GOP Elites & Liberal Media Attack ‘Smart & White’ Kim Barnette

Charlotte, North Carolina Republican mayoral candidate Kimberley Paige Barnette is under attack from the Left-wing media and the GOP establishment for describing herself as “Republican and smart, White, traditional.” According to Gallup almost 90% of Republican voters are White, yet the party’s leadership is uncomfortable with representing White interests. GOP leaders echoed anti-White talking points in denouncing Barnette. The Hill reports:

A candidate for mayor in Charlotte, N.C., listed “white” among her qualifications in Facebook comments that have since been deleted.

The chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party rebuked Kimberley Paige Barnette, who has since apologized for her remarks.

“VOTE FOR ME!” Barnette, 53, wrote on her Facebook page, the Charlotte Observer reported.


Robin Hayes, state GOP chairman, said in a statement the mayoral race will not be decided based on the skin color of any of the candidates.

“Any suggestion that a candidate is more or less qualified for political office based on their skin color alone is offensive to North Carolina Republicans, and we condemn it,” Hayes told WRAL.

“This type of suggestion has no place in our public discourse.”

Barnette, a former Mecklenburg County magistrate, later apologized, according to WRAL.

She is trailing her two competitors in the Republican primary for Charlotte’s mayor, which is scheduled for later this month.

During a debate last month, Barnette said she doesn’t think the city should “encourage more lower-income people to [come to] Charlotte,” according to the Observer.

“We should attract higher-income people,” she said.

She has also called protests “an expression of Democratic behavior.”

Every other race and ethnic group is encouraged to organize to promote their collective interests. But when a candidate for a party that is 90% White describes herself as White then she is attacked by the media and her own party leaders. Such is the sad state of Dixie today. Perhaps North Carolina voters should send a message to GOP elites that there is no place for their anti-White bias in the Republican Party.

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        • But the real issue is whether a race of people can live free from the zeitgeist?

          And as long as any sort of separation is granted strictly taboo status by ALL parties at odds…

          Then the answer is, “no,” Southron, you will not live free from the zeitgeist BECAUSE you just plain oppose any sustained separation from the zeitgeist.

          Now, if any Southron were to convert to a sustained separation then HE WOULD BE on his way to white (S)upremacy.

          So lacking this conversion, Southron man is right back in the “revolution” where all parties agree to a total integration per anti-white (S)upremacist ideology.

          Southron man is “stuck” in the vicious cycle.

        • Both the South and the Union where imperfect but were never near the level of the worthless and pathetic virtue-signaling, pencil-necked hipsters cuckolds denouncing the former today.

          Lincoln put tens of thousands of political opponents in jail, it is a safe bet he would have harshly punished all these pathetic, South-hating, White superiority denying, White guilt maggots. Ordered cultural-marxist colleges to be burned down, the destruction by fire of the most cuckolded and anti-White cities, to make them abandon their cult of weakness and racial suicide through terror and demoralization.

      • Fakeidoldaddy- then isn’t it time to break the paradigm?

        What difference does it make if people are going to say that you’re ‘racist,’ if you’re going to have to deny your very own existence as a human being, who is white, at every turn?

        Instead, point out that every African-American in politics is a bloody nigger racist. Because they are.

        The (((Left))) has to agree to abide byrules of common discourse, or they will be removed -forcibly if necessary. Happily so, if need be.

    • Honestly this is Charlotte NC one of the biggest Corporate Centers in the USA if not the world. Did you actually think anyone normal could win anything except maybe a ham sandwich there? North Carolina is ground zero for the Corporate/College Industrial Complex, although most of the state largely remains sane, you have a very powerful enclave there. No one in our movement seemingly has the answer how to deal with them either. Same idiots who complained about the Confederate Statue in Durham will undoubtedly attend Duke U ballgames this year.

  1. @Mr. Cushman…

    ‘Perhaps North Carolina voters should send a message to GOP elites that there is no place for their anti-White bias in the Republican Party.’

    I’m sorry, Sir, but, if she is running for the mayor of Charlotte, there are not enough of us there to achieve what you propose.

    We control the state because we own the legislature – 100 counties, of which we electorally control about 80.

    Charlotte is one of those Yankee-ified scalawag Globalist Corporate strongholds, and we have no way to challenge that, at this time in history.

    I’m sorry for that.

    Miss Barnette pickt her races poorly.

    She could win a seat on the Mecklenburg Country commissioners, running as she seems to be, and, in that way, she could leverage influence over Charlotte.

    • Never forget the College Industrial Complex in Raleigh Durham and Chapel Hill, which is in some ways WORSE. Poor North Carolina somehow allowed itself to become absolutely infested with this problem and this was in the Sixities they begun giving it away. Why? $$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. Would anyone even blink an eye if a candidate proclaimed, “I’m a Democrat and smart, black and liberal” or “I’m a Democrat and smart, Jewish and progressive?” Hell, that gargoyle who worked for Hank “Guam will capsize!” Johnson stated exactly that in his failed special election bid in Georgia.

    I am so ready for independence or, failing that, the advent of the Chinese Century. Maybe they’d run this world better than (((them))). It would certainly be more peaceful.

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