Beyond the Wall: Plantation Futurism

Recently, I had the honor of being on Beyond the Wall, a podcast for Alt-Right goys in Latin America. We discussed a lot of subjects, including the Golden Circle, Duginism, the South as a conquered nation, Whites in Latin America, types of empires, nationalism in Spain, Carlistas, the Valley of the Fallen, etc. I apologize for the poor audio quality on my end. But hopefully y’all will enjoy it as much as I did.

Click here for the podcast!


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  1. Those caballeros put out a great podcast. Unfortunately, far too many racially-conscious White North Americanos think everyone who lives south of the Rio Grande is a greasy brown cut-throat who wears a poncho and a sombrero, like in those Sergio Leone spaghetti westerns with Lee van Cleef and Clint Eastwood.

  2. Greco-Iberians are White. Mestizos are not-White. But don’t overlook the fact that that the Iberian elite in Mexico City is viciously hostile to our nation and race.

    • Just as the Americans are hostile towards their nation and race. Heck America’s elite are the most anti-White elites in the world.

    • I can vouch for that. I had a spanish european roommate from Mexico who hated the anglos more than plenty of mestizos do. Ditto for some other latin americans.

      Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t recognize those who want to ally with us. Among those of european stock, it’s common for the ones who acknowledge the jew to not hate the anglo. The european ones who won’t name the jew tend to hate us whiteys, while more of the mestizos hate the jews but ally with them against us publicly. You could say the anti-anglo pro-jew spanish are the biggest problem.

  3. I’ve met a handful of Nationalist in Mexico who claim to be “Iberian” “french” “Spaniard”. All are castizo stock at best. Don’t be fooled by this trash. These mongrels have nothing to add to real Nothern European Nationalism. What passes as white down there is totally different from what “white” is.

    • There certainly are many castizos. However, there are many Whites as well. I met many Latin American Whites while living in Europe who were just as White as any White American.

      • The only true ‘american whites’ in the eyes of the jews and their minions is the WASP, and then the germans/celts who look like them. Argentina and Brazil especially encouraged immigration from Germany and other european countries during a period, so there might be some whiteys living there, but overall I’d take issue with this assertion.

        I went to school at the most popular destination for ‘white’ latin american foreigners, and live in an area of the country with ethnic enclaves from almost every nation on the planet.

    • Whiteness is admired and aspired to in Latin America. Mestizos and Castizos have historically sided with Whites against negroes and indians, they’re probably the best allies the White race has ever had. Whereas in the US even your own Whites are anti-White and the country is so toxic that mestizos immediately become anti-white, not in small part because of unhelpful attitudes like the ones you display.

      • You make some very good points. A lot of mestizos, castizos, injuns and creoles sided with Dixie against the Union. And our White ruling ‘elite’ are extremely hostile towards White middle and working class Americans.

    • Fair amount of truth, there.

      But the latin american countries also harbor widespread hatred of the jews, prevalent among the entire span of classes and ethnicities/races. So alienating those closer to us is not a good idea. We need allies and so do they. On average, the spanish are cut of a very different cloth than the italians. Even the southern europeans recognize the utter depravity of the italians.

      It’s this collapsing of broad swathes of spanish and the portuguese into an us category so completely that’s problematic. Such exaggerations and rationalizations are what started us down the path of destruction to begin with.

      We should maintain a sense of who we are while simultaneously working with our friends and comrades.

  4. Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina is one awake man. He openly speaks about the Zionist takeover and the damage done to Argentina by the Jew bankers. There are videos of him on YT that are in English.

  5. Great episode. I’m inclined to agree with one of the hosts on Venezuela’s independence, and I feel the same way in regards to the American Rebellion.

    I literally didn’t know whites existed south of the border until about a year ago. One guy in my class was a white Mexican, he spoke perfect English (no strong accent) and was of pure Spanish and I believe German stock. I was actually shocked and amazed when I found out he was a Mexican.

  6. About 70% of Spanish look like about 70% of Scots or Welsh. I think they have some common ancestry. None of them look Swedish, but blond hair and blue/green eyes are very widespread. I’ve been to Spain, and love the people. Regardless of your view of Latin America, back in Spain they are civilized, white and Christian.

    • There are significant differences between the Spanish and the Scots and Welsh, depending on which Welsh particularly (even less true for the Scots although most darker Irish have Spanish blood). Real blonde hair and blue eyes are not that widespread, either, although it does exist.

      • @Onceler,
        Yes, you have a valid point. But there are dark Scots, Welsh and Cornish, and there are blond Spanish (and Italians). The overlap is vast. When you look st your average Welshman, you don’t see simply Celtic or Anglo Saxon or Viking- its like, there’s something else going on here.
        John Cleese, Billy Connelly, Sean Connery, Rowan Atkinson……if they lived in Spain, they’d blend right in.

      • @spahnranch1969

        “The coloreds are a race that is naturally inclined towards servitude.”

        Used to be, they were instructed to perform useful work.

        Now, they’re instructed by SJWs to hate and attack YT.

        They have no thoughts, ideas, opinions or political ideology, save that which is given to them by their exploiters and handlers.

        They didn’t even know that they had any rights to demand, until someone told them that they did. Without (((SJWs))), they could be returned to their pre Civil Rights state within same amount of time as it took to stir them up.

      • If that were so, they wouldn’t have needed to be forced. ‘Nature’ didn’t incline them; other human beings (their own leaders included) forced them and never ceased using force to keep them in servitude.

        This attitude will always fail.

  7. I believe in being proud of your heritage everyone has a right to be proud and exist however I find it extremely difficult to get my head around the “pure race” attitude as such a thing doesn’t exist and never will, it is a fallacy perpetuated through ignorance of basic biology. Racism would be eradicated overnight if DNA profiling became manditory all these “race haters” would look very silly when they find out their DNA contains threads from all over the world, which is the case for everyone, no exceptions(unless you claim to be of extraterrestrial origin).

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