Uniting The White: The White Wing Is Getting Its Act Together

The SPLC has written a dumb article on the Unite the Right rally.

It is disingenuous even by their standards. There hasn’t been an explicitly pro-White event of this size in the United States in the 21st century. For all the talk about bickering, about 200 more people say they are coming on Facebook than was the case a few weeks ago.

No one knows how many people will ultimately show up in Charlottesville on August 12th. The event has been advertised all over social media. Undoubtedly, many of the people who say they are coming on Facebook won’t show up, but many more will come through other platforms like Twitter where we spend the majority of our time. Many will come through anonymous forums like 4chan or will just show up without indicating they are coming on social media to avoid doxxing.

As far as the White Wing is concerned (Alt-Right, Southern Nationalists, White Nationalists), there has never been an event in which there has been more cooperation. The normally fractious “movement” has found greater cohesion and is becoming much more active in the real world. Traditionally, these groups have been preoccupied with expressing their differences and posting anonymous messages on the internet. The trend for over a decade was away from real world activism.

The politically correct wings of the Alt-Lite, Patriot and Southern heritage movements won’t show up at #UniteTheRight because they have reputations to preserve with the mainstream media. We never expected them to come anyway. At the same time, there are emerging leaders involved in all of those movements who aren’t so timid and they will be there. The Proud Boys are divided over the event and the ones who were inclined to come are free to do so. There are Patriots and Southern heritage activists who are accustomed to being called “racists” and don’t care anymore. Everywhere they go they are called “racists” anyway and Charlottesville won’t be any different.

Compared to #UniteTheRight, the Berkeley protests were comparatively small. None of the Alt-Lite’s Free Speech rallies have been anywhere near the size of this event. There have been large Patriot rallies in Texas and elsewhere, but it has been old people and none of them have been major clashes with Antifa. The Charlottesville Police Department is expecting around 4,000 people to participate on August 12th. This event is going to be a whole different magnitude of size and intensity.

The only event that #UniteTheRight will compare to that comes to mind is the Hammerfest 2002/Rock Against Israel rally at the peak of WN 1.0 in Washington, DC after the death of William Pierce in August 2002. There were around 500 White Nationalists at that event. Just out of curiosity, what does a block of White Nationalists that big look like marching into a town?

Note: The aesthetics are going to be very different a week from now. There were will also be more of us in Charlottesville than were in DC that day. You’re crazy to miss this.

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  1. HW, you should be helping to provide information on how people can get together to attend this rally. There are doubtless many isolated individuals who would love to go but can’t or don’t want to show up alone and risk being attacked. I understand there is also the possibility that individuals who aren’t affiliated with any of the registered participants may be be prohibited from entering the park at all.

    • Ok so I’ll be pretty pissed if I make a 12 hour drive there just to be told that I can’t attend a PUBLIC EVENT because I’m an individual who isn’t a member of any group. That’s pretty retarded considering that this thing has been advertised like crazy.

    • “I understand there is also the possibility that individuals who aren’t affiliated with any of the registered participants may be be prohibited from entering the park at all.”

      Wait a minute. Is that correct? Can someone definitively address this? Thanks

  2. Hunter please try to stress discipline, a sensible dress code and very strict rules about weapons. The League of the South Demos, Amren are successful because they have strict rules about dress and conduct.

    This Unite the Right seems to be inviting anyone and everyone to just show up with the prospect of confronting violent Antifa and system law enforcement in a Liberal college town. Please re-read and teach the sensible advice from DS who have experience in these Alt Right demos when there are violent Antifa – our people get hassled, persecuted – it gets expensive and very time consuming as in lost years.


    Here are some of their key points:

    1) Use Devices and Accounts Specific to the Event (USE SIGNAL)

    Don’t bring your personal smart phone with all your twitter comments, all your contacts, all you politically incorrect photos etc

    2) Don’t Look Like a Paramilitary Force

    That’s a good way to get Wacoed

    3) Don’t get Caught on the Streets Alone

    4) If you get mixed up in something heavy, get scarce fast (Consider leaving the country)

    5) Be safe, come home in one piece, and end ZOG.

    • John are you high? Most of the people who will be attending this are from outside the South, This is UNITE THE RIGHT. Southern Nationalists are part of the RIGHT. We are all coming together for one goal. SURVIVAL

      • Yes, Billy Ray, I’m quite aware that this Southern Nationalist event is being framed as “Unite the Right.” Southern Nationalists are attempting to frame embrace of the Confederacy as part of white advocacy.

        It doesn’t matter how many of the persons who’ll be attending the event are non-Southerners. Every non-Southerner who’ll attend the event is, as I’ve said, confused.

        Southern Nationalists are not part of the right. The right is racists, like me. It has nothing to do with the Confederacy.

        • Bone of Contention, are you that damn myopic? Of COURSE the South matters- they’re the only ones who ever have in this arena.

          • That’s probably why there’s been so little progress, padre. It’s hard to preserve white civilization when you’re depending on a region that’s not part of it.

      • SN’s demand everyone else’s full support, but struggle to extend so much as mealy-mouthed rhetorical support to anyone else.

        The Confederacy is nothing but a burden to white southerners. If I were a southerner, I’d be leading the charge to remove all Confederate symbolism, and doing so in the name of advancing white southerners’ racial interests.

    • I remember this asshole Bonaccorsi! He is a God damn Never Trumper! He is no white man at all! I had exchanges with this POS during the presidential campaign. It should be obvious that anybody who is an enemy of the South is no friend of the Alt-Right. Keep your eye out for this FBI informant and fraud.

      • Thank God, Bridges, the alt-right has an alert defender like you; otherwise, the regulars, who’ve been reading my comments here, at Occidental Dissent, for years, might not realize who I am.

        • Ha Ha. This is vintage Jew. Probably a vintage from the Cargasacchi Vineyard. Just like the Coerleones were in the olive oil business.

  3. I’m not a Nazi. I’m a white christian nationalist. The Nazi thing scares a lot people. I am just a white protestant pissed off at the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic cartel’s theft, supplanting, and destruction of white christian nations. I believe we have to put forth a collective effort to stop it before we are all lost to oblivion.

    • Too god damn bad if the “nazi thing” scares a lot of people. Good, let them be scared! Hopefully us National Socialists will give them a great deal to be scared of.

  4. Hope all government infiltrators sowing discord among the Right will be caught and “hanged”…

  5. LOL! I read Bonaccorsi’s contentious remarks here and I wonder how the hell I managed to get banned from posting on DS! Fascinating!

  6. I hope there is some realistic policy towards dealing with the armed “OathKeepers” who are ex military, law enforcement who go around threatening and harassing Alt Right, Neo Conferderates looking for EVIL RACISTS. The Oathkeepers have used illegal alien thugs to attack our people.

    • Mr. Ryan, surely you aren’t afraid of those middle aged, pot-bellied Oaf Queefers or their gook sons?

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