TIME: The ‘Alt-Right’ Has Created Alt-Christianity

I’m not sure that I would call it Alt-Christianity:

“When I was in Charlottesville as part of a clergy delegation to protest the Unite the Right rally, I got to look into the faces of “out” Nazis and white supremacists for the first time in my 61 years. And they looked scarily normal. They’re the guys arranging stock at the local big box store or the desk jockeys in a cubicle farm. Decent. Clean cut. Surprisingly young. And white. No doubt I looked into these faces before — on the street, in a restaurant, in church — but I didn’t know it because they weren’t carrying Nazi and Confederate flags, semi-automatic rifles and shields. …

So as traditional Christian institutions shrink, stagnate and struggle, Spencer and his white-supremacist allies, feeling supported by Donald Trump, are creating a violent alt-Christianity, as their counterparts in the Middle East have created an alt-Islam. They are supplying their followers with alt-liturgies, alt-mysticism, and alt-magic and are willing to smash, burn, destroy and kill for it, as they idolize their vision of “America” as a white “ethno-state,” an absolutized, divinized race and nation.

In Charlottesville, I saw Nazi flags on American soil and alt religious fervor in the faces of American Nazis and white nationalists. The message I will bring to faith leaders around our nation is both urgent and clear: Aristotle was right. Nature indeed abhors a vacuum. If we don’t provide emerging generations with genuine identity, community and purpose through robust and vibrant spiritual communities, somebody else will do so. If good religion slumbers and stagnates, bad religion is the alternative.”

The Alt-Right is divided on religion.

The #UniteTheRight crowd in Charlottesville was composed of Christians, pagans, deists, atheists and agnostics. As far as religion goes, the one thing that united everyone in that crowd was the rejection of mainstream Christianity, which is perceived as weak, effeminate and unappealing.

As a Christian, I don’t believe in the sins of racism, sexism, nativism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, white privilege or anti-Semitism. None of these secular leftwing sins existed a century ago. Most of them were conjured into existence in academia and were pushed into the mainstream by the mass media. They were unknown to even to ancient and modern philosophers and theologians. Martin Luther has been condemned for anti-Semitism by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The Southern Baptist Convention has condemned its own founders on the grounds of racism.

The Christianity of Russell Moore isn’t the Christianity of Stonewall Jackson and Robert Lewis Dabney. The Lutheranism of Martin Luther isn’t the Lutheranism of ELCA. The Christianity of Oliver Cromwell or Hernán Cortés isn’t the Christianity of Pope Francis. There was no such thing as the sin of “racism” in the 19th century. Everyone hasn’t accepted the religion of the Baby Boomer generation.

I saw these clergy come out to pray for us on July 8th and August 12th in Charlottesville. These Unitarians who don’t even believe in God came with their ukuleles to play Pete Seeger and John Lennon songs. We didn’t get much of a chance to interact with these people, but they represent everything we dislike about mainstream Christianity and why it is in decline.

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    • Essential. Kind of like how the AIDS virus kills immunity.

      In their own environment, they were naught but a small group of primitive desert dwellers, it was in the Europe influenced under christianity that they became what (((they))) are today.

  1. (((Mainstream ‘Christianity’)))

    I have to take issue with the ‘alt-islam,’ bullshit, too. The murderous goat-fucking jihadis are following their satanic religion to the letter.

    • I knew I should have saved the link.

      About a year ago I came across a mainstream online article in which they discussed “radical” Islam and how it actually corresponds to Islamic teaching.

      The most interesting and important thing that was in it was a paragraph which presented clearly and succinctly, but without fanfare (naturally), that the MAIN DiFFERENCE — possibly the only difference — between ISIS and the “moderate” Muslims is timing.

      ISIS thinks that the end of the world is immanent, so they attack the unbelievers wherever they find them and exterminate apostates because this will bring about the Final Battle at Dabiq, in which Mohammed and Jesus Christ will lead the armies of Islam to slaughter the infidels and send them all to hell (I’m not joking about this unfortunately).

      The “moderate” Muslims believe EXACTLY the same thing, but disagree that the end of the world is immanent. It could occur at any time, but there as of right now, there is no indication that the Battle of Dabiq is slated to happen in the immediate future.

      In short, this article states that BOTH the “extremists” and “moderates” think that the infidels have to be butchered when the time is right. The sole difference is that the extremists think that the “sign” has already been given, whereas the moderates think that the “sign” to start killing hasn’t been given — yet.

      TLDR: If this article is accurate, they all want to kill us. They just disagree on when.

  2. “Nature indeed abhors a vacuum. If we don’t provide emerging generations with genuine identity, community and purpose through robust and vibrant spiritual communities, somebody else will do so.”

    In other words, let’s find more persuasive ways to peddle our bullshit.

    These people don’t understand that this is about survival, and Christian leaders today have ceded the right of white people to self-preservation in fact if not in words. The vast majority of young people are not going to follow bullshit feelz to their own genocide. Whether Christian leaders want to acknowledge reality or not, that is what everybody knows is at stake. These Christian leaders might as well preach to the Romans not to “hate” the Goths and open their hearts to them as fellow Christians. The Goths are still a threat, and they will still sack Rome.

  3. It has separated the sheep from the goats. Those who only used christianity to virtue signal and those who really belive in Christ. Those who reject the initiation of force with those who would use it first in anger. Those who would evangelize by the word and those who would do so by the sword.

    Christianity has few commandments. I am to love my neighbor, but I don’t have to love their sin.

    The bait and switch is itself a tell. When I point out that having a child out of wedlock condemns that child to a damaged upbringing< then point out 70%+ of blacks are such and we should do something, I am called a racist. But most churches want to reach out to (non-widow) single mothers without talking about the divorce or fornication or adultery problem.

    The deists, pagans, etc. see that church, but the true Christianity is both equal and alt-right. God is no respecter of persons. He is a judge that does not virtue signal and cannot be bribed.

    There is one critical issue: Abortion. It is either a holocaust or medical procedure. I'm surprised that the Alt-right takes it more seriously (though not uniformly so) than the left or the cucks. If the Alt-right is willing to end Abortion, I must side with them. Cantwell is pro-life though is working through it.

    On another point, what works is Christendom. Europe before 1910, and the USA before the 1960's nonsense. Not everyone was Christian, but everyone acted like it, or a particular strain emphasizing thrift, the work ethic, independence but with charity. To get back to Cantwell, how about rebooting to what we knew worked for a generation or two before tinkering, morally, culturally, even if you don't go to church.

    • ” Christianity has few commandments. I am to love my neighbor, but I don’t have to love their sin.”

      The West has this completely messed up-here’s what that verse really means.

      “Love your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and not the enemies of God. “-Saint Theodosius of the Kiev Caves, Russian Orthodox.

      Protestant Impastors are not even valid Clergymen.

  4. God has made of one blood all the nations of Adam and determined the bounds of their habitation. Now whether you believe all races descended from Adam or only the Caucasian people that does not negate the fact that separate nations are ordained of God. The idea of coming together as one is the reason God broke up the tower of Babel and global unity and oneness among humanity (One Afroeurasian monethnicity) will be the doctrine of the future Anti-Christ.

  5. Almost every church I see these days has one of those rainbow flags draped outside the front entrance. I think the main reason for this is marketing. Those churches are hemorrhaging parishioners and so they have decided to appeal to the homos to fill up their pews.

    We are all going to start worshiping Zeus and Hera again until we can figure out what the hell is going on.

    • “And faith without works… Is dead.”

      Do you not believe your own Scriptures? Luther added the word ‘Sola’ – or alone, to that verse from St. Paul. The curses of God are on the people who add or subtract to the words of the Book. Where does that leave you?

  6. The problem with Christianity is it has been hog tied to the old testament. There is NO need to do so. We in no way need to be tied to the Jews ancient hate speech. Here’s what Jesus said about the Jews,

    JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

    How plain can this be?

    There was a group of Christians that recognized this called the Cathars. They were of course murdered down to the last Women and Child by the Pope as there was no big Omnipotent church structure in just studying what Jesus said and trying to follow his lead.


    The Catharist believe that the god of the old testament was not God but a demon. Any reading of the old testament with it’s “kill them all” attitude would be a point in favor of Catharism.
    Catharist believe the material world is evil. Any one who’s stubbed their toe can attest this is true. I won’t say matter is unreal but I don’t believe it’s eternal. Cold fusion works and can change matter to different types.
    Catharist believe in reincarnation. I used to think reincarnation was stupid til I read a book by Ian Stevenson. Children have been able to remember many things that only a person who died would know. If reincarnation is not true then there’s some other super strange effect.
    The Catharist were defeated by the Jesuits which were expressly created for that purpose.
    “…In contrast to the Catholic Church, the Cathars had but one sacrament, the Consolamentum, or Consolation. This involved a brief spiritual ceremony to remove all sin from the believer and to induct him or her into the next higher level as a perfect…”

    My assumption is that the continued tying of the the word of Jesus with the rantings of the the Hebrew demon war god will lead us down the same path over and over.

    So next time someone ask you if you’re a Christian make sure that you know the difference. Your not a Judustain but a real Christian who follows Jesus.

    • Sam, the Cathars were a bunch of gnostics heretics. They were more like the flakey New Age types we have today, than any type of Protestant, Orthodox, or Catholic Christian. And they were put down not just because their beliefs were different. The Cathars were a subversive and violent sect that caused social upheavals. They were the Antifas of their day. And btw, the Jesuits were not responsible for putting down the Cathars. They didn’t even exist then. It was the Dominicans who preached against them, and that were in charge of the Inquisition that investigated them.

  7. For far too long too much of Christianity has been a left-wing death cult designed to hate everything normal, decent, moral, traditional and right. This spiral of limitless anti-white hatred is unfortunately pushed in far too many “churches” of the modern era. And that’s way they are dying…………….

  8. Since when was Time magazine Christian? They only use Christianity to bludgeon Christians with what they think is an exception to the rule. To them, Christianity is a lesbian priest speaking some mumbo jumbo about how courageous mentally unstable transgenders are and how “Jesus” would be the first to embrace them on cloud 9. Hopefully, Time won’t be around much longer.

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