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  1. North Africa, the Near East and Central Asia were all part of the White world for thousands of years. The collapse of the Roman Empire, the rise of Mohammedanism and sudden changes in Earth’s climate that resulted in mass desertification brought White rule in that region to an end about 1400 years ago. But there are still many White and partially White people living in the Levant to this day.

  2. No the Egyptians weren’t White but they WERE Caucasian. They were NEVER Black though. “Egyptian” isn’t like “American” it’s an actual ethnicity which means that along with culture there is a genetic or if you prefer a RACIAL content. As for “garveys-ghost” LOL!!! Why does Occidental Dissent allow Black Nationalist idiots like sondjata occupy space here? Don’t they have their own internet ghetto to inhabit?

  3. At a certain time in latter Egyptian history there was black admixture from the Sub-Saharan area, about the time it went Detroilet on the Nile

  4. It was in the 25th Dynasty that we began to notice a Negroid taint ( Or Nubians as the ancient Egyptians called them) and it went all downhill from there. We do know that Ramses the II has straight reddish hair. But then again ancient Egyptians exaggerated the redness of their skin in mural paintings in homage to their descent from RA, the sun god. Men were painted brick red, women a yellowish white. Remember old based paint turns to turn darker with age. Why didn’t ancient Egyptian paint themselves black because it is obviously they painted Nubians coal black. Mainly because they were not black!

  5. If the Egyptians had engineered and built the pyramids, why do they now exist in such squalor now?

    And why then whenever White people cluster there are engineering feats and civilization?

  6. An Set, their version of the devil, had blue eyes and red hair. Ironically it was a medieval belief that the devil had red hair and contrary to popular opinion a most of those arrested for witchcraft in the middle ages were not dark haired gothic types but redheads. If a child was redheaded the mother was suspected of having intercouse with the devil.

  7. There is a theory that the Pyramids were constructed by an extinct super-race many thousands of years earlier than is currently believed. They had to be built at a time when the Sahara was green and the Nile flowed alongside them. We do not have the technology to build such structures today.

  8. It’s not a typical European trait to take decades building something as useless as a pyramid.

  9. I couldn’t care less if blacks believed they were originally space monkeys from Mars. It’s a waste of time arguing with them about this nonsense. If the subject ever comes up I just use it to argue for separation. If they really believe that they once were Kangz and that Whites caused all of their problems then they should want separation. The fact that they don’t shows that it’s all a shakedown racket.

  10. @Mack: What about those gothic cathedrals in the Midd!e Ages? Some of them took a hundred years to build.

  11. @Old Hickory

    More than likely, the nobility of Ancient Egypt were always “whiter” than the peasantry – there are several theories as to who these nobles were, although my guess is that they were originally from outside Egypt (I guess an analogy would be the Aryans who conquered India but were swamped by the hordes after a while).

    The peasantry were probably a type of “proto-White” sub-race, or were a sub-race that has since gone extinct…

  12. Egyptian Aristocrats would have been fairer than the lower castes. We are not too far off the day when we can reconstruct a face from DNA info.

  13. The darkies built all those ancient Egyptian wonders. Then the white devils came along and stole their culture. It’s been all down hill for the darkies ever since.

  14. Spahn-I am neither a Judeo-Christian or Christian identity. What I am is a Traditionalist Christian. I do not believe the world is only 6000 years old. I don’t believe Genesis and creation can be understand without understanding the concept of Earth ages.There are some good Youtube videos on that subject. There is also a gap in Genesis from the earth being created and then the issuing chaos after the Luciferian rebellion in which the earth became chaotic.

    Genesis Verse 1 Chapter 1- God created the Heavens and the earth-
    2 and the earth was without form and void

    What happened between verses I and 2? How much time passed? This is where you can argue that both science and creationism can be true. Science because the earth is older than 6000 years, creation because God had to reform portions of the earth after its initial creation

  15. @spahnranch1969. Cathedrals, unlike a Pyramid, aren’t useless. They were often built to accomodate an entire town or city at once. They could also be used before the spires and fine decorations were complete.

    Monuments and Art are important for a sense of unified culture, identity and togetherness of a people. Think of the USA without the Whitehouse, the Statue of Liberty or Australia without its SydneynHarbour Bridge bridge or opera house. It’s why the confederate monuments are being removed.

    The giant German “Volkshalle” essentially a 320m diameter Dome cathedral that Hitler wanted was meant to accommodate 180,000 people at once i.e. Virtually the entire town. It was actually smaller than Geislers planed Railway Station in Munich.

    It’s likely the swampy soil mechanics of Berlin would have made the build impractical but could you immagine the Impression and sense of awe it would leave.

    They unfortunately the buildings of Norther Europe were wooden and many magnificent structures did no last. Cathedrals, long walkway roads to traverse swamps all existed.

  16. Nigs are a gonna nig, so there’s nothing surprising about their kangz nonsense.

    But I don’t think southern nationalists are in position to laugh, given their allegiance to the we wuz cavaleeyuz trope.

  17. This is a perfect case of two things. (1) White advocates are wimps in interviews and let wild animals do all the talking. (2) People go too far in the right direction and end up looking foolish. The very examples shown to ‘prove’ ancient Egyptians were white show anything but. Being nonblack doesn’t mean you’re white, and these people of a different build and facial type — there’s a picture of Barbra Streisand dolled up to look like Nefertiti (or something) that shows the real parallel there.

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