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  1. She did a fine job, and I salute her for her bravery.

    Lamentably, Miss Faith has yet to come to grips with a fundamental concept – that no explanations, no matter how cogently articulated, will ever get her detractors from regarding her as the reincarnation of Reinhard Heydrich, and for their desire to bathe in her blood.

    Well-meaning Whites, such as her, have not yet quite awakened to the Natur of The Beast.

    But … she is getting there.

    I wish her well.

  2. Her, Lauren Southern, Baked Alaska, and many others had put their own reputations on the line to support or at least report the rally. They all did an amazing job, including the groups overlooked and never mentioned. All you hear about is Kessler, which the alt-lite is pretending had organized the whole event single handily. Lol, he organized nearly 7,000 people? Not! This was a team effort, from various groups.

    The alt-lite are sadder joke than the antifa these days, and far more cowardly. How many times have our boys and girls had to go and defend them at their own rallies as they were getting attacked by antifa? Berkeley, Huntington, etc. they can’t say otherwise because the videos are all online showing who and which groups were doing the fighting on their behalf.

  3. Women on our side are incredibly gorgeous, in stark contrast to those tattooed things on the other side. Feels great to have them on board.

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