American Warrior Revolution: Shame On Charlottesville Police Chief

American Warrior Revolution saw what happened in Charlottesville too:

Note: So did the ACLU, Infowars, Faith Goldy of The Rebel and countless other people who were there and witnessed the actions of the police. The “Capital of the Resistance” ceded the streets to Antifa and pushed the Alt-Right into crowd of anarchists.

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  1. Look at them eyes of the police chief.

    Deceitful – down to the core.

    There ain’t no mistakin’ that.

    • He looks terribly depressed to me. Defeated even.

      And those feels would be appropriate, he knows he is screwed. McAuliffe’s lifeboat only has room for one.

  2. Junior, his worse days are ahead of him whether he knows it or not. But, I think he knows it and I see resignation in his eyes not deceit. Of course, we know he’s a deceiver.

  3. My anger is reserved solely for the white ones. It’s a competition to the death and at least these blacks, rightly or wrongly, are loyal to their own. I can’t think of a fate too horrific for our sadist white betrayers. The medieval methods and apparatus of our ancestors are what I have in mind.

  4. You lost me with the first “fuck”. But, it is refreshing to hear the truth. It resonates like the ring of a “Liberty Bell”. Take it for what it’s worth, from an old, tired, working-class white grandpa: you have MANY pouring to your site to glean TRUTH concerning Charlottesville. Take notice, and govern yourselves accordingly. Foremost, THANK YOU for carrying a fight that I should’ve been a part of years ago! God Speed; I’m praying for you…

  5. Guess it should be obvious now that the po lice are
    not the supporters of freedom… they serve those
    who sign their paycheck.

    Trump had better make it crystal clear that he doesn’t
    support po lice who stand down for their masters, the juice.

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