Can We Defeat Ourselves?

I can’t get this topic off my mind. It has dominated the last two years. I’m frustrated that it seems like every time we take a step forward we take a step back.

Oddly enough, I am giving this speech at a time when there is more unity and cooperation in our movement than at any point in memory. The League has never worked so closely with other groups. Maybe that is why it seems like we are butting heads more often. It does seem though like one hand gives while the other takes away. We bring new people into our organization, but we lose others who were already involved. The overall effect is that we stay stuck in the same place.

In my experience, this is rarely due to any change of heart. We’re succeeding in converting new people to Southern Nationalism. The problem is keeping them in the fold, motivated and working together over an extended period of time. Even when a group of people share a common ideology, interpersonal conflicts inevitably arise. These feuds typically start on social media over minor points of contention, devolve into flame wars and engulf our network. They always leave us weaker and divided.

This isn’t a problem unique to the League of the South. It is a common feature of all rightwing groups that I am involved with. We invest our time and money to hold rallies, protests and conferences. These events bring new people into the fold, foster solidarity and make us stronger. Later, interpersonal conflicts on Facebook create ill will and undo the fellowship we have created. The cycle invariably repeats itself as we convert new people with our articles, blog posts and activity on social media.

I don’t think this is due to any failure of our ideas. When our members part ways, we tend to still agree on the big themes like being pro-White, pro-South, pro-Christian. Instead, it is due to the extreme individualism and inflexible temperament which attracted so many of us to the movement in the first place. If we valued authority and conformity to social norms, very few of us would have ever found our way to such a marginalized community. This has been a blessing and a curse.

I see the curse of extreme individualism in so many areas. There is the fact that so many people who have been converted to our ideas prefer to remain anonymous, disorganized and inactive. There is the fact that the overwhelming majority of our people are so sunk in extreme individualism that they don’t care about our heritage or the fate of future generations – the most extreme example being the millions of women who have aborted their own children. There is the fact that more people are involved in our movement than ever before, but we have simultaneously grown more disorganized. There is the spirit of rivalry which inspires us to air our dirty laundry in public and which gives all us a black eye. There are all the Facebook groups we have had to shutdown because of the division fostered in those spaces. There are the lone wolves who lash out and commit violent acts because our individualism prevents us from moving forward. More broadly, the American family and civic organizations in general have crumbled as a result of the triumph of expressive individualism in our culture since the 1960s.

Alexis de Tocqueville, the author of Democracy in America, once observed that the extreme individualism fostered by liberal democracy leads to extreme conformity. In liberal democracies, the common man doesn’t want to be on the wrong side of Public Opinion, which is his Almighty God. This is why we see the associations game on the Right. Since the Liberal Center controls all the key institutions of our culture and holds the keys to status and respectability, we see this virtue signaling race where this rightwing group doesn’t want to be associated with that rightwing group. It has always been like that all the way down the rightwing food chain from the most the moderate to extreme groups.

Tocqueville also keenly observed that the democratic man lives in the moment. Liberal democracy, which is based on the false assumption that the individual is the fundamental unit of society, tends to isolate people from their contemporaries and hides them from their ancestors and descendants. It robs our lives of meaning by taking away the sense that we are all part of a larger story. George Fitzhugh observed that the yearning to overcome this unnatural state of social alienation and economic exploitation and return to a more social and humane form of existence is the wellspring of all leftwing social movements. It is the source of much of our own alienation and discontent within the United States.

Romantic nationalism is a solution to this crisis of liberalism. Southern Nationalists want to rebuild the social fabric which has been unraveled under liberal democracy. Instead of the empty vessel of American civic nationalism, we offer our people a richer sense of identity and community at the expense of liberty and equality. As a people, we share a common race, ethnicity, culture, religion, history and destiny and we emphasize that these things are important. These are the bonds which connect people in traditional societies and make them feel like they are a part of a greater whole, not the extreme individualism and market relationships which characterize modern commercial societies.

We shouldn’t, however, ever let our embrace of Romantic nationalism blind us to the truth. This is our imagined solution to the present crisis. It doesn’t reflect our present circumstances. Insofar as White identity is felt at all in the South, it takes the form of White guilt or is weakly felt or absent. Southern identity has been weakened to the point where it is expressed in the delusions of Rainbow Confederates. Christianity has been so corrupted and diluted that the Southern Baptist Convention recently passed a resolution denouncing the Alt-Right and “all forms of racism” and adopted a gender neutral Bible. We’re not engaged in a project of preservation so much as restoration.

I try to keep this in mind while interacting with my peers on social media. There are people in our circles who I am not in 100% agreement with on race, religion, ideology and other important issues, but who see the world much the same way that I do. Fundamentally, they see a fallen world which is degenerating by the day. We see decline called progress. We tend to look back to the past and see “the debris of paradise” floating before our eyes. We’re nostalgic for a time and place that is far superior to the present day and reminds us on a daily basis of the depths to which we have descended.

If this is the way you see the world, you are a reactionary. I’ve often found that I can talk to many foreigners who are reactionaries and get along with them better than most of my fellow Southerners. I have more in common with them than Rainbow Confederates crippled by White guilt who boast to passing motorists that they aren’t “racists” because they have non-White grandchildren. We can relate because we are all people who perceive the same crisis of the liberal order, feel nostalgic about the past and who have arrived at slightly different solutions. We’re all looking for a way out … of this.

This is why I tend to get along with the Alt-Right and White Nationalists. I’m fully aware of the differences, but I also see the things we have in common. We’re responding to the same problems. We’re just as quarrelsome. We’re all reactionaries set adrift in the same world which has been destroyed by liberal democracy. I don’t believe in the bond of universal whiteness so much as I see the existence of universal problems. If I moved from Dixie to the UK, Australia or Canada, I would be confronted with the same problems because what George Fitzhugh called “Free Society” generates the same cultural degeneracy and widespread feeling of alienation everywhere it has been tried.

The American South differs from the rest of the West because plantation slavery made us a more conservative culture. Liberal democracy had more difficulty taking root here, but we are only a few decades behind our friends in the North and the UK. Eventually, we will catch up as we are now seeing with the removal of Confederate monuments and the proliferation of LGBTQ events in Dixie. There will come a day when we have “conservatives” in elected office as bad as the UK, Ireland or Canada.

As much as I love the South, I can’t look at our political leadership and say with a clear conscience that all the cucks we have in elected office are any better than the general run of cowardly democratic politicians. I doubt you could find a single one in the entire South, including Michael Peroutka, who would be willing to stand at this podium and say with any conviction that he or she is proud to be White, proud to be Southern and proud to be a Christian. They wouldn’t be willing to risk their own individual careers to break the dominant racial etiquette and say a positive word about their own ethnic group.

If we are ever going to dig ourselves out of this hole, arrest our decline and leave behind something resembling a normal and stable society to our descendants, then at some point we are going to have to rise up against this system in sufficient numbers. I would say that on that point all reactionaries no matter what their differences are in agreement. This system is killing us and erasing us in our own lands and our survival as a people is more important than the “American experiment.”

You may have noticed that I haven’t said a word about other races or ethnic groups. I haven’t brought up the Jews or the Yankees. I have no doubt that other racial and ethnic groups will oppose us. They don’t want us organize and assert our identity and interests. Instead, they would prefer to keep us in our present degraded condition, demoralized, warring against ourselves and sidetracked by false messiahs. This speech isn’t really about them though. It is about us and what we ought to be doing in response.

Here are a few suggestions:

1.) It would be really useful if we could implement Christianity and practice sound advice like Love Your Neighbor As Yourself, Love Your Enemies and Turn The Other Cheek. The Gospels were talking about the private enemies we deal with in our everyday lives. The feuds that routinely arise among our brothers on social media are an example of this type of destructive interpersonal conflict.

2.) We need to become more conscious of our own individualism. Instead of emphasizing our differences in order to express our own individual identity, it would be wise to look for the things we have in common and the points on which we can agree and move forward together.

3.) We need to realize that sometimes our own pride creates the obstacles in our path that prevent us from achieving our common goals. We should be willing to let beefs go.

4.) In my experience, it is more important to build human relationships than to emphasize ideological agreement. Ideologies are more fluid than social bonds. That’s why you see so many people migrating from one group to another in our circles. If you want to convert someone to your ideology, the most effective way to do so is to establish a rapport with them. Once you have built that relationship and established trust, you will find that they are much more willing to listen to you.

5.) We need to cultivate personal virtues like courage, humility, honesty, integrity, perseverance and patience. These are the elements of character that really make an individual a good person or a bad person, not the laundry list of -isms and -phobias which are sins against the mainstream media. Correspondingly, we’re held back by our vices like wrath, pride and cowardice.

We’re living through the last days of liberal democracy.

Liberal democracy has been turned the natural order upside down in a modern day Saturnalia. Masters bow to their slaves. Husbands are ruled by their wives. Children wield authority over their fathers. Homosexuality is celebrated as a positive good. Just as Plato said, everything around you is bursting with the spirit of liberty and equality which are taken to greater and greater extremes.

The age we live in has rubbed off on us too. A state of excessive liberty has made us soft, weak and quarrelsome. It has made us cowardly, apathetic and disorganized. Even bedrock traditional institutions like marriage and the family feel like a burden and splinter apart because our culture celebrates self expression and personal choice above all else. We don’t care about honor so much as living a comfortable middle class lifestyle and dying in our beds in a comfortable Florida retirement home.

Can we defeat ourselves?

I think many of us sense deep down in our bones that we need a religious and ideological awakening to throw off this decadence and move beyond the system we have now and this terrible point in our history, not just in the American South, in the United States, but across the entire West. We need to reject the extreme individualism and materialism which are the siren song of liberal democracy. We need to get beyond this idea that liberty and equality and tolerance are the solution to all of our problems. We need to think more about the collective whole. We need remember our ancestors and fight for the future of our descendants. This fight won’t be won in any election, but in our souls.

If we are to survive the 21st century, I really believe that our whole orientation toward life will have to radically change. We will have to become a counter-culture that prizes the collective over the individual and duties and responsibilities to the group above rights. We will have to become far more cohesive, networked, organized and assertive in order to initiate this cultural change. This means going against the current of “mainstream” American culture and the modern world.

I don’t know if this is even possible. I understand that it has to be done because otherwise we will continue to fragment, grow weaker and lose even more control over our lives. Thank you.

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  1. For as long as I’ve studied this movement, I’ve heard people denounce “destructive individualism,” even as most the movement leaders, and movement laity for that matter, are sufficiently individual to defy the cultural, political and social majority view on almost every subject.

    I ‘ve seen very little “individualism” in our sports/TV addicted people. The problem is not too much white individualism, but too much white conformity to destructive social norms.

  2. Individualism is an essential part of our national identity. It’s biological, and we can no more change it, than we can change the color of our skin.

    The altright is a failure because it’s led by foreigners who don’t think, feel or look like us. Peinovich. Anglin, Cernovich, Posobiec, Shkreli, Yarvin etc. etc. You guys have spent over a year cucking for Kushner at the behest of these weirdo foreign-types. Just because someone “looks huwhite” doesn’t mean a damned thing. Come back to America and be done with this nonsense.

  3. Stop shooting left, including to those on the right who are sympatheic to the cause.

    You might not like Milo or Cernovich, but for the upcoming battle, they are on our side.

    You might not like the USA today, but wanting to burn the stars and stripes that only has had 50 stars within my lifetime wants me to say those who say the stars and bars is just a symbol of slavery and racism are correct – either flags represent the best ideals we hold, or the worst intentions, but be consistent.

    Trump is trying to deal with the swamp, and it feels as you are calling me stupid every time you say he cucked, which seems to have stopped out of boredom. Huge outrage over the wailing wall, but you didn’t notice the embassy won’t be moved to Jerusalem. He fires a lot of missiles into Syria, the neocons shut up, but there is almost no followthrough. He is the anti-cuckservative where he says lefty things but governs right. He’s packing the courts so far to the right (and no one has noticed). But every pickayune criticism of Trump is the same demoralization and deviciveness that you complain about. And worse, although he is the most effective conservative president in the last Century, he seems to be hated (implying that Im stupid or evil to have voted for him) because he isn’t the second coming of John Calhoun. How long did it take Andrew Jackson or Andrew Johnson to accomplish their goals? I would have thought the South would have the cardinal virtue of patience instead of an MTV attention span and the petulant “Are we there yet”? and when the answer is no, to whine and complain. It is reasonable to cover Trump in a balanced manner, and remember that we got here after over 150 years of decline. It isn’t resonable to take every daily event and to turn it into betrayal and treason. The game is only halfway through the first quarter, but if you want off the Trump Team, and Trump Train, go ahead, but then I don’t want to have anything to do with you because you AREN’T fighting with me or on my side. Some things won’t be fixed until 2019 or the second term, assuming the purists don’t abandon the fight.

    Beyond that there are Christians, people who want Western Civilization, and even who respect Southern Culture, history, virtue, honor, etc. that you seem to want to impose a purity test upon. If I am even skeptical on one point, we don’t have a discussion, you disown and unfriend me. Pull the plank out of your own eye.

    On immigration, Muslims, refugees, the incompetence of minorities (it is the content of something – if it isn’t their skin, it is their evil character which should be worse), we should agree. We need to take back our country, and then we can try to resolve our squabbles.

    Oh, and I’m white, but not proud of an act of Divine providence. I’m Blessed. I’m also blessed that Jesus Christ found me. You cannot be a Christian and be proud of it – Pharisees were proud. I’m humbled by God’s grace. I’m also not Southern. God didn’t grace me with that blessing. I’m humbled, grateful, thankful, joyful over all these things, and the only thing which required choice was to be a Christian, but that was to reject any pride in my self – I’m saved by grace, not by works, lest any man should boast. But for some reason there’s a lot of boasting about things (Born a white southerner) the opposite of what St. Paul in his epistle boasted about (beat, shipwrecked). My biggest boast was in helping an abortion clinic to not be opened. What have you DONE?

    I think God would bless us if we humbled ourselves before his majesty and implored his forgiveness over our inaction (60 million dead babies, there are clinics even in the South – you will save a statue but not a baby?). Even so the key quesiton is not whether we are proud of accidents, but are willing to sacrifice and act to restore what we were legitimately proud of – Christendom, Western Civilization, the Rule of Law (not Men, even white men) and the Constitution.

    If you aren’t fighting for that, what are you fighting for?

  4. @Mr. Griffin…

    We have no choice but to ally with any law-abiding White groups in this country.

    As to keeping people in the fold, there are a number of problems most people have, when pursuing something…

    A. Impatience.

    B. The enjoyment of trying to destroy others in their midst. Adults have serious mental problems, when it comes to office politicks, and that follows them into all other groups.

    C. Everybody needs to be seen as ‘the expert’, or, if failing that, never ‘wrong’.

    Fortunately, in Christian Churches, these qualities are seen less, though, in all secular groups, I see them a lot.

    All the best this weekend!

  5. ‘I think many of us sense deep down in our bones that we need a religious and ideological awakening to throw off this decadence and move beyond the system we have now and this terrible point in our history, not just in the American South, in the United States, but across the entire West. ‘


    We have to show people why being nationalistic is being a good person.

    Presently, most people are taught that anti-nationalism is ‘good’, and that, the more anti-nationalistick one is, the better a person one is.

    That’s a Jewish inculcated paradigm, and we have to reverse it.

    We can win nothing if we do not.

  6. ‘Tocqueville also keenly observed that the democratic man lives in the moment. Liberal democracy, which is based on the false assumption that the individual is the fundamental unit of society, tends to isolate people from their contemporaries and hides them from their ancestors and descendants. It robs our lives of meaning by taking away the sense that we are all part of a larger story. ‘


    This is, again, part of the Jewish paradim. People often observe that Jewish culture is masterful at separating Gentile Cultures and benefitting from the divisiveness.

    What is not often observed is that, with this paradigm of basing society upon the individual, and putting them exclusively in the now, this division from a continuous line, has a devastating effect, and makes them just as exploitable as dividing them along opinion and propaganda lines.

    This is the high point of divisionism in history, and, in such soil, it is, as you say, very difficult to buck that trend.

  7. I am a 46 year old Gen X’er, and that pretty much makes me a geezer to most of the millennial’s in the Alt-Right community. I grew up in the 70’s and ’80’s, and I have seen first hand the rapid moral decline from the actions of the boomer generation. However, until now, I have never seen a true Nationalist movement that had the potential to change the self-destructive course that our nation/society has been on since the War of Northern Aggression. I have researched every faction of what is considered the alternative right, and the core beliefs of every sub-group are the same. The differences between are truly minor in nature when compared to the greater good. Like a traditional family, we can bicker and complain quietly amongst ourselves, but we must present an image of strength and unity to everyone on the outside.

  8. Mr Wallace, this is a most excellent essay and I think you have hit the nail squarely on the head.
    I have always maintained that we are living in the logical extremes of our founding assumptions….i might add that somehow we need to start reallocating a level of priority to collective/cultural awareness and degrade the emphasis on individuality a bit….everyone of us has been brainwashed to some degree by the ideology in which we have been raised…it has been the root cause of the infections spread amongst our people as you say…..we have been classiclly divided and conquered right down to the individual level and in the end no one is happy….all are atomized, isolated and alienated…the only common bonding is that which has been created for us via capitalism by way of products or mass events… has not worked out as was originally thought….the enlightenment threw the baby out with the bathwater so to speak…..the alt right is really making a huge error divorcing itself from christianity….even as it to is collapsing under individualism and it makes an equally huge mistake with all these stupid blame games turning one white against another….

  9. Like Tom Metzger says: Act White, Think White. And have lots of White children who will be brought up to do likewise. Movements, parties and organizations are not the be-all and end-all of our existence.

  10. Somewhere in his writings — Oak and Cafe?– Solzhenitsyn says that if you want to be a free man, you first have to start acting like a free man. The question is how to operationalize this. Your suggestions are a good start.

  11. The more I study it, the more I realize the white individualism meme is over-hyped. Yes, there is a greater propensity for it among whites, particularly British Island stock like in the South, but that caricatured individualism didn’t arrive until the forces of diversity and liberalism had swamped the population already.

    I’m an old Boomer (go ahead and hate, I firmly believe both we and the Silents deserve it) who has been racially aware and locally active for many years. I remember the days when white male organizations were ubiquitous. I saw good men fight to keep them as such when the late 60s and 70s threw in against them. I unfortunately witnessed them circle the drain in the 80s by which point the local community as-such became supplanted by mass media and fad cultures.

    To spare you any more reminiscence, I am reminded of the great lesson I learned through my life of activism and proselytizing against the liberal hyper-individualist tide: Good men (family men) don’t jump to join a cause that’s selling martyrdom. If you want people to go activist, you gotta build institutions, safety-nets, and support networks to make sure they’re not going to lose their life, wife, and children owing to the fact they spoke out.

    That wasn’t a problem when I was younger. Lots of employers in the South were comfortable telling the local paper to shove it when someone was outed for being a party to some “hateful speech.” As time went on; however, it became a big deal and today it’s a huge issues. People are getting on this problem with alternatives to the existing employment, banking, and so forth online, but these things are game changers and can’t come soon enough.

    I think it’s clear that a great majority of white men are looking to community and for cause, but those who’ve already crossed the Rubicon and survived can’t downplay the risks and insist upon bravery from people who are on the fence. It’s only getting harder as time goes on and the nature of the uninitiated is to be skittish. Even when faced with the horrors of the future, they’ll often pick the devil they know to the unknown quantity that is the brazen reprisals of the (((establishment))) against them and their families.

    I don’t know what the moral of the story is, but “Build it, and they will come,” feels about right.

  12. Putting all of our individual desires aside and with respect to everyone here, by all conceivable statistics, there is only ONE common denominator that bridges the diversity of our camps:

    the sovereignty of the White genome to set the course of its own future.

    That may not sit well with you, but that is the objectively observable math.

    Everything else that you fight for branches out from that one root.

    It’s in those branches where the division and badfeelz occur.

    The advanced technology of the White genome results in great diversity of our people, in many areas. We are particularly diverse in our abstractions—religion, morality, economics, science, government, organization, ideologies.

    It is these abstractions that our people fight over. Not blood. Not soil. Abstractions.

    You never see our people fight over the 14 words, because they are unassailable.

    The endless interpretations of religious denominations, whereby some groups are “the true believers,” while others are merely “churchians,” leads to perpetual bickering. We’ve watched it our entire lives. Same with economics. Same with government. Etc.

    Meanwhile, the 14 words are binary. There is no possibility for interpretation-driven bickering. You either agree with them or you don’t; there are no half measures. Someone who refutes them has just declared to you that they are your enemy.

    Does that seem harsh to you? Here, try it for yourself.

    Imagine someone from your ideological branch (Baptist, free market capitalist, veteran, etc) telling you, on the one hand, that they totally AGREE with your branch’s ideology; and on the other hand, that it’s WRONG for you to secure the existence of your people and a future for White children.

    Now flip it.

    Imagine someone from a DIFFERENT ideological branch than you (Catholic, National Socialist, pacifist, etc) telling you, on the one hand, that the ideology of your branch is a bunch of BULLSHIT; and on the other hand, that they totally agree that it’s RIGHT for you to secure the existence of your people and a future for White children.

    When the various Alt-Right camps are able to put biology FIRST, and abstractions SECOND, THEN the bickering will subside and unity will strengthen. Not before.

    Alt-Right is an exceedingly intelligent community. But that stimulating high-IQ output does NOT translate to the bell curve of our genetic stock. They don’t deal in abstractions. They deal in biology. Jesus called them a “flock.” “Pastor” is Latin for “shepherd.”

    The White man you want to reach fights every day to keep his family’s head above water. Imagine sitting down at that man’s dinner table with his family after he’s been at work all day, and trying to sell him your personally championed abstraction.

    The technological wonder that is the White genome is the root that unites us all. Even the eternal normies. Even the massive numbers who have fallen away from or outright rejected Christianity. Even the Boomers. Even the Yankees. Even the White Cuckservatives. Even the White Alt-Lite.

    In the future, we can have as many branches as we want, so long as the root is healthy.

    Without the root, there will be no branches for anyone.

    We must secure the existence of our root and future for White branches.

    By the 14 words, you shall know them.


  13. As long as we agree on the role of Jews, Communism, non-whites, the Islamic scourge, womens rights, faggotry and the danger of free trade and open borders, all the rest is trivial. Everything would fall into place if we could just agree on the main points. For example, does it matter if you’re Catholic rather than Baptist? Does it matter if we had sex before marriage when we were 19……20 years ago? Does it matter if you live in Vermont rather than Georgia?
    Don’t sweat the small stuff. Unite as one.
    Division is death.

  14. Hear, hear!

    The Movement has morphed rapidly in the past decade, acquiring the best form that will gain ground at the time. At the moment we have ossified and are flagging badly because we are too tightly wed to certain personalities.

    The Alt Right has run its course. Folks like Jordan B Peterson, Survive the Jive, and others are pointing the way forward now: truth rather than irony, wholesomeness rather than edginess, genuine humility rather than phony alpha male bravado.

    MILO style personalities are out, Jordan B Petersons are in.

    We need to broaden the movement to include the entire existential challenge; not just “race” (better called “respect for nations”), but humanity vs technology, asserting meaning against a culture of nihilism.

    We are beating ourselves, but we will win, because we will change. Right makes Might.

  15. 1) There are more fake infiltrators in pro-White movements than anything else in the world because it’s such a risk to Jews. Whites are the only ones who can destroy their agenda.
    2) More “colorful” people are attracted to pro-White movements because the Jew media has demonized any Whites who dare think about securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, so the majority of cowardly Whites stay away and choose their pillar of the community image over making sure they leave their children and grandchildren in a safe world.
    3) Whites have no survival instinct anymore because of the destabilization Jews have created and this crap between Christians and Pagans or Europeans and Americans, White men and White women, Anglo-Saxons and Slavs, etc, is part of that destabilization. (Ban the British Commonwealth Whites and we’ll all be a lot better off.)

    Whites are very industrious people. They build great communities and they’re wonderful to live around. But they are gullible idiots and shallow scum who are consumed with their trendy image.

  16. We need to balance nostalgia for an idyllic past and a utopian future. I reject the term reactionary. What We need is to salvage the best aspects of those traditional institutions that actually worked in the past coupled with a technological future. In other word Archeofuturism.

  17. Pat Willingham
    June 24, 2017 at 1:01 am

    “Wow, I just read the comments. You guys aren’t pro-White. I bet you LOVED Milo, huh?”

    Some of us are Pro White, some can’t get over their addiction to Conservatism, and there is one guy in the comments here who’s an Alt-Light loving degenerate. I haven’t seen Milo love here in a long time. Hunter doesn’t run an echo chamber.

  18. You can’t control a society where an individual mentality is dominant part of the population. What’s a control freak to do? Voila, collectivism. The war on whites is a war on individualism. We are the targets because we largely do not possess a hive mentality. Liberty begins and ends with us. We should not allow them to weaken and destroy that wonderful attribute that has built a highly desirable civilization. It may be the key to our current dilemma but it can also be the key to our way out of it. Can it be weaponized?

    Most people view collectivism as the basic aspects of socialism or its more evil twin communism. But the collectivism that has been creeping over America for close to a century encompasses so much more. It’s in the form of baby steps or subtle changes that barely get noticed at all because the controllers have streamlined the psyop. The once distinct regions throughout America with their funny dialects and beautiful architecture to their fresh and sassy cuisine and culture have become a thing of the past. They’ve been replaced with cookie cutter houses and cookie cutter shops and cookie cutter thoughts. Everyone speaks the same foul language, eats the same boring and poisonous food, and lives willingly under the repressive social norms that get us closer and closer to the cattle cars. We are no longer cared for by concerned medical doctors and compassionate nurses but treated on an assembly line by indifferent and callous assembly line workers. The doctors get their check from a corporation not you and that’s who they listen to. We no longer have the wide variety of choices in anything we buy from clothing to cars to even houses. Remember when you had dozens of interior and exterior colors to choose from for the brand new Chevy? Custom made has become “pick one of five”. The “craftsmen” of today couldn’t hold a candle to the craftsman of yesteryear who were often less educated, less paid, and had limited tools and resources. Our desire for quality is almost non-existent but did we knowingly make that choice or were we hoodwinked? We buy crap on credit. Have we lost our pride and dignity? Do we even know what they are? Our overpriced clothing is out of style or falling apart in no time and we quickly rush out to replace it. No matter where you go throughout this country you will find large swaths of society that are identical (is this Baton Rouge or Boston we’re visiting?). From the once uniqueness that defined who we are, we have adopted a low standard of someone else’s creation. Someone who we have never looked in the eye. There is very little that really separates us anymore. We have become drones. One big collectivist farm where the animals all look, think, and act alike.

  19. Does the individual being the fundamental unit of society automatically make individualism good? A cell is the smallest human unit but it can´t survive long outside of the human body.

    “We’re nostalgic for a time and place that is far superior to the present day and reminds us on a daily basis of the depths to which we have descended.”

    The “good old days” lead to the Cyrrent Year, tho.

    The concern should be how to replace the Current Year society (and mentality that comes with it) with something functional.

  20. So the problem is that many have a hard time accepting there are differences, disputes, drama and have troubles getting over it?
    Just shows how important it is to learn to be sociable, civil and in control of one´s feelings. Self-awarness and self-discipline are a major necessity.
    The problem is, how can all these be learned real fast?

    “but we lose others who were already involved.”

    What happen with them?

  21. Western nationalists lack broader message. Most important is economy. Nobody want white homeland where his only function is work to death on minimum wage and without health insurance.

    USSR collapse and rise of pro white goverments were mostly related with economic message. All nationalist stuff came only afterwards. Hitler also rised to power on the economic issues .

    For example free market low taxes small goverment capitalism was jewish invention right from the beginning and the idea behind it was that big companies destroy small ones and finally all economy will be owned by few oligarchs.

    Nobody in the west challenges jewish vision of economy despite it brought to power Hitler, Putin, Orban and lot of other pro white guys. Viktor Orban for example didn`t promoted white chiristianity but first went after banks and big businesses.

    Putin also nationalized oligarchs property and jewish Jukos with low wages and slavery work conditions become Gazprom with good pay and benefits for the man from the street.

    National socialism is the thing what sells. Not jew Milton Friedman free market which makes few billionaires and millions of beggars. Even if this free market is christian and white and ruled by law to defend those few oligarchs who own whole economy and keep the rest of their fellow whites in poverty.

  22. Survival of the White race is Priority One. Every other issue we care about will be pointless if our race goes. If any supposed pro-White leader disputes or equivocates over Priority One leave him.

  23. Individualism isn’t a White Trait PER SE, it was an outgrowth of the Reformation. Before 1517 we all regarded ourselves as SOLDIERS OF CHRIST. After 1517 and John Calvin it became I AM ELECT YOU ARE NOT. Calvinism was divisive and years later when it metaticized, it became Secular Relativism. The thing was although the Scots Irish were originally Calvinists Presbyterians, most became Baptists so the Calvinist decline was not felt as severe as in New England, where it absolutely collapsed and was replaced Secular Relativism by the 1870s. Although influenced by Calvinism, modern Baptist theology isn’t Calvinist.

    The 18th Century among the upper classes saw the ideas of Locke Descartes and Spinoza from the previous century grow under the writings of Voltaire and Rousseau and many others. To the young Thomas Jefferson, these men were far and above any Jesus Christ, who Jefferson regarded as a mere teacher, not as the Sovereign Son of the Most High God. Thomas Jefferson was influenced by the ideas of Pagan Thelemaism, an idea pushed by an Ex-Catholic from France named Francois Rabalais. The basic idea of Thelema is this, “Do What Thou Wilt”. Now understand Jefferson on the VIRGINIA STATUTE FOR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM

    The bill for establishing religious freedom, the principles of which had, to a certain degree, been enacted before, I had drawn in all the latitude of reason and right. It still met with opposition; but, with some mutilations in the preamble, it was finally passed; and a singular proposition proved that its protection of opinion was meant to be universal. Where the preamble declares, that coercion is a departure from the plan of the holy author of our religion, an amendment was proposed, by inserting the word “Jesus Christ,” so that it should read, “a departure from the plan of Jesus Christ, the holy author of our religion;” the insertion was rejected by a great majority, in proof that they meant to comprehend, within the mantle of its protection, the Jew and the Gentile, the Christian and Mahometan, the Hindoo, and Infidel of every denomination.

    This friends and neighbors is DO WHAT THOU WILT. Jefferson was an ILLUMINATI member and friend of Adam Weishaupt, in fact you can find the letters where TJ praises Weishaupt as the leader of the new age.

  24. The extreme pseudo atheistic beliefs of Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were written into our US Constitution. The Popes of Rome for years criticized the US Government stating that it didn’t recognize the Primacy of Christ, well the Popes were right. Although at the State and Local Level we were nominally Christian, the Federal was almost Atheist. Attempts to place Christ into the US Constitution were thwarted by the Jeffersonians.

    Fast forward to 1868. The South is destroyed and the 14th Amendment is passed. At the time, the idea that the 14th Amendment now made the Federal fully supreme over the State, Incorporationism wasnt recognized. That was phased in during the 1920’s and 30’s. Suddenly this Freemasonic Atheistic Document, a relic of a non-scientific age is foisted over us and we are now told we must abide by that document and the laws that eminate from it. From 1868 until the 1950s the myth of the rugged individualist from Horatio Alger to John Wayne becomes like cocaine to White America. Thus we were sitting ducks when the Jewish Internationalists came with the chains.


    Masonic lodges are established all over the world to help us achieve our independence. Those pigs, the Gentile Masons, will never understand the final objects of Masonry.’”

  25. High IQ “white” male has chosen “radical autonomy” over white (S)upremacy. This includes you, Mr. Wallace. Yet, you suggest otherwise without ever being explicit. In other words, by giving lip service to white (S)upremacy without explicitly stating an espousal of white (S)upremacy, you are practicing “radical autonomy,” ie., extreme individualism. You are thus perpetrating an “alienation” and you come up short in giving a “name” to your belief. So your audience is left to really wonder? If he believes in white (S)upremacy then why does he not state that he is a white (S)upremacist? After all, he already claims to be a white Christian against the egalitarianism of the anti-racists. This double-mindedness MADE PUBLIC creates cog-diss.

  26. Great analysis.

    But why beef with the “alt-lite” when there are much bigger fish to fry? Ricky Vaughn spanned Cernovitch to Anglin and built a broad audience where ideas could be presented.

    The problem with the alt-right now is that to be associated with it means doxing and loss of income. Some people are independently wealthy. Many are not.

  27. Brad, “Rodney Kingism”, “why can’t we all just get along”, is a nowhere political strategy for cucks and weaklings.

  28. The problem here is not individualism. Individualism is integral to the nature of our people at our birth over 3000 years ago. You cannot remove individualism from us without destroying us totally. To believe otherwise is to not live in reality. (And you ought to take this advice to Richard Spencer instead of us anyway. Instead of telling us to stop being so individualistic, you should be telling him to stop pushing socialized medicine on us. It is divisive).

    The real problem is lack of leadership skills in the movement leaders. Leadership results in loyal, cooperative followers who organize and fight effectively. No group has done that better than whites historically. The potential is there. Our coalition is made up of young people who need wise advise, instruction, and leadership, but what are they getting? Hunter, you are overweight. Same goes for Richard Spencer, Michael Hill, and others. How can you have the will to victory when you don’t even have the self-discipline to control your own impulses? This is not a theoretical or symbolic argument. It is very real. Lead by example is a fundamental principle of leadership. Leadership is inherently strong, and young people are surrounded by weakness in all its forms. Where is the example of strength, self-control, discipline, Spartan austerity?

    You want people to stop arguing about trivial matters. Who is providing them the instructions and the discipline to put aside small things and practice teamwork? Everyone wants us to value hierarchy and be suspicious of liberty, but when it comes to training our young, everyone is a democrat.


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