Here’s My Apology

The picture associated with this article has always drawn out a deep seething hatred in me, something coming from the blackest part of my cruel (per shitlibs) heart. It is the epitome of the weakness and impotence of the modern “white” man – an inexcusable image of defective frailty long bereft of their ancestors’ courage and moxie. The fact that this “father” (assuming) included his son in the picture is even more damning. He created generational sycophantic servitude in order to virtue signal and apologize to masses that could care less for his slavish scene.

You shouldn’t make a habit out of apologizing, not to anyone (for the most part). I find that women say “I’m sorry” over the most trivial of things. If there’s anything someone really dislikes, it’s folks apologizing when one isn’t necessary. That’s in the course of every day life. When it comes to politics though, it’s a little different.

Non-whites love an apology, receiving one any way. Even in every day bonafide non-internet life. In fact, black fragility requires that they make a big stink out of getting an apology over every single little perceived slight – “Was’$$$$$ MAh Mo’fUkinnn apoloGayy.”

Yale isn’t immune from it.


The image is from some battle not-so-long ago in our constant Culture War. Something to do with the idea of Yale professors unconcerned with potentially “muh offensive” Halloween costumes. The professor in the image (yeah, not the black guy), assuredly cucked his brains out and apologized for not “getting” colored peoples’ hair-trigger reaction to inconsequential life events.

Let me tell you something, apologizing get’s you nowhere. Especially, with blacks. If anything, it tells them that you are weak. It’s a savage mindset.

But, if they’re itching for an apology, I found a good one. One by Arthur Kemp that should suffice – titled, “An Apology To The Black Man From The White Race.”

We apologize for giving you doctors and free medical care, as a result of which you have been able to survive plagues and catastrophes and grow in numbers;

We apologize for teaching you to read and write, and for building you thousands of schools which we have repaired after you vandalized them and burned them down. After all, if you could not read how could you have learned the words of Karl Marx, Mao Tse-tung, and others who taught you how evil we are and how oppressed you are?

We apologize for building factories and highways and buildings that gave you employment;

We apologize for developing farms which to this day feed the bulk of Africa;

We apologize for providing you with warm clothing made of fabric instead of leaving you wearing the animal skins which you wore before our arrival;

We apologize for taking minerals from the Earth which you neither used, nor wanted, nor even knew were there;

We apologize for those among us who have established welfare organizations and have devoted their entire life towards making life richer and better for your people;

We apologize that we have built roads and railroad tracks between towns and cities which you now use every day without thinking;

We apologize for paying the lion’s share of taxation while spending less on ourselves than on you;

We apologize for giving you law and order and a strong central government which prevented your own warrior nations like the Zulu and the Matabele from slaughtering black people by the hundreds of thousands as they did year in and year out before we came;

We apologize for teaching you the English language which has opened to you the entire world of European thought, culture, and commerce;

For all these sins we humbly beg forgiveness, and if you will only accept our apology we will be happy to take back all of the above evil and horrible things we have done to you and return to our European homeland.

-Originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. I believe that the majority of us, speaking for myself especially, are in absolute agreement with this article. “I’m sorry that a few of my ancestors bought some of your ancestors from the jews (who bought them from other African tribes!) and allowed your ancestors to remain in America after slavery was abolished.” THAT is my only apology to dindunuffins.

  2. Dang, I shouldn’t have closed my comment before I added:
    As for those of our people who’ve been brainwashed into this “I’m sooo sorry” nonsense, I know that a lot of my fellow racialists might like to see them swinging at the end of a rope some day, but I for one would not. I’d instead like to see them RE-EDUCATED instead. We need all of the White souls we can save. The jews would love us to just execute huge numbers of our people, those they’ve ruined, wouldn’t they? This shouldn’t be our solution. We ought to utilize all of those perfectly good FEMA “re-education camps”… to actually re-educate those of our people who need re-educating. The jews and blacks need never set foot in one of them. For them, DEPORTATION is my answer. ALL of them, to Africa (even the jews).

  3. They’re not to be trusted even if re-educated. They already get off on submission of the most disgusting kind, how could you ever be sure their reform was sincere?

    Ship ’em off to Africa with their beloved dindus, alongside the rest. A new production of Liberty Ships — bringing us liberty from the hideous malaise caused by the presence of Jews, dindus, and traitors.

  4. “I believe that the majority of us, speaking for myself especially, are in absolute agreement with this article.” — Jim B.

    I’m one of them.

  5. You can rage at those cucks till the cows come home, waste of time.

    Myself I doubt them and I dare them to double down, maybe they should chop their own testes off.

  6. Yo, Brad: Call Sessions and get us the scoop. He should talk to you! Don’t dilly dally.

  7. This is the type of AGGRESSIVE BULLSHIT when dealing with NIGGERS.

    That picture is INDICATIVE of the CONFRONTATIONAL, ‘in your face’ attitude TAUGHT NIGS in dealing with WHITES. They ALWAYS do it, and they do it to PROVOKE YOU!

    As WASPS have a heightened sense of ‘personal space,’ this sort of ‘in your face’ approach is IMPLICIT ASSAULT…. and the sons of slaves KNOW THIS!!!

    When this happens, the natural response of Whites, is either to push the aggressor away, or to back up. The first response allows the fucking darkies to ‘call the police’ and press charges against YOU for ‘assault, when you (as a white man) have ALREADY BEEN ASSAULTED by the NIGGER! The second response is taken by these savages as a ‘gesture of defeat’ which only emboldens them, further.

    It’s time to have us all carry pepper spray, to DISABLE an ATTACKER, when a Black gets in your face.
    Because they are NOT Human, and do not respect our Cultural Boundaries. Of course, a gun works 100% of the time it is used, but until we are allowed free reign to hunt, we have to ‘be wise as serpents’ until then.

    • @Don,
      Whites owe them nothing anyway. If they were left in Africa, they wouldn’t get health care, modern housing, human rights, free speech or food security. Some are multimillionaires who play basketball or sing rap music and have been free to make it big in life without knowing any discrimination.
      The life they’ve enjoyed since the end of slavery
      more than compensates for it. We’ve more than
      paid the price for it.
      How many white victims of black crime have there been in that time? Should blacks compensate them?
      That blacks refused to return to Africa after slavery tells you something about them. They knew where they’d be better off living.

  8. Carrying pepper spray is a capital idea, because you never know when some easily angered coon is going to get in your face over the most trivial offense. I would further suggest that you not stick around waiting for the cops to show up.

    As far as Halloween costumes go if I ever wear one again I will make sure it offends the coloreds, the jews and the liberals. I think I’ll put on blackface makeup and sing “Mammy” like (((Al Jolson))) in The Jazz Singer.

  9. The ‘So Sorry’ photo op of cowed Whites begging for Black crumbs of forgiveness and understanding makes me puke. It will get no likes or faves from BlackLivesMatter#. But it does embolden the enemies of White heritage America. It is racial porn and a jew wet dream. It is an open provocation to the Blacks to up the beat on their grievance rap. It is an open provocation to me to give him a pfft of Walmart bear repellent.

    ‘So Sorry’ father is probably doing this because he thinks his abject posture and libtard piety will give him a chance with some jewed, virtue-signalling thot. She’s probably featured him on Facebook under her latest cause.

    White action would take a pair of bolt cutters to those chains and that makeshit wooden contraption (can’t even make a pair of stocks in a workmanlike manner) stand that father up and frogmarch him home with junior in tow. Instructions and appropriate discipline would follow – preferably in front of thot and junior.

    In a Western prairie town this was the type of behaviour that got you tarred, feathered and made to walk the rail to the next town. By the time the local tribe had put a few arrows into you and if you managed to arrive, you had a complete attitude adjustment on how to live with your fellow Whites.

  10. If you’re not carrying a gun don’t get pepper spray, get bear spray. It shoots much farther and is stronger.

  11. I agree with the personal space encroachment thing. That fucker is just begging to be throat-punched, but would cry like a bitch if that happened. I am a large man and very strong. I have had people like that try to provoke me in similar fashion. In my younger days I would have taken the bait and shoved them out of my face, now I return the favor and try to provoke them back. Tell him he looks like he’s a “down-low” bottom bitch and ask him how he wants it. That 2MAO-A Gene will often do the rest. Lots of black guys just assume they are tougher than everybody. They aren’t.

    That picture of the white dad in shackles, or the other one floating around with what looks like the whole family chained up: that makes me seethe with deep dark hatred and contempt.

  12. “I’m sorry” means different things to different cultures. Among high empathy people like Whites it can either mean; I feel bad because I did something wrong, or, I feel bad for you because something bad happened to you and I feel your pain. In low empathy cultures, the second meaning is often not applicable. If you say I’m sorry it is solely interpreted to mean that you did something wrong.
    If a White cop justifiably shoots a Black criminal in self defense and says “I’m sorry this had to happen and wish it didn’t”, then to Blacks it means he has just confessed that he has done something wrong and needs to be punished.
    You have to be careful with the I’m sorries, it can escalate a situation instead of de-escalating it.

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