Predictions for Germany

Germany is about to enter a colossal pension crisis due to a severe demographic contraction. Pension shortfalls will worsen each year as more German workers retire and less young people exist to enter the workforce. For years, the government has been grappling with the question of how to meet growing pension payments with a shrinking workforce. If they can’t find a solution then they can’t stay in power. The only real solution would to be to pay less to retirees and increase taxes on workers, but if politicians introduced such unpopular measures, they’d soon be out of office.

Idiocy in Action

Merkel’s government, encouraged and aided by a compliant MSM, viewed the large influx of refugees as a means to solve the crisis. These newcomers would be converted into German workers, thus answering the question of how to meet growing pension payments with a shrinking workforce. Of course, this was sheer idiocy with predictable results. However, they were deluded enough to think that the refugees would be turned into productive citizens and rescue German pensioners. This hasn’t turned out to be the case.

Who Would’ve Thought That Blacks & Muslims Don’t Lead to Economic Growth?

They’ve tried pointless programs such as creating thousands of jobs that pay one Euro per hour and offering skills training and language classes. They’ve even put out a ridiculous study proclaiming that 50 percent of these 3rd world creatures will be at work with 5 years. The media is doing its part by trying desperately to gaslight the public, but these efforts can’t obscure obvious failure forever. This influx has been very expensive. Each one of them is entitled to room and board, along with a monthly stipend of roughly 350 euros (a fortune in the shitholes they come from). Financially, it’s becoming clear that they are a significant liability that will exacerbate, not mollify, Germany’s pension crisis.

Primitive Savages Bring Primitive Savagery

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Even more troubling is that this army of Muslim and African men isn’t entirely idle. They’ve spent their time in Germany carrying out a campaign of rape, mayhem, and murder. Almost daily, reports of horrific crimes leak out in alt media. We’ve all read plenty of them with bewilderment and outrage. Worse for Merkel, the infliction of these appalling atrocities have begun to fray the patience and tolerance of a people who have been severely brainwashed. I really can’t think of a better way to redpill a German on Muslims and Africans then to let a massive horde of them into his country to murder and rape at his expense.

Voting With Their Feet

Just like every other place on Earth suffering from vibrancy, whites vote with their feet. Even if they dare not speak the reason, reality compels them act on precisely what the Alt-Right articulates. Germany’s non-German population now accounts for 1/5th of the total and it’s rising fast as the natives shrink. This has driven many productive Germans to relocate in despair. Over the past decade, more than 1.5 million of them have exited their homeland. Many relocate to places like neighboring Hungary, which have rejected Islamization. The loss of these assets is sure to continue and will further compound the crisis. Merkel knows this, which is why she’s bringing the EU to bear against the sane countries to the east. Nearby havens to which Germans can flee will be very detrimental to its economy as the situation inexorably deteriorates. When more businesses decide to leave, their employees will follow. That’s when it will really speed up.

They Fucked Up, And They Know It

Germany’s leaders have access to the damning migrant statistics. This is why they’ve been careful to share as little as possible with the public. They know about the horrendous crime, huge expenses, and the fact that thousands more are still pouring in each month. Bavarian premier Horst Seehofer recently announced that it was a “great illusion” for Germans to hope that these animals are sent away because nonsense about legal technicalities makes it “impossible”. Comments like this indicate that the panicked politicians are well aware of their people’s desired course of action. They seem to understand their severe mistake, but a change in course would also be an admission of guilt. You can’t reverse your own policy without tacitly admitting that you shouldn’t have done it in the first place.

A Helpful Jew Comes To The Rescue (For Now)

In order to avoid inciting a broad backlash, the government has pursued a strategy of information suppression. They do their best to keep the public uninformed about migrant numbers and atrocities by only releasing as little information as possible. This is meant to help people believe that the outrages committed against their communities are isolated incidents. For instance, when the NYE sexual assaults in Cologne made world headlines, it only leaked out much later that these atrocities had been committed on an immense scale in cities across Germany. The second is to censor the internet and arrest those who criticize their policies. This suppression is led by former Stasi agent Anetta Kahane. It’s a sign of their desperation. Unfortunately for them, this wretched Jew can’t change reality by jailing the people who post about it on FB.

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What’s Next?

Several things are certain and obvious:

  1. Germany is running out of money as its workforce begins an enormous contraction.
  2. There aren’t enough young Germans to pay for the retirees, and this problem worsens each year.
  3. The refugees are making the financial situation much worse, not helping as intended.
  4. Germans are getting really angry at their imported barbarism and this can’t be suppressed forever.
  5. If they can’t fund pensions, then they can’t fund the foreign horde either.

Germany can add massive civil unrest to its looming list of problems brought on by fiscal insolvency. The foreign, parasitic population is already nearly 20% with more steadily pouring in. There’s a lot of trouble on the horizon, and the best they can do is to lock people up who point it out. In order to save Germany, they would have to enact a rightwing fantasy plan. People who hold such ideas in Germany can’t speak out without legal repercussions. How could they ever get on a ballot? Intense financial difficulties and sectarian violence are far more likely outcomes than physical removal.

There Will Be Blood

The migrants have been led to believe that they are owed much by the infidels, including their country. Many aspire to bring their families to Germany in accordance with human rights laws. This can’t happen because it would bring the country crashing down overnight. By reaching Germany, these creatures basically won the lottery. After being accustomed to receiving a huge sum each month with the expectation of even better in the future, what happens when they’re told to leave? We all know how barbaric they can be simply for the sake of entertaining themselves. Some might go peacefully if bribed, but many will physically fight being returned to their native miasma.

What Happens Next?

Germany is a great example of how a deeply indebted government funded by a sharply contracting white population can sustain neither its elderly nor the massive subhuman population it has imported. Financial ruin is not a “What if?” scenario. It’s already started, and will unfold predictably according to demographic charts as more and more workers retire. Every German who flees abroad will enhance the speed of the fall. Every new invader who arrives will convince more to leave, who will be followed by more still not wishing to be left behind. We know from wastelands all over America that this is how a place spirals. Tragically, an exodus of whites always happens rather than an expulsion of diversity.

-By Tom Shackleford and originally published on Identity Dixie.


  1. They didn’t fuck up. White Genocide has always been the plan. All the economic and anti-racist crap is just a smokescreen more and more people are seeing through. Yeah, it’s failed but Merkel and the rest of her traitors have no intention of backing off. The dumbed down, demoralized native Germans will probably reelect her.

    • Yes. Only people who have been brainwashed themselves, such as this author, completely discount the idea of willful malevolence – i.e. pure evil – as motivation for the actions of other human beings.

      Once you create a completely materialist society with no moral compass whatsoever, and you brainwash the people, from birth, with the idea that all human beings are born “good” and only do wrong due to their environment (no concept of a sinful nature), then you end up with people, like this writer, unwittingly co-operating in the planned destruction of their culture/society because they cannot recognize malicious intent when it is plain as day.

      Merkel and the EUrocrats, and people like Obama, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, etc. are the weak narcissistic products of a broken system (totalitarian administrative “democracy”) which, by its nature, gives misanthropic sociopaths free reign.

      Ah, let’s give the vote to women. What could go wrong?

      • One more point: the face of that hate-filled Jew Kanane shown above is the face of every misanthropic hate-filled Boomer feminist bureaucrat in every government office in every town and city in every Western nation. The works of these haters are not ‘mistakes’ or ‘errors.’ They do not “mean well;” they are evil.

  2. There isn´t going to be any worker shortage. Baby boomers in the US has reached retirement age since 2011 but there are nearly 100 millions working age individuals without a job.

  3. Diversity moves in, and the whites vacate.
    ‘Human rights’ always serves only the non-whites. The rights of those of us who are shot, robbed, raped or violated in any way by these subhumans…well hush, hush…..we won’t bring that up.
    Its funny how whites are despised everywhere they are, yet human rights violations of non-whites are committed only by other non-whites, compelling them to invade us (those evil, evil whites).
    Western politicians don’t even discust me anymore. They are sinister traitors who need to be sued by any victims of enrichment, or indeed overthrown.

    • The author of the “Conversations with God” book series kept getting told by God that Hitler is in heaven.

      The author, quite the Lefty, kept coming back to it. “Are you sure? I don’t understand this.”

      But God never wavered. “Yes. Hitler is in Heaven.”

      I think that’s why those books got more and more out there. The connection got weaker and weaker because the guy just couldn’t accept what God was telling him.


  4. Great article, Silas. But there also is a NWO agenda along with it. I am sure the barbarians will do a far better job of drawing, quartering and disemboweling the politicians than the brainwashed Aryans would do. So, delightfully, there is a little ray of sunshine in otherwise very dark skies.

  5. I think it’s fine if Poland, Hungary, Czechia, and Slovakia decide to let white German refugees build homes, factories, and German-language schools. But it must be made clear from the outset that they and all their descendants are guests who will never be allowed to vote or hold public office. Long-term they are expected to re-colonize Germanistan after its socialist diversitopia collapses.

    Progressivism is a universalist religion. If you deny it sovereignty over some part of the world and offer refuge to its overtaxed wealth-creators, Progressivism will eat its own shit and die. But if you let those refugees vote, Progressivism will spread like a necrotic tumor, as e.g. Californians flee to other states and then vote for the same policies that wrecked California.

  6. With all the stuff HW is doing right now you really think he has the time to read your long-winded essays? He’s not some old coot with suspenders and a straw hat sitting on a lawn chair waving at cars and people passing by his house all day long.

  7. Keep your opinions to yourself when they’re not relating to something that is on the topic board. Other people do read, instead of sitting in front of their TV 24 seven.

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