University of Florida Will Host Richard Spencer

Richard Spencer is pushing forward after Charlottesville:

“The University of Florida says it did not intend to “permanently” bar white nationalist Richard Spencer from speaking on campus and will try to accommodate him if he makes another request.

“The University believed at the time it decided to deny the request for the September 12 speech that the decision was prudent and constitutional, and we continue to believe that it was,” UF’s interim general counsel wrote in a letter to Spencer’s representatives on Friday morning. “Any new request by Mr. Spencer will be treated in the ordinary course consistent with all other such requests.”

In mid-August, the university rejected Spencer’s application to speak on campus, citing concerns about violence in the wake of Charlottesville. UF President Kent Fuchs emailed students about his decision, saying that though Spencer’s rhetoric is “repugnant,” the university ultimately made its decision based on “the likelihood of violence and potential injury — not the words or ideas.” …”

We won in federal court in Auburn and Charlottesville.

In Auburn, the police unmasked Antifa and maintained public order. The Alt-Right was allowed to enter the event safely. There were a few disruptions inside the building. My only criticism would be that the mob overpowered police and was allowed to rush our people as they were exiting Foy Hall.

In Charlottesville, the police lied to us and stood down. They allowed Antifa to form a blockade around Lee Park and attack our people entering the #UniteTheRight rally. The Charlottesville police effectively deputized Antifa, allowed them to incite a riot and used the riot as a pretext to declare an “unlawful assembly.” Gov. Terry McAuliffe declared a “state of emergency” and the riot police pushed the Alt-Right into the hordes of violent Antifa on Market Street. Afterwards, the Charlottesville police charged our people with crimes for defending themselves while returning to their vehicles.

No one knows if Richard Spencer’s appearance in Gainesville will turn out to be another Berkeley, Auburn, Pikeville, New Orleans or Charlottesville. It really all depends on the response of law enforcement. This is the crucial variable in all of these events which can be extremely violent (Berkeley and Charlottesville), reasonably safe (New Orleans and Auburn) or best case scenario (Pikeville).

The Kentucky State Police did an excellent job in Pikeville. Antifa was kept barricaded across the street. Police officers occupied a neutral zone. Riot police staged in nearby buildings. Crucially, the Pikeville Police and Kentucky State Police provided safe exit and entry for both sides. In such a way, everyone was able to assert their First Amendment rights without any violence.

Shouldn’t that be the way to go? We just want to speak and hold public events. We don’t want any violence. It is Antifa who the Obama DHS and FBI labeled a domestic terrorist group who initiate violence in accordance with their “no platforming” doctrine. If Antifa are not restrained, they will initiate violence as they have been doing all over the United States at rightwing events.

Anyway, this month is shaping up to be a September to remember. We have Richard Spencer speaking at the University of Florida. We have Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter and MILO speaking at Berkeley. This could be explosive unless DOJ finally steps in and clamps down on Antifa violence. It should have been done after the Trump inauguration, but it has to happen or these clashes will continue to escalate.

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  1. Expect some more turns of events – riots, which then, in turn, allow either the chancellor of FU or the mayor or Gainesville, to keep Mr. Spencer out under the pretext of ‘publick safety’, or an attempt by our foes to attack him.

    In either case, I hope Mr. Spencer is traveling with an elite body of Brown-Shirts.

    This decision acquits the Federal government, as far as they see it, in adjudicating this affair.

    It does not speak for the local politicians, police, or those proxy Yankee Government groups who will not likely sit idle for this.

    Mr. Spencer ought anticipate all this, and be immediately prepared to capitalize on that with the appropriate publicity and further legal suits.

  2. Already now, the Mainstream Media is in cahoots with those who will try to sculpt this affair to their advantage, and our side must get a decisive jump on them, vis-a-vis the spin on all this.

    Winning, or, at least, successfully contesting the spin is, in this day and age, even more vital than any battle, in and of itself.


    My proposed slogan for the Alt-right is: FIGHT FOR RIGHT.

    We have to fight for what is right–white nationalism.

    We have to fight for our rights and sue institutions that discriminate against us = fight for our legal rights.

  4. No denial of equal protection of thte law or first amendment freedoms to non-WHITES wouuld ever be justified by the flimsy, transparent excuse that it might result in “violence” Any attempt would be met with universal outrage. That WHITES can be denied equal protection of the law based on threats by savages shows the level of 2nd class citizenship to which WHITES have been relegated.

  5. Something I think would be an important speech for Spencer to make would be a kind of press release statement sort of speech that tells the public who we, the Alt-Right are and what we stand for. A kind of proclamation to stand against the images used by the media to portray us. Other measures than rally have to be utilized to the fullest. When people have a better idea of who the Alt-Right really is rally’s will be successful.

    • The Alt-Right could also benefit from an Anthem proclaiming our intelligence and strength and bond and greater moral clarity. These things work, people. Can you imagine singing an anthem, shields held high, marching in formation towards Antifa?

      • It would be better to declare superior education, not superior IQ.

        The current strategy of globalism is unite the world against eeevil white supremacists.

        We need to be true nationalists who are proud of our race it is, loving it at a mother loves her child. That would win people over I think. And if other races in the world wish to learn from us, they could. They could form their own nationalist movements after learning our ideas.

        We should make it clear that we oppose exploitation by the US military and US corporations.

  6. Speakers like “Doctor” Duke, Lord Jared and the Earl of Spencer are very mild and inoffensive, they NEVER use words like nigger, spic or chink. But see, that’s the problem. We need incendiary speakers like Fr. Coughlin, Julius Streicher and Commander Rockwell, guys who won’t sugar coat anything. Such speakers would also get more respect from the enemy than the candy-asses do.

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