Joseph Offutt’s Latest Lies

Apparently, Joseph Offutt is going to take down the League of the South by posting more easily discredited lies to the American Warrior Revolution Facebook page:

Innocent black man attacked by evil Confederate haters! Sheeeit, the whole incident was captured on video and was photographed by the media from multiple angles:

The truth is that innocent black man, a Latinx woman and the “Patriot” known as Bicycle Cuck attacked our people and attempted to steal our flags. If the situation had been otherwise, it would have been a front page national news story about “hate” in America.

Isn’t it interesting how this keeps happening to you, Joseph? Just based on our experience dealing with you when you stood on the other side of the barricades with Take ‘Em Down NOLA in New Orleans, I’m starting to wonder if you are not who you have presented yourself to be on the internet.

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  1. “League of the South attacked a black man for the color of his skin.”

    Does this qualify as a hate hoax?

  2. I’m not sure why you’re worrying yourself over this black. He’s nothing. Why give him the time?

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