fridays. They say it just how it is, and its so refreshing. On message and on point. No BS.
    Dr Duke should have gone on to bigger things in American politics, but was held back by his sheer honesty…..a quality thats forbidden in modern politics.
    Good luck to you both.

  35. MLK and his commie associates were all anti-White to the core. Equality, colorblindness, civil rights, forced integration, blah, blah, blah, have always been about nothing except chasing down Whites.

  36. “The Boomers were the first generation in Southern history to buy into the notion of racial equality.”

    This (and not True Christianity) is the ‘new religion’ of the White Evan-jelly-goo IDIOT – not just in America, but practically in the entirety of the West… IF they hold to ANY religion at all.

    For some in the ‘Alt-Right’ discussions of the truth of Christianity, its unmitigated PLACE OF PRIMACY in ANY Discussion about Whites, Europe, or America, seems to be ‘beyond the pale.’ (I’ve just been banned/slapped on the wrist over at DS, fwiw- for three days- cowards!)

    Which denial of the necessity of Christianity, is (of course) PERFECTLY IN ACCORD WITH THE JEWS’ DESIRES! **

    “From the 1830s and 40s, people like Carlyle, Emerson and Thoreau had imported Eastern philosophies and religions, especially Buddhism.* Max Muller also helped import Eastern religious ideas to the West in the same decades, using his position at Oxford to educate the upper classes of England and the Continent. ‘

    ‘Although we must assume Carlyle, Emerson, Thoreau, Muller, and most others had no idea of weakening Christianity via this importation of Eastern religions, the phenomenon did have this effect. The educated classes of the first half of the 19th century were already questioning their upbringing, for any number of reasons we don’t need to get into here, and so this early multiculturalism played into the provincial unease, increasing it. While many of the time saw this as an unfolding tragedy, we may assume some factions in government did not. The governments in Russia, across Europe, as well as in the US likely saw it as an opening. The State had been sharing power—and taxes—with the Church for centuries, and we know of the major historical disputes between them all the way back to Henry II and before. For this reason, the State read Nietzsche’s “God is dead” proclamation with a smile, licking its lips. The State saw that the tithe that had long gone to the Church could now be claimed by it.’

    ‘So after the Civil War, someone in the US Government must have looked at the Transcendentalists and thought, “wouldn’t it be clever to infiltrate this movement and accelerate it? Buddhism will never take root in the US, but the right dose of it could certainly bring about the death of Christianity that much sooner. In which case we could double our tax intake without the people paying more total taxes+tithes.” Brilliant, as you see.” (Just found this artist- he’s not necessarily Christian (he’s genetically part Jewish, in fact) but he HATES compounding LIES and FAKE NEWS as much as I… fwiw)

    ** So, among the die-hard ‘neo-pseduo pagan CHILDREN’ over at Daily Stormer, actually taking Christianity seriously (as a necessary counter to the Jews’ perverse talmudism, or the desire to destroy ALL Religion among the ‘spirit cooking’ KOOKS of the Degenerate Left) is not allowed, because it might ‘hurt’ some widdle neo-nazi’s feelings.

    The sooner this pseudo-civilization collapses, the better. On either the Left, or the (alt) Right.
    The infantilism in discourse and analysis of history, (coupled with the fakery of the Kikes on ALL fronts) is ‘beyond the pale.’

    Lord, send us an Ethnarch, who will rule ‘His People’ [Matt. 1:21] as Christ would want us to be ruled.
    Misericordie, Domine.

  37. Southees quit bitching and co-opt with Yankees. You can keep catwheiling like nigs as your close association with them for centuries have made you one. BT right now we the Yankees rule the reigns and you were never amount to anything mates. Face the fact if not for the Yankees you would still be in your corn fields with ur beloved jigaboos and drinking Jule mint tea And whining at your buds

  38. No one from NJ uses the expression ‘mates.’ Most don’t even use the expression ‘Yankees.’

  39. Hunter,

    Be cautious with Duke. At 02:30 start listening to Eustace Mullins’ experience/opinion of David Duke. I understand Duke says some great things but….. and the event with Mullins was quite some time ago but caution is advised. And, I have no firm opinion of the host, Daryl Bradford Smith. I know of him, have listened to his program in the past, but I am not sure what he is.

    Just an FYI and nothing more.

  40. Pick it up again at 11:00. I heard it years ago and just listened to the full clip again now.

    Remember, deception is their playbook. But, time often reveals all truths.

  41. “Most of the people who fought in that war were not slaveowners but recognized the danger of staying in the Union.”

    Actually, that’s not a bad argument, Mr. Wallace–though I think I’m the one who made it for you, the other day, when I remarked that some of the ancient Southerners you quoted seemed not to have been pro-slavery but, rather, to have been concerned about the setting free of blacks among Southern whites. Jeepers–a century-and-a-half goes by, and finally a Northerner provides you a decent argument.

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