Cucked Spartan Defects To Antifa

Meanwhile in California, Cucked Spartan provided another illustration this weekend of why we ought to avoid LARPing civic nationalists and “Patriot” weekend warriors:

Note: Maybe Pozzed Spartan would be more appropriate? He brought his half-Latina daughter to the Portland rally, but the gaydar pingback is off the charts.

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  1. All these anti-Sharia marches are total nonsense anyway.

    The USA is a sodomite, feminist and degenerate shithole. And depending on your political view, they are either waging war against other countries in order to bring them women’s and gay rights, or they are just cynically using women’s and gay rights to “pink wash” the war crimes committed by that mercenary force full of genderqueer mulattos. Both cases would be equally despicable. And “right-wingers” are worried about Sharia law!

    Sharia law would require Americans to stop being degenerate, feminist, greedy and materialistic hedonists; and there isn’t any evidence that that might happen soon…

  2. PS

    I don’t even know anymore what white Western “right-wingers” actually believe. They just put one layer of irony over another and if you scratch them, you often find someone who still sounds like a Neo-Con drunk on apple pie pretty often.

    But Christians, real Christians, what did they ever gain from all that anti-Islam stuff of the last 16 years?

    FOX News was never shy of “criticizing” Islam, but only as long as that “criticism” could be used to justify imperialist wars and/or to promote the global terrorism of gay and women’s rights activists. And Breitbart is even WORSE than Fox News, because at least Fox News was never so aggressive about promoting “based” degenerates.

    At the end of the day, opposition to Islam was always acceptable as long as it could be used to justify wars against countries that still have some independence from the US left. Like Iraq under Hussein, now Syria and then Iran.

    Conservatives, Cuckservatives and now also the “Kekservatives” so to speak always had to walk a fine line: attack Islam in order to justify war but not so much that Christians could profit or that the borders would be closed.

  3. American patriots are going to have to chose at some point: their race or the white republic that has (irretrievably) degenerated into the current multiracial proposition nation fantasy. Meanwhile, they can complain about sharia and feminism while the y send their wives to work and their children to public school. At some point logic kicks in and they will have to take sides.

  4. “Sharia law would require Americans to stop being degenerate, feminist, greedy and materialistic hedonists; and there isn’t any evidence that that might happen soon…”

    AIDS rising fast.
    They DO hump goats.
    Among other things.

    Pakistan has banned content on more than a dozen websites because of “offensive” and “blasphemous” material, while they themselves rank No. 1 for certain sex-related search terms, including “child sex,” “rape sex,” “animal sex,” “camel sex,” “donkey sex,” “dog sex,” and “horse sex”.[1]

    Don´t be fooled, those fellows preaching “White Sharia” goes to oven-worthy degenerates to shills that are deliberately seeking to undermine White nationalism.

  5. “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever killed Cucks. Their wives sons and daughters too, of course.”

    Military Surgeon and Interrogator Lisa “Stahlhelm” Sattler, 2029.

    Anti-Sharia protests results in cucks and antifas bitterly fighting each other. The leftists had the opportunity to protest sharia law themselves to how they care about wombyn of colur and all that shizz but they didn´t.

  6. As degenerate as the West is now, societies under under Shariah are worse. You want to call the USA sodomite? There is more butt piracy in Kandahar, Afghanistan than there ever was in San Francisco…

  7. A lot of these people are unhinged. I think any man who dresses like a child’s superhero is mentally disturbed to begin with and they’re just looking for the spotlight. I think we nats need to ignore these jokers, because that is what they are. We don’t have time for them.

  8. Ever do a search on human and animal sex? I would think not but I saw the comment directed at whites months ago on LiveLeak. It was a response to an Arab man saving a mountain goat. You can imagine the comments. I was afraid to do it but suspected what was behind the challenge. Horrendous. Guess who did indeed overwhelm the pictures? White women.

    We need to burn our current house down. It is Sodom & Gomorrah on steroids. Those women having sex with dogs and horses should be burned at the stake! The animal owners and the photographers, too. And, the animals sent to therapy. Don’t think those animals didn’t know it was f*cked up.

    I remember reading a story years ago – could have occurred in Virginia or Maryland – where the authorities were searching for people who had dropped off a critically injured naked man at an hospital emergency room entrance one night. Follow up stories showed the white guy had his intestine perforated by a horse and he ended up being an employee of the federal government. Gotta wonder who is doing the background checks, if any to begin with. I bet the story is still on the web.

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