The Revolt In Finsbury Park

It was bound to happen.

We’ve always known it was going to come to this. They raped thousands of little girls in Rotherham. They beheaded a British soldier in the streets of his own country. They blew up a concert full of more little girls. They ran over pedestrians in the streets of London on two occasions.

This is only the horrific death toll in the UK. The same thing has happened in France, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. Millions of people have watched this happen week after week, day after day, to the point where it has become a part of the fabric of everyday life. Every time it happens the Lügenpresse stands guard against the Islamophobic backlash. It is the new normal.

The liberal politicians of the West have failed to address the crisis. Democracy has failed on countless occasions. The culture has failed. The government has done nothing but demonize, disarm and incarcerate anyone in the UK who objects to their own dispossession. As Home Secretary, Theresa May prevented The Jihadis Next Door from leaving the UK while banning Michael Cushman.

No one is surprised this happened. Everyone knows why he was pushed to these extremes. It was inevitable that someone would fight back against this multicultural dystopia. Paul Joseph Watson warned that something like this could happen after the last London attack.

Islam got a dose of its own medicine tonight. By the morning, the liberals and cucks will be bleating about “racism” and “Islamophobia,” but millions will be silently thinking that another terrorist attack was prevented and that the British government is too weak to tackle the problem.

I will just say “Don’t Look Back In Anger.”

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  1. If the peelers turned a blind eye the English would have the infestation sorted out within a week.

  2. More, please.

    What they need are some patriots riding in the back of the vans who can hop out once ‘contact’ has been made, and go from victim to victim lying on the ground and cut their throat.

    Just thinking out loud here.

  3. 1 dead? That’s it? That represents a single atom separated from a single molecule that makes up a single tear

    It wasn’t a hate crime or terrorism. No, it’s destiny.

  4. Maybe the guy lost a love one’s recent terrorist attack in Manchester teen concert or from London bridge truck .

  5. The muslims have declared war against the western civilization either directly or by complacency. This is,hopefully, only the first of many counter attacks against these vermin. It is a war they wanted, and now it is war they get. Spare none of them!

  6. There was no hesitation by the Jew media in calling the attack ‘”Terror at the Mosque” and identifying the culprit as white. The Jew media obfuscates terror attacks by Muslims as shootings or lone wolf attacks and try to misrepresent the identity of Muslim terrorists.

  7. When Muslims terrorize Whites it’s the new normal. When Whites retaliate it’s another Holocaust.

  8. Thing is, the van driver didn’t have to go to a mosque to find hordes of mohs. Theres millions of them everywhere in London, and throughout the U.K.
    Seeing footage of the aftermath, like with news footage of the London tower inferno aftermath, nobody was white, other than emergency services personel and some news crew.
    Anyone taking bets on which Euro nation falls first? France maybe? Or Sweden? How about Germany or Norway? The U.K. is on the danger list as well. Once one goes, the others will follow like sheep.
    The real men among us can foresee the future, but are we great enough in number?

  9. Denise is right, most white “men” these days might as well be fags or eunuchs. But if White women started confronting and publicly humiliating them for refusing to defend their own women and children from shitskin savages that might shame them into recovering their balls.

  10. Actually, eunuchs were assigned to protect the Sultan’s harem, so that means that even though they were castrated they still had more balls than most white men do today.

  11. Spahn- alas the Anglin/(((Weev))) fags are really into the (((White Sharia))) Jew Troll. they HATE women. Weevberg apparently wants to break womens’ arms if they use a cell phone.

  12. Correction! The poor man, who must have had a seizure, or something, was initially reported to be a Jew named ‘Arthur Arkman’. But it’s really a fellow named Darren Osborne!!! He is a resident of Cardiff, and it looks like he’s Welsh! Up Cymru! I couldn’t be more thrilled! Heil Cymru!

  13. Denise

    When you deal with degenerates on a daily basis the idea of White Sharia becomes more palatable to men so to speak. Thats not to say theres not decent women, but there is a dearth of them

  14. Those bloody Welsh again……they’re a real threat to world stability!
    Theresa May described the attack as an assault on ‘innocent , ordinary Londoners’. Tells you all you need to know……Muslims are ordinary Londoners.
    Good news is, a civil war might brew sooner rather than later- a chance to finally effect real change.

  15. Billy Ray, there re loads of decent women. This (((White Sharia))) garbage is pure, pathetic GOR larping. The “bad” women are NO worse than the degenerate man-babies. Women are bas BECAUSE males fled their duties as men, decades and decades ago. The WS faggots are advertising their disgusting immaturity, petulance, and utter ineptitude. They can’t get women because they have NOTHING to offer women – and they are advocating to Race Mix with yellow insects. Do NOT make excuses for their rotten little eunuchs.

  16. Lynch law is what happens when the duly constituyrd authorities refuse to carry out their duty to protect their people, or allow a group of people, like the Muslims to run roughshod over them. In the postbellum South, that led to the creation of the KKK and the Red Shirts. What will happen in Britain?

  17. I was hoping for a mob of three or four thousand Englishmen to teach the ragheads a few manners.

  18. I’m a woman and I am not against white sharia. Unfortunately, I have yet to meet any of these so called “good women” in real life and I’m in my mid 30’s. I have lived in a few places and the women all appear to be skanks, race traitors or just flat out idiots. They have zero interest in hearing anything about racial realities and they consider me to be awful because I am unapologetically “racist”. There is nothing women appear to hate more than women that don’t follow the agenda, which is set by the you know whos.

    A good example, my husband and kids and I were eating in a restaurant and two fat slags, one with a white kid and one with a mixed kid, laughed at my Putin shirt. But they were going home alone, no man in sight and for one, no chance in hell of ever landing a white man. So really, who has the last laugh? And they didn’t even have the nerve to do it to my face, they did it when I walked away and my husband overheard and glared at them, which shut them up with a quickness (he isn’t a man to be messed with and people seem to instinctively realize this). This is the way women try to hen peck and shame other women into submission. Misery loves company and you bet those miserable forever alone slags wanted to spread their misery around. That’s women. I guess it could be a good thing if it was used for our benefit as a race but it is used to drag down the decent women. Besides, I can admit this freely as a woman…I need my husband to keep me sensible. Before I knew him my life was a mess! Women need a firm hand. But men need to be men! We both have a role to play.

    It isn’t ideal but reality isn’t. We can accept things how they are or we can play pretend. Which is it going to be? Frankly I’d like sharia just so I don’t have to see any more asses hanging out, see any more gross degenerate behavior being glorified in media, and hear about so and so’s sexual preferences or behaviors or whatever. That alone would make it worth while to me. So what I’d have to wear a head scarf? Fine by me! If it keeps my daughters from growing up into std riddled tattooed whores I’m a ok with it.

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