Self Defense at UniteTheRight Rally in Charlottesville VA

DS has an excellent blog article about what to do and not do at Alt Right rallies, when there are going to be violent Antifa and system/police opposition

Operational Security at Right Wing Rallies (link)

I would like to invite OD readers to share their personal experiences and suggestions for the upcoming rally in Charlottesville VA.

I’ll share my experiences and recommendations in the comments section.


  1. Bring old single reflex cameras with stout leather or nylon straps. They make great flails.

  2. I’ve been to ~ 5 Alt Right, Southern Nationalists, Anti Sharia protests, not counting things like Amren conferences.

    The first was with David Duke in the mid 1990s opposing New Orleans Blacks, Antifa threatening to take down Confederate Monuments which they finally did this year. I mouthed off to some mixed race Leftists, they didn’t have Antifa yet. I tried to start a chant “Support Korean Grocers, Support Korean Grocers”.

    The Duke organizers requested that I stop doing this, which I did.

    The League of the South demos against Tyons flooding Middle Tennesee with Somalian Muslim low wage workers was a success – what worked was a strict dress code, discipline – don’t engage antis, look good and wave to normies. The Cops were sympathetic.

    My last demo was Chicago demo against Sharia law. 30 of us actives against ~ 250 LGBT, Antifa, 3 or 4 Islamists (one real pretty Persian gal). This one had potential for violence, but we were prepared.

    I highly recommend going as a biker. But ride a real Motorcycle Bike, otherwise you come off as a flaming queer Village People fag.

    Bikers are feared and respected, Bikers for Trump were really the only folks that held the streets in Trump rallies.

    The Biker look has sensible self defense things like a helmet, leather jacked, strong boots.

    As for as self defense weapons, the cops took my small utility knife. I recommend hard wood flag poles and Canemaster Canes.

    Maybe have a couple of concealed carry, but understand you’re going to get brutally persecuted if you use a gun under any circumstance.

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