Third Rail: Dixie Archeo-futurism

A popular Alt-Right podcast recently discussed the possibility of being inspired by Dixie’s rich illiberal intellectual tradition in finding our way forward. The Third Rail discussed the Southern tradition from philosophers such as George Fitzhugh and Richard Weaver to the Agrarians of the 1930s in critiquing both capitalism and Marxism from a traditionalist perspective that is native to North America.

Click here to listen to the Third Rail podcast (the discussion begins at 50 minutes)

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  1. Short populist books by Hunter Wallace…

    Dixie Archeo-Futurism: How the 1850’s can guide the Southern future

    The Alt-Right Pursuation: Realism, Iconoclasm and Indentity

    Three Concepts of Liberty: The real foundation s of American freedom

    Against the Neocon’s: That’s Not Who We Are

    Writers should write. The ideas should then be popularised on podcasts, YouTube and social media.

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