Putting the ‘X’ in Dixie

If you find symbolism interesting you will note that the “x” in Dixie is at the precise center of the word, flanked on each side by two letters. It is at the heart of Dixie, you could say.

The “x” is also the St. Andrew’s Cross, the basis for the flag of Scotland, St. Patrick’s Saltire and is featured prominently on the British Union Jack. As we are an Anglo-Celtic nation, the “x” then connects Southerners to our historic roots in the British Isles and transcends the Anglo-Saxon – Celtic divide there. The basis for both the Confederate Battle Flag and the Southern Nationalist Flag is this St. Andrew’s Cross or “x.” It is also featured on the State flags of  Florida, Alabama and Mississippi – as well as the former State flag of Georgia.

The word “Dixie” likely came from the “Dix” (ten) notes issued by the Bank of New Orleans until 1860 and distributed up and down the Mississippi River. That note featured “dix” in large type in the center of the bill. Of course, “x” is also the Roman numeral for ten.

If we go back to the early roots of our language we find that the “D” (as in “Dixie”) corresponds to the Anglo-Saxon rune “Dagaz,” which is represented by an “x”-like symbol that looks like the Southern Nationalist Flag. The esoteric meaning of this powerful ancient symbol of our folk is “awakening” – perfect for our revolutionary national struggle for survival today. It is a rune of “bold change” and the “Rune of the hyper-consciousness. The process of concept becoming realized.” It is also a solar symbol, a connection to our ancient Aryan past as a conquering people.

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  1. Cushman, this article sounds like you’ve been smoking too much Stormfront or DS weed…. just sayin’.

    It’s almost as good as ‘Isaac’s Sons’ being transliterated into “Saxons.”

  2. The NUMBER ONE cultural enemy of Southerners and Whites in general has been UNIVERSAL EDUCATION, the very thing Thomas Jefferson supported as Jefferson believed that education would benefit us by creating a uniquely American People. BEFORE RECONSTRUCTION there was no thing such as Universal Education in Dixie. Education was something given intermittently, some communities had schools some did not. Aristocrats male children were normally educated at home until old enough to be sent to an academy of some type.

    Universal education started out well enough, William Holmes McGuffey who wrote the McGuffey Reader was a Confederate Supporter, he is buried at the U of VA,. However by the 1880’s the Jews and Progressives began to slowly conquer American schools through the textbooks. The McGuffey Reader was forced to be re-edited countless times to remove passages the Jews found unacceptable. By the 1920’s the McGuffey Reader was largely becoming a thing of the past.

    Before Universal Education Southerners were HOT HEADED, PROUD and VIOLENT. Men who would beat someone to death for the smallest slight. Slowly education literally began the process of (((Civilizing))) which is another word for teaching weakness. If you look at the Civil Rights Movement what should surprise everyone is how few Southern whites actively opposed integration. Fifty years before there would have been bloodshed everywhere, in every state. The amount of bloodshed during the Civil Rights era was sensationalized because it was RARE. Universal Education, the Movies, Radio, and Television had one their work.

  3. Goyim Goddess – Clarkston is a close suburb of Atlanta. It has been a shit hole for a very long time. The only reason they relocated third world trash there was because of rock bottom property values caused by the black undertow of Atlanta. In fact, some of the Somalis in Clarkston have fled to Minnesota to escape the descendants of obsolete farm equipment.

    I.m not sure how some hipster urban colonist became mayor but I assure you that he’ll be enriched by diversity very soon, if he hasn’t already. He is owed what’s coming to him.

  4. I always liked the old Thunderbolt flag. I though that would be an excellent flag for a Southern independence movement.

  5. I live in St. Louis, Missouri, and I proudly fly the Southern National flag from my front porch. It is my little sign of defiance against the politically correct, the Left, the Establishment, and the prevailing decaying culture.

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