This Is Texas: Patriot Cucks Attacked The Alt-Right

I’ve been saying for a month now that these “Patriots” are worse than Antifa. If I had to choose between the two, I would choose Antifa because at least they aren’t cucks.

They also drove out Arlene Barnum and people with Confederate flags. The only “unity” these cucks were interested in was with the Left. The media still called them “racists.”

Note: I can’t tell if this is Oathkeepers. It was one of the militias that was there. We’ve heard this whole event was a hoax created by This Is Texas. We knew it was a hoax based on our own intelligence, but didn’t assume that This Is Texas was behind the Texas Antifa page.

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  1. These people suck. Makes me hate the Oath Keepers. That awful woman in a military costume with the dirty mouth – not very trad at all. And the cowardly Mexican who grabbed the Alt-Right dude from behind. What a terrible bunch of people.

  2. (((The Oarthkeepers))) Abjure ANY alleged Whites who are explicitly pro-White. Make the say something along the lines of “Heil Hitler”. Make them SAY it.

  3. Strange bunch to be sure. Perhaps the Sonnenrad Stars n Stripes rubbed the Cucks the wrong way.

  4. The organization (((Oath Keepers))) is not our friend. They are a controlled group of Marshall Dillon wannabes. Stewart Rhodes is a con man who takes money from his cultish followers and does very little to protect our Constitution. They all play it safe because they lack courage. They believe the mind control propaganda they’ve been fed and continue to be fed by Rhodes. They will fire on us as quickly as the police. And, the ones that won’t will move to our side.

    Real courage is exhibited by those who are not protected by the system. Talking big when the controllers support you means, as the man said, you are a capitulator in some form or another.

    I think I’m in love with the man who said the cucks need to be patriotic whites. What a spokesman for the cause!!!

  5. “Get that man’s name. He is a leader of the highest order.”

    If you’re speaking of the man in the red hat with the gray beard and glasses he goes by the name Azzmador.

  6. Well, as we all know — Texas, along with the rest of the country, is being INTENTIONALLY FLOODED with subhuman nonwhites so as to make us strangers in our own land. And as America is already Brazil, 2.0, Oathfags just LOVE nothing more than turning up at their Christian Zionist ‘churches’ on Sundays with mulatto grandchildren in tow and babbling “HERITAGE NOT HATE”

  7. I had similar experiences in California with the cuck. So much hostility and threats of violence. I stopped going to rallies. No point. Now the cucks are fighting ANTIFA…sort of. Let them get hurt, slashed and arrested. Let them be cannon fodder for us for a change.

  8. @Michael Cushman

    I remember as a kid the only transplants that we had in the neighbourhood, came from Arkansas. Their dad had gotten a job with Texas Instruments.

  9. Azzmador is a very experienced public speaker. He must have also been a bouncer at one time. Impressive oration.


    The outsiders didn’t do as much damage to the South as the Native Southern White religious organizations who decided ca 1960 something to go full-on cuck. You will discover the vast majority of these so-called Patriots belong to these cucked out religious denominations. Think about it. During the worst part of the Civil Rights Movement, the bombings and burnings you saw in Alabama and Mississippi barely touched Texas or anywhere else for that matter and this was BEFORE the demographic shift. Why is that? Well in Texas’s case it was Big Oil, Big Agriculture and Big NASA/Military industrial complex. The mystery of how Lyndon Johnson kept Texas so loyal to his program is almost from 2017 hard to fathom, but when your friends control the major Newspapers and the TV/Radio and all the Oil Ag and Military Industry, I rekcon its not that hard.

    The influx of people began in the 1970’s because of the CLEAN AIR ACT forcing Northern plants to shut down because they were no longer allowed to fuel their furnaces with soft coal and belch black smoke. Before 1970 it was SOUTHERNERS GOING NORTH not NORTHERNERS GOING SOUTH. One change in the environmental laws PLUS other outside influences and certain states passing pro-business laws caused things to change quickly. The availability of central air conditioning to allow year round comfort did alot as well. The in-migration took place at a time when the religious organizations had already for the most part cucked. The Perfect Storm

  11. Thank you, Old Hickory, it’s nice to have a name with a face. I actually recognize the name “Azzmador” but I do not know from where. I think he has some YT videos. Gonna go look now.

  12. “I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever killed Cucks. Their wives sons and daughters too, of course.”

    Military Surgeon and Interrogator Lisa “Stahlhelm” Sattler, 2029.

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