Austin, TX Mayor Adler: Muslims Welcome in My Town

Austin, Texas Mayor Steve Adler, a Jewish lawyer from Washington, DC, stood beside Muslim immigrants and religious leaders yesterday in opposition to a small anti-Sharia law protest at the State capitol. Adler held a sign which read “Muslims welcome in my town.”

The mayor was previously the chair of the Anti-Defamation League Austin Region. Adler has long been a strong advocate of non-White immigration and earlier this year KUT quoted him as boasting that in 2016 the city successfully brought in 600 immigrants from the Middle East and Africa:

“I just want the immigrant and refugee community in this city to know that we are a welcoming and supportive community and that they are an important part of our community and in this community they should feel welcome and safe,” said Adler.

…Adler also reiterated his support for Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez. Since Hernandez announced a new policy last week limiting the county’s cooperation with the federal immigration agency, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has threatened to cut off state funds to the county.

Welcome to the New South. It is a place where Jewish lawyers work with female Hispanic sheriffs and Muslim activists to flood Texas and other States with African and Middle Eastern immigrants. Whatever it takes to politically neuter and ultimately replace the Southern people.

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  1. “A Jewish lawyer from Washington, DC.” I didn’t read any further. That was all I need to know.

  2. Southern indolence has proved no match for Jewish vigor. You seem surprised, Mr. Cushman.

  3. Every state capital in ‘Murka, like DC itself, is a nest of murderous, anti-White Jews and their invasive ethnic orcs. The rthno-cities are throbbing, cancerous (((pustules)))

  4. John Bonaccorsi, the greasy whop from the shit hole “Philadelphia”. So proud of his “insights”.

  5. @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia,

    I am no longer surprised. In writing these posts about the destruction of the South the pattern is by now more than obvious. The only question is how can we defeat these people?

  6. Vigor? Austin is a hub of SWPL music culture.

    Easy pickings. The best thing that Texas could do is turn Austin into a bantustan and Wall it in.

  7. Mr Cushman – I can’t state the exact post, and date – but I’ve been warning you about KIKES for years. I told you that they are coming for you. It’s not just Southern Whites – it’s all Whites. Ypou told me that “They’re not all bad” etc. That you know a Jewish woman who is terrific, etc. I’m paraphrasing. But you did the I Know a Good One routine.

    They are ALL evil, and out to exterminate us all.

    There sure are a Hell of a lot of Jews in power – and they are all sticking up for the sand niggers.

  8. I’m afraid you’ve missed my point, Mr. C. Evidently, I must post here again a Southern anthem, in which the region’s indolence is a boast. If you were an outsider, looking in on a region that produced such a work, how would you gauge that region’s prospects …

  9. @Denise,

    I don’t remember ever knowing a Jewish woman. I did go through a brief Cuckfederate phase when I interviewed people like HK and highlighted non-Whites who served the South. HW helped me overcome that. As far as the Jews, like most Southerners who grew up in small towns I had essentially no contact with them. My only experience with them was in prep school and college. They were Left-wing professors. Dr. Pierce talked to me about them when I was a young man and I had read nationalist literature on them. My study for my book showed that the small, mostly Sephardic community in the Old South tended to support slavery and White supremacy and identify as White, whereas the larger, mostly Ashk. community which came to Northeastern cities in the late 1800s and early 1900s tended to be openly socialist or communist and identified with non-White or immigrant groups against the conservative Anglo establishment. I have never met any of the Old South types, if any still exist. But when I look up news stories to write about for OD there is a definite pattern of Northern Jews coming to the South and attacking our religion and heritage while advocating for open borders, cultural degeneracy and non-White immigration. That can not be denied. And I have been making a point to highlight their Northern Jewish roots in articles here. I have been radicalized on the JQ, I guess you could say, by the actions of those such as Mayor Adler as well as the many hateful attacks upon me by the SPLC and ADL.

  10. @John Bonaccorsi, Philadelphia,

    This is a New South production. The trad South would never produce such a thing. But we do not control our own media. Our culture has been subverted, esp post-WWII.

  11. Interesting to read Michael Cushman’s response to Denise. I have noted some hints of ‘radicalization’ as of late.

    How tragic that it’s taken this long for Southern patriots to heed our warnings. Sure, I probably haven’t been at it as long, and I don’t agree with Denise on certain important angles.

    But it was Southern blacks and the jews in NYC who radicalized me around 10 years ago. The hatred and entitlement they expressed towards my people was both shocking and clarifying for me, in terms of understanding so much of what I had lived up till then.

    As of late, though, I’ve come to suspect that it’s too late.

    Southerners haven’t listened to me even though when some negro terrorist tried to attack me for being one of them – a ‘WASP’ – my rage at her violence towards the ‘scots-irish’ burned almost as hot as my irish defiance. She was only one in a long line.

    What the jews fear, Michael Cushman, more than anything, the only way they think we can outrun them, is by uniting as a people. Not as some ‘race,’ but as a real life, flesh and blood, ethnic family with a shared history, culture and future.

    I’d be happy to demonstrate this with endless proof but various parties would start whining to have me banned.

    We are our own worst enemies. If we die, and we will if we don’t unite, it will be our own fault.

  12. (((Steve Adler))) can invite whoever he wants to Tel Aviv, you evil Alt-Righters! Oh… he’s the mayor of AUSTIN, TEXAS?!?! WTF! No way! Send Adler and his muzzies to Israel!

  13. Why don’t these ‘Jewish leftwing lawyer’ types ever exist in Israel, trying to welcome Muslims and blacks into that country?
    Its also offensive that the Jew mayer of Austin pretends that he’s speaking for all all citizens of that city when he states that ‘Muslims are welcome here’. Umm….not everyone agrees with him.
    Don’t the left love sticking it up us?!….

  14. Onceler – it’s never too late until you are dead. We simply have to live through this era. The White Out Group Altruism gene will be gone for good.

  15. Austin is considered a Gay friendly city. One of the top 10 in the United States. How will that play out if they have a sizable Muslim population?

  16. Trump bought us some time, but that’s about it. Hilary would have flooded us with third world. If this situation is not reversed within twenty years or so, we will be past the point of no return.

    There will be something like four billion niggers in Africa by 2050. They will need to leave, they can’t sustain themselves and they will by coming by millions year after year to Europe and the U.S. That is a time bomb that will go off. They will ruin wherever the end up.

  17. @Ronnie,

    I keep asking myself time and time agsin why we give endless foreign aid and food to this mammoth shithole, and try to cure their sick and dying when all it does is drain our budget, and help the population to explode with useless, violent hordes who will be tomorrows ‘refugees’ / majority. Just what we don’t need.
    Why aren’t these people discouraged from breeding? Nobody would care if they remained in Africa, but we all know many will want that better life not possible in their own nations.
    Instead of helping the useless of the planet increase their numbers, the powers that be ought to be encouraging whites to breed via incentives. That would mean births of people who will benefit the planet, not drain it to death.

  18. Shut down the taxpayer funding of jewniversities. That’ll starve the kike rats infesting them into submission.

  19. It’s Jews like Adler that make anti-Semitism come easy. There are many more Jews like him: wealthy, well connected, with a lot of political clout. They are all anti-White. Worse than these Jews are our “leaders” who look like us but have no loyalty to us. They could stop it but choose to betray us instead.

  20. @Michael Cushman

    “The only question is how can we defeat these people?”

    By decucking the Southern people. They have an attachment to the Union created in Virginia, that died in the 1850s.

  21. James Owen
    JUNE 13, 2017 AT 4:06 PM
    @Michael Cushman

    “The only question is how can we defeat these people?”

    By decucking the Southern people. They have an attachment to the Union created in Virginia, that died in the 1850s.


    Robert E. Lee before he died came to believe that he was wrong for surrendering at Appomattox Court House. The thing was that it was the only logical choice to a military man. The breakdown of the supply lines, added to the corrupt governors of North Carolina and Georgia, left the Army of Northern Virginia on the door of starvation. Sure the men could have continued by banditry. Unknown to most today, bowhunting was practiced in the South before the war and many were familiar with how to make crossbows and Indian bows. Consequently many of the men, who knew how to survive without firearms could have fought on for years, simply by raiding as the Indians did.

    General Lee thought turning the Army of Northern Virginia into an army of bandits was a horrible choice. For one, he was an Aristocrat with a strong adherence to honor and the rule of law, for another the men would have have to abandon their families forever. Families were what the South needed to rebuild, not bandits.

    Five years later on his deathbed Lee recanted. He came to understand that banditry and murder were the only ways the Southern man could fight back against the corrupt juggernaut in Washington. The irony is that the bandit war was exactly what ended Reconstruction. When every Federal battalion in every occupied state learned to fear the bandits lurking behind every tree, soon the taste for Reconstruction ended.

    The Southern Man was civilized because of Public Education and interconnectivity to the rest of the nation between 1877 and 1954. The irony of the Civil Rights Movement is how outside of Alabama or Mississippi there was actually very little violence. This was proof that somewhere between Reconstruction and LBJ, the South had lost her taste for blood.

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