Alt-Right Rally Outdraws Alt-Lite Rally In Washington, DC

Richard Spencer has transformed into a street activist:

“WASHINGTON — In Washington, D.C., on Sunday, the so-called “alt-right” held two competing rallies led by different factions fighting over ownership of the movement and its message.

At one rally were the media provocateurs and conspiracy theorists famous for interrupting Shakespeare plays and spreading anti-Democrat conspiracy theories, like Laura Loomer and Mike Cernovich. At the other were the hard-line nationalists like Richard Spencer who are sick of the fame-seeking, and want the group to get back to defending white identity and holding Trump accountable to his most far right base.

At that second rally, held at the Lincoln Memorial, top white nationalist leaders proclaimed the difference between the alt-right and what they termed the “alt-light.” The first, they said, wants political change. The latter is just glomming onto the movement for fame.

Calling anyone a member of the “alt-right” is a minefield. The movement contains many factional ideologies, along with individuals who only espouse such beliefs as a means of causing upset. But for Spencer, one of the most visible leaders of the white nationalist bent of the alt-right movement, defining the alt right is simple: It’s a movement that is building a home for white identity. …”

Mic reports there were 300 Alt-Right supporters with Richard Spencer at the Lincoln Memorial and 150 Alt-Lite supporters – including the Oathcucks – with Cernovich at the White House. This is an impressive feat considering that the DC area is known to be such hostile terrain.

I was preoccupied this weekend with the 2017 League of the South National Conference. I’m told by multiple people who were there though that the Alt-Lite rally was low energy. The headliner Roger Stone didn’t show up and phoned it in. Their event was capped by Jack Posobiec rapping in front of a “Free Speech Ain’t Hate Speech” sign with the Oathcucks and a Nigerian in a Trump hat. Gavin McInnes ordered the Proud Boys to boost the Alt-Lite event which will tarnish their brand.

Meanwhile, the real Alt-Right rally at the Lincoln Memorial had all of the energy, greater numbers, better optics, messaging and none of the cucking:

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  1. The cringe is real.

    Nobody outside of these circles differentiates between these various factions. Trump supporters are all lumped together, for good or ill. Y’all are cucks, Kushner’s cucks.

  2. Oathkeepers are cucks with guns. I won’t say armed since you would have to be able (maybe) and willing (!) to use them. High church cuckservatism is still cuckservatism.

    The difference – the deciding line – is whether or not you virue signal and are the only ones playing by Marquis of Queensbury rules even if you keep losing. This part of the Alt-Lite thinks it is more important to be seen as playing nice rather than winning. To insure they aren’t called nasty names like racist.

    At some point I hope Cernovich realizes the Cucked, play nice by the rules, tamed Gorilla mindset isn’t the real and original punch-back Gorilla mindset. The Doberman, Pitbull mindset is not the Yorkie Poodle – or even Chiuhauha mindset though they are all dogs.

    I hope the divisions in the alt-right can be bridged, but for now it is important not to diminish the winning spirit and attitude. There is a problem with all sides accusing the others of cucking at the smallest thing, instead of finding the real cucks and moderates (Vichy). But I believe it will come down to something like Union v.s. Confederacy over the next few years. The Cucks won’t have a place to hide.

  3. Folks who say they stand for The Constitution, yet say, ‘Free Speech ain’t Hate-Speech’, really do confuse me.

    I confess.

  4. “Mic reports there were 300 Alt-Right supporters with Richard Spencer at the Lincoln Memorial and 150 Alt-Lite supporters”

    How reliable are they?

  5. From The Hill—

    “We’re here for peace,” Posobiec told the few dozen supporters who attended the rally….

  6. I have not much liked the Trump Administration, he seems like about 80% Ronald Reagan/ George Bush to maybe 20% William Jennings Bryan. However I don’t want to see him destroyed by the Kathy Griffin’s and Johnny Depps’s of the world either. These show business ‘people’ couldn’t possibly be more clueless. They have as much in common with the working class and the poor base of the Democratic Party as Nelson Rockefeller. They pretend to speak for the Democratic Party but these gated community morons offer nothing but pretentious, vulgar, disgusting crap. The Democratic Party shouldn’t be embarrassed by them.

  7. I would like to see the Lincoln Memorial torn down and replaced by one of Jefferson Davis, I doubt that this happens but I would like to see it.

  8. Alt Lite was cringeworthy with Weird Mike telling people to use their phone and Jack singing “Give Peace a Chance.”

    Alt Right was an actual message of saving White Identity, Enoch was once again the best speaker and attacked Jewish Privilege.

  9. It’s truly great to see the Rebel battle flag and the Kekistani national flag being carried in front of the White House and George Lincoln Rockwell Memorial. And no antifa fags or Baboon Lives Matter terrorists around to ruin the event with their stench. Maybe we will win this thing after all!

  10. I liked that the Alt-Lite has openly adopted AntiFA’s anti-“hate speech” position, and were carrying posters indicating so. That was entertaining.

    The best part may have been the Oathcucks bravely defending the Constitution – by demanding that the first amendment right to free speech be stripped from people the Oathcucks don’t like, violently if necessary. I am surprised no one asphyxiated in the thick clouds of hypocrisy.

  11. Glad that it went good for Spencer and crew.
    Perhaps the most humorous pic in this piece is of the Alt-Light tard with the “antifa are the real fascists” sign!? Seriously? How can a far left person against fascism be like a far right fascist? That sign is the level of intellect that the left and the mainstream in America has degenerated to. Wow.

  12. juniusdaniel1828
    June 26, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    “Folks who say they stand for The Constitution, yet say, ‘Free Speech ain’t Hate-Speech’, really do confuse me.”

    Tyranny Is Free Speech With Exceptions.

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