Kangz No More: DNA Reveals Ancient Egyptians Were White

Sheeeit … that’s racist!

“Johannes Krause, a University of Tubingen paleogeneticist and an author of the study, said the major finding was that “for 1,300 years, we see complete genetic continuity.” Despite repeated conquests of Egypt, by Alexander the Great, Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Assyrians — the list goes on — ancient Egyptians showed little genetic change. “The other big surprise,” Krause said, “was we didn’t find much sub-Saharan African ancestry.” …

Ancient Egyptians were closely related to people who lived along the eastern Mediterranean, the analysis showed. They also shared genetic material with residents of the Turkish peninsula at the time and Europe. …

The scientists compared these ancient genetics with those of 100 modern Egyptians and 125 modern Ethiopians that had been previously analyzed. If you ask Egyptians, they’ll say that they have become more European recently, Krause said. “We see exactly the opposite,” he said.

It was not until relatively recently in Egypt’s long history that sub-Saharan genetic influences became more pronounced. “In the last 1,500 years, Egypt became more African, if you want,” Krause said.”

Well, I guess they will always have Timbuktu.

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  1. Bob Whitaker? @BobWhitaker2020
    Every time you look at the ruins of a civilization that went down and STAYED down, the people living in the ruins have brown skin, ie they are Diverse.

  2. Nothing New here. Merely the corroboration. White Men are gods, in whatever instance you find them.

  3. When the Americologists of the year 6000 dig up the statues of Robert Lee and Jackson etc they will look at the jungle bunnies inhabiting the areas and argue about who poured the bronzes too. Some Nogales will claim authorship.

  4. Funny thing everybody really already knew this. The Sahara desert until recently was such a formidable barrier to migration from the south that almost nobody did it. The only blacks seen by Egyptians were generally Nubian’s. Wall paintings show black Africans looking like, well, black Africans. Egyptians painted on walls look like, well other Semitic people in the Near East. This DNA study is helpful to get rid of the silly “We was Kangs” nonsense, but it just reinforces what scholars already really knew.

  5. Awesome genetic evidence. Of course, the statues and paintings still extant from that time show them to be white also. I believe that a couple of years ago, it came out, from DNA analysis, that pharaoh Ramses was a natural redhead! And what about the Celtic mummies in China’s Tarim Basin, and ancient Aryans in India! Since the day of creation, there has only been one race of kings! WPWW!

  6. Eastern MEDITRAINIAN you idiots. That’s a LONG way from being white! OMG, you guys are STUPID. I mean straight up STUPID. Keep wishing idiots. LMAO.

  7. @Selena



    On a serious note, that whole area was White European in ancient times, and I wouldn’t call people idiots while failing to spell the word “Mediterranean.”

  8. @Captain John Charity Spring MA

    “When the Americologists of the year 6000 dig up the statues of Robert Lee and Jackson etc they will look at the jungle bunnies inhabiting the areas and argue about who poured the bronzes too. Some Nogales will claim authorship.”

    If the nignogs are all that’s left in 6000, there won’t be any Americologists, or any other kind of scientists, historians or philosophers. Just witchdoctors.

  9. It was not until relatively recently in Egypt’s long history that sub-Saharan genetic influences became more pronounced.

    That’s why Egypt collapsed.

  10. North Africa and the Near East were thriving, cultivated parts of the White world until they became Mohammedanized 1400 years ago. I suspect that happened, at least in part, due to a major change in the climate, which caused formerly lush, subtropical places like Egypt, Libya and Syria to turn into desert.

  11. @ Selena Akerley

    “Eastern MEDITRAINIAN you idiots. That’s a LONG way from being white! OMG, you guys are STUPID. I mean straight up STUPID. Keep wishing idiots. LMAO.”

    Caucasian. Is that better? Here’s a tip. Don’t call someone else stupid, or an idiot, in the same comment where you don’t form a complete sentence, can’t spell properly, and announce to the world that you have no understanding of basic anthropology. PS: White isn’t a race. It is merely used as one of the many identifying characteristics of the Caucasian Race. Troll! Dummy Troll!

  12. Last I checked North Africa and the Middle East weren’t Europe. Why do people want to give that, the jews’ ‘best’ argument for occupying our lands (that they’re white/european too!), to them? I don’t get it.

    Anyone who thinks actual white skin could survive at those latitudes isn’t thinking it through.

  13. Da Kangz been dethroned! Yacob beez mad….Dem 13 black yoofs hoverin da erf gonna get dat blue eyed debil!

  14. @ Onceler

    “Last I checked North Africa and the Middle East weren’t Europe. Why do people want to give that, the jews’ ‘best’ argument for occupying our lands (that they’re white/european too!), to them? I don’t get it.

    Anyone who thinks actual white skin could survive at those latitudes isn’t thinking it through.”

    I know you know that Caucasians aren’t solely represented by the fairest skin. I think Rep. Steve King of Iowa clarified some of the inconsistencies with those regions and their people. When he toured Greece, he was somewhat surprised to see that the ancient Greek statues and images were of blonde-haired and blue eyed people. He asked his guide why they didn’t represent the dark hair and eyes so common among present-day Greeks. The response was that immigration from surrounding areas changed the makeup of the population. As for the climate back then, I don’t know but perhaps that changed too. Didn’t those areas of desert once contain arable land? I think equally important about that region is the role that the pyramids played – their alignment with the sun’s movements and how they are placed on ley lines.

    Personally, I do accept that Ashkenazi “Jews” are descended from the Khazars. I believe the Khazars are connected to the Canaanites. The controllers do a good job of destroying historical elements. From my viewpoint, the Khazars control Israel which is the Rothschilds’ private country. They are wiping out the Palestinians, a people who are believed to hold ancient Hebrew blood. I am not sure if the Sephardic and Mizrahi Jews hold the Hebrew blood but it may be possible, I haven’t read up on those groups. I suggest you look at the movie “The Ringworm Children” (on YouTube) and you’ll see what the Khazars did to Sephardic Jews in Israel. I don’t believe that all Ashkenazi are Canaanite but their leadership and controls mechanisms lie with them. Perhaps the Sanhedrin are (named after the temple) the group of supposed wise elders who guide rabbis. These are things I have read and to some degree concluded after readings. There’s a lot we don’t know which is why we operate from a dark corner.

    I believe the following two excerpts are very profound. We always hear how old (((their))) religion is but when you do research, it appears modern Judaism stems out from the 700-800AD time frame which coincides with the Khazar’s conversion to Judaism.

    “Because we have heard, and still hear, so much about the great Jewish cultures of the past, archeologists have made extensive efforts to discover some examples of Jewish art and sculpture and architecture in ancient cultures, the solid evidences which survive the ravages of time and natural catastrophes. Yet they found nothing. The sole results of these searches are a few pieces of crude waterpots, fashioned from mud, which a Stone Age man could have produced with his
    bare hands, since he did not know the use of the pottery wheel which made its appearance among early civilizations. These scanty evidences of the great Jewish past is but one more witness to the biological parasitical existence which the Jew has always led as a soft, amorphous and rootless creature feeding at the expense of others, and leaving no concrete artifacts to memorialize his presence.”
    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 14

    Their monopoly on dealing in rare books and documents….. I bet there’s far more to it than what’s on the surface.

    “LaPage states that the dormancy of parasites is a continuously observed phenomenon, retaining their potency during many years of inactivity and isolation. Thus, a community of Jews may live torpidly in its ghetto for centuries, seemingly self-absorbed in its own parochial existence, and having little effect upon its gentile host, under some combination of factors will cause it to become furiously active. In a short time, it permeates every aspect of the host people’s existence, and
    brings it to the point of destruction. The community of Jews in the Frankfort ghetto in Germany is a good illustration of this type of parasitic dormancy. It remained dormant for three hundred years, and within the span of a single generation, produced a group of bankers and traders who soon won
    control of the destinies of Western civilization.”
    (c) 1968 The Biological Jew, Eustace Mullins, Page 17

    Perhaps there in something to the theory of cycles. Perhaps there is something to the theory of universal laws.

    There is so much that we just do not know. The first time I heard someone say that most of our beliefs are not our own. I didn’t understand the statement. Now I do. Lastly, why are the “apparent” controllers obsessed with bloodlines? The lower rungs are hung up on belief systems – whether it’s religion or ideology – while the ones with real power focus on bloodlines.

  15. Pointless….white people need something to grasp…how can you claim that god love you and he created you damn near allergic to the sun….did ancient Egypt half spf 15-30 80 degrees after an hour is chaotic to you..you might want to argue it but its a fact…and if Egypt was white they were fans are fanatics of people of color like the white women of today because its written all over the walls fact…BLACK PEOPLE DON’T CARE we are well aware of your lies

  16. @ Rogue

    Go back to your little grass hut, smear some mud on your face, put a bone through your nose, and continue drawing the schematics for your next African space rocket. The story of your last version was, and continues to be, a YouTube sensation!

    • Reality is something else…are you upset that your higher power made you unfit to go out into nature. .flower plants and people suppose to grow under the sun not burn

  17. Hi Rogue,the reason u blacks are up on the walls in ancient egypt is because,u where slaves,only good for picking up and moving stuff,futher because of the size of ur dicks,only good to be used by the woman then and now,to be used,nothing more,nothing else,the brains of the outfit will always be the white guy,we imagine it think it thruw,created it,develp it u guys are only usefull to pick stuff up move it from point A to point B,and u are rigth,the higher power made u guys to hang around in nature with ur spesialy develp skin color,to fit in with the animals,US?,he gave the creative brain power,look around u,the world was made,bend by whites,deep inside ur self,u know this

  18. U racist White people can lie and cover up all u want u’ll Never gain nothing from that NOT with YAH!!!!!!! U WONT! !!!!!! ACCORDING to the BIBLE. EGYPTIANS and ISRAEL ANCIENT people was BLACK, BLACK,BLACK, DON’T CARE how much u LIE. LIARS.READ UR BIBLE. IF u have one.

  19. “And the Lord YAH (he be Black) spoke to T-Money and told him, ‘My Nigga, go forth and cast muh dik in the ho, and be glad the bounty of baking soda is great.'”

    -Book of Kangz (crack rock translation)

  20. I’d give credence to this report if they included mummies from predynastic to the middle kingdom. Until then just another attempt to make egypt white. Stop it already. I’m sure the mummies studied were from the ptolemaic to roman periods.
    Sorry, try again

  21. When the archeologists dig around Egypt they will find Teller Mines stamped with the DAK logo and tins of bully beef stamped with Sheffield and tank tracks that are stamped Detroit, Birmingham, Berlin..who were these warriors who fought over control of Egypt? That will ask who built the Suez Canal, who built the Aswan dam?

    White people did.

    It wasn’t niggers.

    Same as it ever was.

    • By all means you whites did it along with that you wiped out millions on millions. .and you stand un judged…tell the story of how you whites did it…genocide and you want to be glorified if yall representing god..that mean god also is a nurderous racist bastard

  22. I think a lot of blacks worldview of Egypt is colored by the Michael Jackson music video in which he got Eddie Murphy and Iman to portray the Pharaoh and his Queen.

  23. What I’m going to say is strange but not undeniably factually incorrect. Meaning I don’t know if it true or not but it does have some evidence that it is. I don’t think the Egyptian Pharaohs were Whites. They were these…whatevers. Some call them Menonheads or coneheads.


    Here’s a x-ray of King Tutankhamen.


    Now you may say these are deformed skulls but that’s probably NOT the case. The skulls are larger than normal and there’s baby mummies in Peru that look exactly the same. Babies meaning no time to deform the head.

    These things are found all over. There’s lots in Peru. They’ve been found in Russian and a lot in Malta.

    I know this is odd and you won’t find much in the way of reputable science papers on this but scientist refuse to take the whole thing seriously. They refuse to look and call all of these head binding even though the cranial stitching is different from all other humans. I DO NOT believe they are aliens. What caught my eye about them is Jews have heads that elongate towards the back just like them. I wrote this because of an earlier comment about bloodlines.

    There were also a line of nobility in early Europe that had the same elongated heads.In 900 CE, a mysterious family group appeared in southern Europe. They early on assumed the name of `The House of Este’. They came to control a lot in Europe. Some of their relatives




  24. @ Rogue

    “By all means you whites did it along with that you wiped out millions on millions.”

    Explain please. Give me your best historical facts on the matter. You may believe we are the enemy of everyone but that is only because you believe every single thing that is fed to you through the media and the government-controlled (Bolshevik) education system. If you think we’re so bad, take a look at Asian history. When the Japanese invaded China, they nailed them to the walls (and that was one of their more humane tactics). Go study Genghis Khan, Pol Pot, or the Arabs.

    You’re probably white yourself. And, if you are, you are sick.

    • Thanks for the HONOR. first lets start with pure ancestry I have living relatives that lived through segragation jim crow laws. Black skin people don’t claim EGYPT we claim to educate EGYPT and the known world. Simple chemistry…. do any modern Egyptian look white? If your answer is no..then what happen…have any two white people you know created any thing darker than themselves? You argue dumb undesirable or creditable shit that can be explained with the 5sense …you know when anything black or dark has entered your lives and enterprised….

  25. @ Sam J

    I know where you’re going and I have followed that aspect. Clark McClelland, a retired NASA engineer during the Apollo program who challenged the Zionists and lost – lost big, said negroes are the only race indigenous to the planet. I believe most of the folks that follow OD will never go into the area you commented on. I would but it would probably be just you and me.

  26. (Mc1r) (albinoism) is nothing to be proud of…its the 21 century…white folks all your lies from the 20th century is debunked. .without the aid of sunscreen is literally the same as the risk of smoking cigarettes…melanin is what give every thing in NATURE color. ..then ask yourself are you closer to god if your god created you in his image..why was your god cruel to you…why did he create you allergic to the sun why do you need sunscreen to enjoy the sun or why are
    You absent of melanin its important every thing that is good for you has plenty of melanin. ..stop hating other people and ask yourself and your higher power why…tell the world how being white is being closer to god…I want to be the first to know

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