#SBC17: Campaign to Un-Cuck the Southern Baptist Church

Over the past hundred years, many in The South have come to identify not only with Americanism, but Zionism,  Liberalism, and now Globalism as sacred causes; willing to offer themselves on the altar of those who, at best, see them as stalwart pawns, and at worst, actively labor toward their dispossession.

What if that ended?

We are governed by a managerial class possessing power on a scale the world has never before seen. It derives its power from a spectrum of factors that have proven to be incredibly resilient to outside efforts of co-option, resistance, or fragmentation, and it is made all the more secure by having grafted an ideology of cosmopolitanism onto the root and branch of local institutions and structures.

This is certainly true for The South. What power we generate is co-opted by this system, serving to help drive a dynamo that ultimately works toward our undoing. Though regions such as ours may possess critical commercial interests ranging from agriculture and energy, to aerospace and IT, these assets are ultimately run for the benefit others who seek to remake us (and the world) in their image.

However, it is my opinion that one of Leviathan’s greatest strengths is a power it has come to take for granted; a coin now waiting for us to reclaim:


Reviewing Robert Kaplan’s Imperial Grunts, Andrew Bacevich wrote (emphasis mine):

If Kaplan is a romantic, he is also a populist and a reactionary. He dotes over the career sergeants who come out of rural America and the “generic working class,” in Kaplan’s eyes “the Great Preserver of the oldest, simplest virtues.” He endorses the muscular Protestant fundamentalism that over the past thirty years has tacitly established itself as the quasi-official religion of America’s armed forces, its abiding theme not love thy neighbor but smite thine enemy. He notes approvingly that in today’s military the spirit of the Old South lives on, with the very best captains and majors finding their role models in “the gleaming officer corps of the Confederacy.” Indeed, Kaplan locates the “true religious soul” of present-day professional soldiers in “the martial evangelicalism of the South.”

The data would seem to confirm aspects of that observation. Citing demographic information released by the Department of Defense, Business Insider reported, “In 2013, 44% of all military recruits came from the South region of the U.S. despite it having only 36% of the country’s 18-24 year-old civilian population.”

In other words, almost half of all US recruits come from the 16 states the DoD recognizes as constituting The South.


Having been settled by predominantly Anglo/Scots-Irish peoples, it has largely retained this ethic super-majority, and culturally, continues to bear the stamp of its Protestant roots with Southern Baptist serving as its largest religious denomination.

However, this is changing, and has been for some time.

The South, like the rest of the Western world has been subjected to large influxes of foreigners, to say nothing of the revolution of mass and scale and its attendant propagandization via media and education, as well as a neo-Reconstructionist attitude popular among many in the professional classes located in urban areas.

Furthermore, in an effort to more effectively “engineer consent,” religion, like many other social and cultural institutions, has been subjected to a program of “infiltration,” “control,” and “consolidation.” Various interests have attempted to play this game, though few have been as successful as those who developed and popularized Christian Zionism. Now, what had once been a fringe movement has become so entrenched that many Southerners think nothing of ferociously supporting the interests and ethno-state of  “the Chosen” while denying any sense of peoplehood or sovereignty for themselves.

In addition to institutional subversion for the ends of post-national Managerialism in general and the Jewish Lobby in particular, Protestant churches – specifically the Southern Baptist Church – have also been used as a vehicle to attack Southern identity in recent years. Whether “repenting” for slavery and “racism” or the consideration of a ban on the Confederate flag, the Southern Baptist Church has proven to be a soft mark for the exploitation of cuckservative tendencies by entryists.

Enter Russell Moore.

Pulpit and Pen, a website dedicated to Baptist theology and church politics, has been following Moore’s career and the changes that he and his vanguard have helped foster. Seth Dunn writes:

The average pew-sitting Southern Baptist knows next to nothing, if anything at all, about Russell Moore. Moore, the President of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention (ERLC) is a relatively obscure figure among rank-and-file evangelicals. He and his organization operate quietly in the background of greater evangelicalism while big-name megapastors such as David Jeremiah and Robert Jeffress take center stage among the laity. Yet, among convention-minded academics, Moore is something of a minor celebrity, a maven even…

…Moore still matters if only for one thing: his substantial funding. In an economy where Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) missionaries are being called home from the field for lack of funding, Moore’s ERLC is expected to pull in $3,568,395 in funding during its 2016 fiscal year. Over 80% of that money will come from the offering plate gifts of generous laypeople people who have little idea of who he is, what he does, or his progressive social agenda. Russell Moore, a professional influencer of politics, makes a six-figure income while disagreeing with and all but disdaining the political views of the constituency which provides that income.

In a 2015, Moore garnered attention in opposing Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and “44 of 67 Alabama probate judges who have refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples,” arguing that justices who for reasons of conscience, “could not discharge the duties of his office required by law…would need to resign and protest it as a citizen.”

From receiving significant portions of church funds, to his position on same-sex marriages and the judiciary, to supporting the construction of a mosque in New Jersey, for over a decade he has shown himself to have little in common with Southerners, let alone Baptists (from Pulpit and Pen):

  • In 2006, Moore wrote an article in which he referred to Democratic congressman Gene Taylor as “the greatest public servant I have ever known.” Moore worked a staff person for the Democratic congressman early in his career.  In 2010, Moore donated $4,800 to Taylor’s reelection campaign.  Taylor twice voted for Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the house and voted his Pelosi 82% of the time.  Is it a Southern Baptist value to support a partisan of Nancy Pelosi?

  • In 2011, Moore referred to Jesus as a so-called “illegal immigrant” in an article where he advocated for a “realistic means of providing a way to legal status for the millions of immigrants already here.” Is it a Southern Baptist value to reward or incentivize breaking the law?

  • In June of 2013 Conservative Pundit Eric Metaxas dissociated himself from the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT). Upon his disassociation, Metaxas tweeted, “Did you know George Soros was behind the Immigration thing I signed but then had my name taken off? Yikes…Anything Soros is behind is worth quitting. So glad I’ve had my name removed from this.”  Russell Moore has associated the ERLC (and the Southern Baptist Convention along with it) with the EIT.  Russell Moore is one of the heads of the EIT.  Is it a Southern Baptist value to associate oneself with an ecumenical organization linked to liberal political activist George Soros?

  • In October 2014, Russell Moore advised attending the reception of a “gay wedding” as a way of expressing love for a homosexual friend or relative. Is it a Southern Baptist value to attend a part which celebrates a homosexual union?

  • In November 2014, Russell Moore and controversial pastor Rick Warren attended and spoke at a conference held at the Vatican intended to bolster the defense of traditional marriage. Is it a Southern Baptist value to partner with the Pope of Rome?

  • In November of 2014, when a grand jury failed to indict Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, Moore took to Twitter and the blogosphere with stats about how the criminal-justice system disproportionately penalizes black men. Is it a Southern Baptist value to fan the flames of racial tension?

  • In December 2014, Russell Moore commented on the death of Eric Garner by stating, “I’m stunned speechless by this news. We hear a lot about the rule of law—and rightly so. But a government that can choke a man to death on video for selling cigarettes is not a government living up to a biblical definition of justice or any recognizable definition of justice. We may not agree in this country on every particular case and situation, but it’s high time we start listening to our African American brothers and sisters in this country when they tell us they are experiencing a problem.” A grand jury declined to indict the police officer involved in the arrest-related death of Eric Garner.  Riots ensued.  Police officers were ambushed and killed on the streets.  Is it a Southern Baptist value to pass judgement on police procedure before the justice system has reviewed the evidence?

  • In ~2015, Russell Moore appointed Karen Swallow Prior as a Fellow of the ERLC. Of prior, Moore stated, “I wish we had 1,000 more Karen Swallow Priors in evangelicalism today. She models convictional kindness. She doesn’t give any ground, but she also doesn’t see people who disagree with her as her enemy.”  Prior is a contributor to Jim Wallis’ pro-homosexual environmentalist magazine Sojourners.  Prior once told New York Magazine that, “The LGBT movement is much like the Christian community in that it draws from diverse backgrounds and moral beliefs.”  Prior, (who does hold that homosexual activity is sinful) was also a featured speaker at the “gay Christian” Level Ground festival.  Prior once remarked that “calling abortion murder is unChristlike”. Is it a Southern Baptist value to want 1,000 more Karen Swallow Priors?

  • During the 2016 election, Russell Moore arguably turned the ERLC into a Marco Rubio PAC. Is it a Southern Baptist value for convention lobbyists to take partisan positions in elections? (and, at that, for a moderate candidate).

Moore also led the charge against the Confederate flag:

It’s not often that I find myself wiping away tears in a denominational meeting, but I just did. The Southern Baptist Convention voted overwhelmingly to repudiate the display of the Confederate Battle Flag. This conservative evangelical denomination gathered together just miles from Ferguson, Missouri, to stand together against one lingering divisive symbol…

As I’ve said before, the Cross and the Confederate flag cannot co-exist without one setting the other on fire.

However, with his opposition to President Trump, it appears though that there are factions within the Southern Baptist Church who are moving against him:

Concern is mounting among evangelicals that Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s policy arm, could lose his job following months of backlash over his critiques of President Trump and religious leaders who publicly supported the Republican candidate. Any such move could be explosive for the nation’s largest Protestant denomination, which has been divided over politics, theology and, perhaps most starkly, race.

The significance of Moore hasn’t been lost on mainstream media. Outlets such as National Review and The Atlantic have repeatedly rallied to his defense as rumors circulate that the patience of the Southern Baptists with him are nearing an end.

According to Dave Miller, pastor of Southern Hills Baptist Church of Sioux City, Iowa and editor of SBC Voices, “The SBC is in the middle of a huge identity crisis. We don’t know who we are.”

Now is the time to remind them.

The Southern Baptist Church will be conducting its annual convention next week on the 13th and 14th.


As it has long been said in these parts that Southerners are “the Janissaries of the Managerial Class,” with far too many lavishing up unconditional support for every folk under the sun, all the while denying peoplehood for themselves, and championing any cause but their own.

It’s time that ended.

The Southern Baptist Church is The South’s largest denomination and has historically played a significant role in defining the consciousness and spiritual training of many Southerners and the culture of The South as a whole.

The Twentieth Century has been a story of opportunists infiltrating and subverting that institution to such an extent that most modern Southern Baptists squeamishly view the “fundamentalist” attitudes and beliefs of their grandparents with embarrassment.

However, the Southern Baptist Church is now vulnerable.

Fractures ranging from culture and history to race, immigration, and homosexuality have deepened over the years, and with the controversial tenure of Russell Moore, they are poised to break.

We have before us a golden opportunity to shed light on how such a strong, traditional, regionally-based institution was corrupted, and with outside influence and saccharine nonsense, trained generations of Southerners to offer up their history, their homes, their birthright, and ultimately themselves, on the altar of a utopia that will never come.

I am entirely convinced that we can achieve this end, and if successful, drive a wedge between “ZOG” and a critical portion of its base.

And with a little luck, help some Southerners find their way home.


Additional Notes:

  1. Twitter Campaign Hashtag:


  1. People and organizations:
  • Southern Baptist Convention (contact page)


  • President Frank Page:


  • Executive Committee Officers:


  • Russell Moore


  • ERLC Leadership Council:


The Leadership Council of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission is the “Southern Baptist Convention’s policy arm” and is personally presided over by Moore. Judging from the wording on their site, it appears to be a primary node of “SJW convergence” within the church. (Per their mission statement, their purpose is to “assist” churches in “morals and ethics,” promote “religious liberty,” and “leading the culture to change within the church.” The word “Jesus” only appears once.)

  • Southern Baptist Reddit:


  • Baptist Reddit:


  1. Several Baptist female and ethno-racially based groups will be hosting events at the Convention:
  • Asian American Fellowship
  • Chinese Baptist Fellowship
  • Fellowship of Native American Christians
  • Filipino International Mission Board Summit
  • Filipino Southern Baptist Fellowship of North America (FSBFNA) Annual Meeting
  • Hispanic Avance Meeting
  • Korean American English Speaking Pastors’ Conference
  • National African American Fellowship (NAAF) 22nd Annual Banquet
  • National African American Fellowship (NAAF) Business Meeting
  • Pastors’ Wives Session
  • SEBTS Women’s Leadership Breakfast
  • Woman’s Missionary Union

No White or male group events are listed at this time. This is telling in light of the church’s 1995 Resolution on Racial Reconciliation in which the church sought to “unwaveringly denounce racism,” and committing itself “to eradicate racism in all its forms from Southern Baptist life and ministry.”

-By Jedidiah van Horn and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. All Christian denominations need to rediscover their balls. All Christian churches should have fight clubs. MMA training is an intense discipline and a way for young Christian men to productively channel their masculine tendencies. You beat the crap out of each other, shake hands, then hit the shower and go to Bible study.

  2. Most churches now are multi- race infested nests- at least in Australia – where they are opposed to faggotry and adultery, and are pro – war and ‘ help the poor refugees’ but then….everyone is in a mixed marriage to someone they met while traveling the world.
    They truly believe making fuzzies and ching dings Christians makes them ‘just like us’.
    Truly an immoral and treacherous lot.
    For my part, my wife and I read the bible, pray and serve the community- but don’t attend a church at present due to the rampant cucking.
    That would change if we found a church worth our time.

  3. I believe there is an Alt-Right Christian group run by Travis Hale entitled Alt Right Christian Commentary.

  4. The Baptist Church originated in England, came to Puritan Rhode Island,from Rhode Island before the Revolution it went into Virginia and the Carolinas. After the Revolution it went into the frontier South were it slowly displaced the Presbyterian Church, seeing hordes of Scots-Irish abandon their Presbyterianism for the Baptist faith. About the year 1850, the Baptists had taken hold of the poor and middle class white population of the South followed by other groups, most notedly in Tennessee the Churches of Christ and the Methodists. Among the Aristocrats, traditional groups such as the Episcopalians, Presbyterians, etc ruled the day

    Following the war and the poverty that arose, the Baptist Church boomed while the mainline groups began to fade. The downside of this was that it changed Southern culture in some negative ways. Remember this was at its base a Puritan New England religious ideal. The Baptists by the 1890’s like their counterparts in New England, set about regulating ever aspect of folks lives. They pushed for BLUE LAWS, DRESS CODES, PROHIBITION, MAKING PROSTITUTION AND GAMBLING ILLEGAL, LEGAL PENALTIES FOR PERSONAL SINS, and ANTI-CATHOLICISM.

    Before the War For Southern Independence, it was understood that some rowdy young Southern bucks would get into brawls/duels, frequent loose women, gamble, get drunk, race horses, and it was also understood the poor Southern white man would make moonshine and brandy. However by the time of the Baptist dictatorship that began in most states in the 1890’s suddenly all traditional Southern past times were slowly criminalized. Saloons closed, brawling got you thrown in jail, whores were run out of towns and it eventually got so extreme even churches had to forbid the use of wine in communion replacing it with canned grape juice or boiled syrup. Dancing was outlawed in some locales to the point having a dance was enough to have you and all of your partygoers arrested.

    The Baptists most extreme moment was the 1920’s, when they held both the Prohibition Movement and the Ku Klux Klan in their hands and used them as they saw fit. The First Era Klan hadn’t considered religious membership. the Second Era Klan was clear, Protestants Only. The Second Era Klan went after not only Blacks Jews and Catholics but whiskey makers as well.

    I am not sure when exactly the Southern Baptist Church and the Klan split the sheets if you will probably somewhere around the 1950’s. I often wonder if the bombing of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, although a Negro Church, in Birmingham AL was finally what turned the Southern Churches hard against the Klan.

  5. Christianity is for women, that’s how it came to prominence in the ancient world. There is nothing in that religion that appeals to straight men.

  6. Dear Silas –

    a Couple of notes…

    #1. Dr. Moore is a symptom of the high mucky mucks of the SBC, as he was selected by them. Why? To ‘change the brand’

    #2. Dr. Moore’s WASP parents were killed in a car wreck when he was 6. He was adopted by a Jewish couple, so, in reality, the SBC is being guided by someone with a Jewish mindset.

    #3. Over 100 SBC churches are witholding dues – because of Moore. Some others have simply withdrawn from the SBC, entirely.

    #4. The old country Freewill Baptist church where the wife and I oft attend, does not even know who Dr. Moore is – excepting a few deacons and the minister.
    Of all the Baptist churches in our area (Chowan Baptist Association-Northeastern NC) only a few are integrated, at all. Some aren’t, and are in denial about it, while others, such as mine, simply don’t allow Negroes, and never have.

    That would certainly bother Dr. Moore, who sends us educational films, all the time, that never cease to figure minorities, of every stamp, in leading roles.

    #5. Thank you for the thorough article.

  7. @Junius

    Is there a good link about Moore being raised by Jews?

    I’ve heard the story before, and it helps to get everything else in focus.

  8. Before I take on this column’s main issue (SBC), I want to say one thing:

    “Christianity is for women, that’s how it came to prominence in the ancient world. There is nothing in that religion that appeals to straight men.”
    – Spawn of HELL

    You lying filthy son of a Bitch. You are such a pawn of the forces of Antichrist, you wouldn’t know Satan was screwing your ass, if you even cared to look at who controls your filthy tongue! You’re a cultural and theological FAGGOT. How dare you say such things, when it was MEN who built Christendom, Western European culture, and even gave the world the civilization (that I see you aren’t too proud to use, in your attempts at laptop demagoguery) the Jews, Niggers, and Faggots are trying to destroy- while you seem to be joining their chorus of complaint!

    Prophets, Priests, Martyrs, Bishops, Monks, Holy Men, Apostles, Kings, Princes, Emperors all give witness to YOUR LIES. And so do I. “Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe.” – H. Belloc
    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your personal enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES of GOD.”
    – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

    Now- as to the issue at hand. For starters, I think this column I’m going to quote, can be applied to both the aforementioned heretic (and damned soul) above, as well as the discussion about the SBC (and its leader, Moore), below. One quote should suffice to illustrate my point:

    “And why should we save Christianity? Because it’s the one true faith, that’s why! Setting eternal salvation aside for a moment, the Church has done more to preserve our pagan and Classical inheritance than any other institution. I propose that a Germanic (I prefer “Arthurian” . . . ) Christianity is more capable of upholding European folk tradition than the European folk traditionalists themselves. I believe it’s also more confluent with our geopolitical predicament, plugging us into an emergent nationalist Christian superpower alliance which could compete with the emerging East Asian and Islamic superpower alliances.” – https://faithandheritage.com/2013/08/can-anything-but-christianity-save-us/

    So, Mr. Reynolds tells the OD readership, “…I am entirely convinced that we can achieve this end, and if successful, drive a wedge between “ZOG” and a critical portion of its base. And with a little luck, help some Southerners find their way home. RETAKE EVERYTHING.”

    Sorry, ain’t gonna happen with the SBC, or any other Protestant cult. Baptist ecclesiology is, above all other things, totally ATOMISTIC. You cannot expect a denomination that claims ‘primacy of individual conscience,’ to come to ANY consensus, AT ALL.

    Moreover, it was/is the SBC, and her already ‘fractured’ communion status, that gave the world the greatest heresy since the Schism- the Dispensationalist/Scofield LIE dichotomy, between the Church and God’s Israel. To add insult to injury, Y’all don’t even recognize the two main sacraments of your group, as SACRED! They are merely ‘vain empty rituals’ devoid of any meaning, grace, or efficacy… and that’s from your own doctrinal standards. I’m not making this up. Having first hand experience with Baptist ‘culture’ on a number of occasions, I would say that they are the LEAST able of all the Protestant cults, to do ANYTHING to change our civilization at this late date.

    What I mean is more succinctly put forth, in another article by Faith and Heritage: this time, all about that ‘most Southern of writers,’ Ms. Harper Lee…

    “Our setting is the small town of Maycomb, Alabama [or the denomination of Southern Baptists in Dallas, TX] , during the grips of the Great Depression [MAGA crisis]. It is a town of contradictions, at once devoutly religious – in Arminian fashion: pictures of Jesus adorn the courthouse walls, home worship as opposed to church congregating is considered a potentially dangerous eccentricity, and lively discussions erupt over foot-washing vs. non-foot washing Baptists – yet enmeshed in Rooseveltian statist idolatry…”

    And that is why I believe the SBC can (or will) do NOTHING to change the Status Quo- they are WAAAY too ‘comfortable in Zion (oh, I mean Babel).’ – When they didn’t raise a ruckus when Moore first made his appearance, why didn’t large numbers of congregations walk? Why can national tv take a trashy novel about such folks and make a TV series about it, and not have riots in the Street, but only tepid protestants when it already aired? [I’m talking about https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GCB_(TV_series) ]

    What I am saying, is that the SBC, almost to a man, have adopted the “Atticus Finch” view of reality (even as it is as unreal as it is damning), as the F&H article makes a bit more clear:

    “Obviously, this is not a group [SBC] to whom we can entrust a postmodern, post-Christian, postracial and (eventually) postgender society. Especially since they live ungratefully ‘behind the town garbage dump in what was once a Negro cabin’ 30 and Pa Ewell doesn’t realize that the only thing ‘that made him any better than his nearest neighbors was, that if scrubbed with lye soap in very hot water, his skin was white.’31 The various strata of Macomb’s [SBC’s] classes can thus be defined by the virulence of their anti-statist prejudice. Significantly, when Scout first uses the term ‘nigger’, Atticus rebukes her not because it’s racist but because it’s ‘common’, something those low-born Ewells would use.32 He even has the gall to frame their societal position in Confederate terms, noting, “This time we [SBC] aren’t fighting the Yankees, we’re fighting our friends. But remember this, no matter how bitter things get, they’re still our friends, and this is still our home.” [DIXIE] 33 The nuance of Lee’s class dynamic is all the more fascinating for its insidiousness…”

    Why do I say this? BECAUSE Y’ALL HAVE TOLERATED MOORE TOO DAMN LONG, and this site has corroborated this vision/version of Southern History, even when it is most distasteful to hear (One thinks of a certain Bone of Contention…)! How can I say this about the SBC? Because, as F&H note quite clearly:

    “Moore’s heretical response is at odds with the historic doctrines of Christianity for a number of reasons:

    1. Firstly, the historic Reformed confessions clearly teach that, on the grounds of biblical passages such as Lev. 24:16, II Kings 18:4, II Chronicles 15:12, 19:8-11 and 34:33, the civil government has the duty to suppress false religions in the public domain.1 Even chapter 24 of the historic Second London Baptist Confession (1689) list among the duties of the civil government the protection of good and punishment of evil (chapter XXIV). Thus, even according to the historic doctrine of Moore’s own ecclesiastical tradition, he confuses good and evil when he says Baptists have to stand up for the civil “freedoms” of everybody.

    2. In principle, Moore is right in saying that Christians should support freedom for all. The problem is that he confuses the traditional Christian concept of liberty with the Enlightenment view of liberty. ”

    The Reality is, that a bunch of Reformed Layman can see what Y’all don’t WANT to see: that Moore has been a heretic and a marxist, ‘from the beginning.’

    “Christ taught us that liberty is dependent upon truth (John 8:32). The nineteenth-century French counter-revolutionary philosopher, Hugues-Félicité Robert de Lamennais, beautifully teased out this infallible claim:

    Liberalism can never reach the liberty for which it strives, for the false principles that guide its quest necessarily distance it from liberty. Because it denies divine authority, it denies the possibility of all legitimate authority. . . . Because it denies the existence of an immutable, universal law of justice and truth, universally obligatory, it denies that any authority has any rule other than its own thought and desire, and is obliged to either destroy all authority and consequently society, or to accept slavery.2

    Moore is not defending true liberty. He is defending the continued conquest and enslavement of Western Christian peoples by foreign powers. Islam, like all false religions (including secular humanism, cultural Marxism, and Judaism), infiltrates a society and culture with lies leading to slavery and death.” – op. cit.

    I mean, let’s not forget that the SBC, and her attendant colleges, have mixed-race ‘mystery meat’ (cough, Hack) Theologians, who are pushing both their own miscegenated status (Equal rights) AGAINST the ‘founding stock’- i.e., WHITE FOLKS- while do so, at SBC tithe-payer’s expense!

    “He [Gunderson] doesn’t want the white people who support Boyce College and the SBC and TGC to get the idea that he’s some wild-eyed liberal who’s against the concept of “whiteness.” No, he doesn’t hate “whiteness” or anything like that. He just hates white people, that’s all.

    But after all the spiritual-sounding gobbledygook and doubletalk about “unity in Christ,” he gets down to the nitty gritty. He’s talking about far more than just church services:

    So I’m dreaming of a day when no American Christian can see a Latino and wonder about their immigration status instead of their eternal soul, or see an African-American teenager with baggy pants and a hoodie and think danger levels instead of image-bearer, or see a Marlboro hat in a rural trailer park and think hillbilly instead of human dignity.

    Now, you can just ignore that last part about the white guy in the trailer park. That’s just in there for show, to reassure any of the rubes out there who might be wondering why a professor at the SBC’s flagship college is preaching anti-white garbage about white communities “silently descending” on America, and Christmas Eve services being “far too white.” So throw them off the scent with a few crocodile tears about “hillbillies.”

    What he’s really saying is that he wants white people to quit putting up even the slightest bit of resistance to their dispossession…” – https://faithandheritage.com/2017/01/the-gospel-coalition-celebrates-the-birth-of-christ-with-anti-white-hatred/

    Who is this asshole? “The author, David A. Gundersen, is the son of a Japanese woman and a Norwegian father. He’s married to a white woman, and he and his white wife have adopted four children from Africa….”

    Now, who is this man Moore we are talking about, that has allowed all of this heresy in the SBC (and I DO agree, this is HERESY, with a capital ‘H’!)

    “One of the top tenets of Protestant churches is the sufficiency of Scripture. That is, only the Bible is binding, properly interpreted, not authorities in the church. Protestants used to fear Catholic immigration because it was thought that the authority structure of that church would undermine American democracy.

    Cuck-Christian Russell Moore, however, is lately going way beyond any Pope in seeking to bind the consciences of Christians with his constant attacks on Donald Trump, including this latest denouncing the Donald’s very reasonable, and completely legal, proposal to cut off Muslim immigration. Writing for the likes of the anti-Christ New York Times and Washington Post, Moore is shilling for the globalists while being underwritten by the tithes of Southern Baptists, and when that paycheck’s not enough, the likes of George Soros. Moore is also leading the charge for the eventual acceptance of sodomy by the Southern Baptist Convention.” – https://faithandheritage.com/2015/12/russell-moore-cuck-assaulting-the-sufficiency-of-scripture/

    Mr. Reynolds, I don’t mean to air your denomination’s ‘dirty laundry,’ but I do wish you’d be a little bit more honest in seeking to raise Alt-Right/WN Christian Europeans with the hope that someone would ‘step into the breach’ now that DT seems to have cucked majorly.

    I just don’t believe the SBC is that corporate ‘man’ for ‘such a time as this.’ And you should have done your due diligence, before posting this article. I mean, I am a liturgical Christian, who converted to Orthodoxy, whose forays into Baptist culture, can be listed on the fingers of one hand, and I got all this from a mere half-hour of reference to articles I’ve read over the last five years……

  9. The Methodist Church was the largest Protestant denomination in the South prior to the Civil War, and probably up into the 1940’s-50’s.

    There were two large “southern” Methodist Churches, the Methodist Episcopal Church South, and the Methodist Protestant Church. Both of these Churches had split off from the Methodist Episcopal Church.

    There were a considerable number of “German” Methodists known as Brethren and United Brethren who had split from the Methodist Episcopal Church in the 1810-20’s. They were mostly in the Shenandoah Valley and Western Maryland.

    My ancestors mostly belonged to the Methodist Protestant (MP) Church. The MP’s split in the 1820-30’s over church governance issues, they wanted democratic control of the church with the clergy having no special weight in decision making, and no Bishops. To them slavery was like the weather. What was to become of the slaves? It wasn’t their big issue.

    The Methodist Episcopal Church South, the largest of the southern Methodist Churches split with the Methodist Episcopal Church over slavery in the 1830’s – 1840’s. The issue was really forced by the Northerners, and it had to do with a Bishop’s wife who had inherited slaves.

    This was the way it was until around 1940 when there was a reunification. It’s been all downhill since then.

    Btw, the German Methodists were drawn back in 1968, and I don’t think these wealthy and educated farmers have been treated fairly by the United Methodist Church.

  10. Spahnranch 1969’s contention that Christianity is, essentially, a woman’s religion was ably supported by fr john’s womanish hysteria. …

  11. It is good that you want to uncuck the SBap-duhs. To do that you are going to have to go for the jewgular.

    You are going to have to demonstrate the reality of those “who say they are Jews and are not’. (words of Jesus in the Apocalypse/Revelation). Texe Marrs is doing a very good job on this. He has a lot of youtube vids and some great books on this subject.

    As American patriot Benjamin Freedman has said: “these Ashkhenazi Khazars never so much as put a toe in the Holy Land.” They are not descended from the patriarch Judah or of Judah’s tribal land – Judea. They are a Turkic Mongoloid race of the Pontic steppes. Their Khaganate ruled the Silk Road for centuries. They are not descended from Shem (Shemites). They have no business styling themselves as of Judea – so called ‘jews’. You are going to have to crack the Biblical references and give the Bap-duhs true Biblical and archaeological history as opposed to Zionist mythologies.

    Fr John of the above rant could probably help you all out with refs and must knows if you can keep him on point. If you could just wind him up and point him in the write direction and he’ll take you to the ‘jew’ mother lode and the Orkhon GoTurk culture that extended as far as the Orkhon River in Mongolia. Think Tolkien’s Orcs.

    Depriving the Zionists of their JudeoXtian support base, third temple builders, donators and fundraisers and full tilt Noahide nutters would be a huge coup and I commend it to you.

    The Bap-duhs are thoroughly screwed in terms of Scofield ‘g_dz chozen ppl’ ideologies. This is a religious argument and secular positions will cut no mustard.

  12. Anyone who has been in the Military could back up the demographic observation that it is tilted South. I would love to see a county-level map of enlistment rates…pretty sure the outline of Greater Appalachia would pop out. Also, the general tilt of right / left (or moderate) is about 2:1. The closer you get to the combat arms, the actual trigger-happy, the more it looks like 9:1.

    If Christianity were truly for women, there would have been no need to infiltrate and cuck it in the first place. But that’s not what happened, and not what is.

    “Judeo-Christ” characature and the sissy god of Ned Flanders notwithstanding:

    The God of Hellfire and Damnation still waits with a rod of Iron for His Enemies and fire in the belly for His Soldiers, which is another thing you see a lot more of the closer you get to the trigger pullers.

  13. Fr. John is going through some kind of post-menopausal hormone treatment, so he gets a little bitchy sometimes. But what I said about Christianity is 100% true, regardless of his un-manly hysterical reaction.

  14. If it really was as you say, it would never had required infiltration and cucking in order to turn it from Christianity into Churchianity.

    What you said is 100% true about Churchianity.

    Real Christianity? Not so much. Forget the Ned Flanders Caricature, Fear of the true God is the beginning of wisdom. If it weren’t so it wouldn’t have been under attack in the first place.

    “Women’s Religion” ? Depends on what that really means, but:

    One day, Spahn, the words “Jesus is Lord” will come out of your mouth, either by volition or force, through smile or gritted teeth, said with believers or with Wotan, but they will come out.

    That’s not a hysteric, it is simply a grim truth.

  15. Krafty

    The Baptists were the largest Denomination in DIXIE, the Methodists were the largest Denomination in the Midwest and the Middle States, Maryland was the only state below the M-D where Methodists truly dominated. Before the war, the ARISTOCRATS had mostly been Episcopalian or Presbyterian, after the war those denominations were largely weakened and slowly bled their numbers to the Baptists until by 1900 the 13 states of the Old Confederacy were a Baptist Theocracy, one that stood until the 1950s

    The Baptist Church is a NEW ENGLAND PURITAN innovation brought South in the 1700’s. Thus their extreme emphasis on regulating personal morality and behavior. They literally replaced the Antebellum Southern Culture with a Yankee-influenced morality meddling one. This was NOT a good change.

  16. spahnranch1969
    JUNE 10, 2017 AT 3:05 PM
    @BillyRay: Are you referring to the Great Awakening movement of the 1730s and 40s?


    That was about the time the Baptist Church, HQ in Rhode Island, began flooding Virginia with missionaries converting the Poor Whites, Indentured Servants, etc. This coincided with the Scots-Irish inflow, many of which over the next 3-4 generations abandoned Presbyterianism for the Baptist faith for various reasons. BAPTIST THEOLOGY IS PURITAN THEOLOGY. Repeat that 100 times until you understand it. The Baptist Church believed in the idea of Perfectionism, that society needed strong laws to protect you from yourself. Thus after Baptists gained power we had states and towns pass laws against cussing in public, fistfighting/wrestling got labeled disturbing the peace, the first blue laws to close stores and saloons and then closing the saloons altogether, laws banning all forms of alcohol, laws outlawing prostitution, raising the age of consent for girls, dress codes, hair codes outlawing gambling cockfighting dogfighting horse racing. ALL STEM FROM THE BAPTIST CHURCH.

    The Antebellum South was much more Liberal than the Jim Crow South on social behavior. Drinking and carousing were tolerated. Men went to cockfights, dogfights, horse races, and gambled profusely. Alcohol flowed like water and the saloons were open almost all of the time. At this time the Aristocracy, which was EPISCOPALIAN, didn’t believe in regulating personal behavior, as they believed a mans choice to be Godly or to be a scumbag was his own, NOT THE STATES. The Baptists were no different than the worst busybody Yankees Hunter often writes about

  17. Fighting Christian Zionism and related tendencies needs to be a high priority for Southern Nationalists.

  18. Mac Tírè

    Póg mo thin
    The only ‘womanish’ response is your bitchy attempt at a comeback, Mick.

  19. Fr. John- Everyone of your responses to me and Spahn reveals your filthy predilection. Fight your urges. Your bible condemns sodomy.

  20. @Mr. Cicero…


    Is there a good link about Moore being raised by Jews?

    I’ve heard the story before, and it helps to get everything else in focus.


    No, I’m sorry, there is not. I read the story of Moore’s life (at his blog?) and saw the unquestionably Jewish name of those who adopted him, and drew the obvious conclusions.

    I went back, and now that part is missing.

    You are right to proceed with caution.

  21. From the new SBC Resolution condeming the Alt-Right…

    ‘RESOLVED, that the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Phoenix, AZ, June 13-14, 2017, denounces every form of “nationalism” that violates the biblical teachings with respect to race, justice, and ordered liberty; and be it further’.


    This is some real confusion.

    Have they not ascertained that the nearly the entire First Testament is taken up by Jewish Nationalism?

    Have they not noticed that God created the nations separate and different, and that, by implication, He gives their blessing to the maintenance of their individual integrities?

    Did they not notice that the biblical idea of justice is stoning diviners, idolatrors, adulterers, and fornicators, etc, etc? …

    Did they not notice Luke 19 : 23 – where Chryst tells a parable that leaves the distinct impression that He fully expects those who refused to recognized and acknowledge Him, for who he is, are to be brought before Him and killed, in front of His eyes, by His followers?

    Did they not notice Matthew 15 : 22 – where Chryst tells a Arab lady that, though He understands she wants Him to exorcise her son, He has only come to right the Jewish ship; that, in light of this, He regards tending to her needs would be like throwing food from the children’s table to the dogs’?

    Did they not notice the bit about the Assyrian Captivity, (In 2nd Kings) where, because of Jewish race-mixing, against His wishes, God, The Father, uses the Assyrians, twice, to take them into slavery?

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