Charlottesville: Reconstructing Heather Heyer’s Movements

Editor’s Note: I have dramatically expanded this timeline with new information gleaned from the Ruptly and Faith Goldy videos which I am cross referencing with Marissa Blair and Courtney Commander’s perspective.

I’ve partially reconstructed Heather Heyer’s movements in Charlottesville with the following videos. There are lots of videos out there and now we know where to look, what Heather Heyer looked like, who she was with and where she was at on the afternoon of August 12th.

Courtney Commander Videos

At this point, Courtney Commander, Heather Heyer, Marcus Martin and Marissa Blair leave the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery. They follow the mob that is chasing a group of Patriots. Faith Goldy and Ruptly also follow the mob who pin the Patriots behind the Sultan Kebab at the corner of Garrett and 2nd St. SE. The crowd is extremely hostile:

Faith Goldy was there. Heather Heyer was there with Courtney Commander. The mob is screaming at American Warrior Revolution and throwing rocks at them. This is also captured in the Ruptly Livestream between 2:00:00 and 2:10:00.

Heather Heyer is captured at 5:27 in this video:

Heather Heyer is captured on the Courtney Commander videos. This is when the mob is chasing American Warrior Revolution back to the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery. Faith Goldy and Ruptly are in front of them filming the entire incident.

Faith Goldy and Ruptly film the hostile exchange when American Warrior Revolution arrives back at the parking lot. The Virginia State Police separate the two groups. Courtney Commander is standing with Black Lives Matter and can be seen in the crowd from Faith Goldy’s perspective:

Presumably, the “White bitch” here is either Faith Goldy or one of the women with American Warrior Revolution. There are no other options. In the Ruptly Livestream, the mob in the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery chase down and try to attack cars leaving the area:

Between 9:24 and 12:00 in this video, you can see the mob attacking the cars leaving the parking lot across from the South Street Brewery. Courtney Commander is wearing the red backpack:

Heather Heyer has been relatively quiet during all of this, but the Black Lives Matter mob she is traveling with is extremely hostile. There is a moment when Heather engages a woman in red helmet in a brief conversation. The woman tells her that she doesn’t have an argument.

Courtney Commander, Faith Goldy and Ruptly are all following the mob. It leaves the parking lot across from the South South Street Brewery. Commander is excited because “dem n****s are goin to Garrett” because “there’s about to be a war.” For the record, this is Corey Long and friends who are responsible for the flamethrower incident, the parking garage incident, another exchange in the South Street Brewery parking lot and attacking American Warrior Revolution with rocks.

Heather Heyer arrived with a group of three people in Charlottesville shortly before 1 PM. The three people are Courtney Commander who filmed these videos, her friend Marissa Blair and her partner Marcus Martin who is the black guy wearing the red hat and red shoes:

Marissa Blair Video

We last saw Heather Heyer at the parking lot outside the South Street Brewery. She arrived shortly before 1 PM. Courtney Commander’s videos are around 30 minutes long. The last we heard from the group was “There’s about to be a war. Dem niggas goin to Garrett.”

Here are the last 6 minutes of the Courtney Commander’s livestream video. Heather Heyer and the group have joined up with the Antifa mob parading down Water Street. This ends in the car crash.

In the course of the next 15 minutes, they meet up with the Antifa mob parading down Water Street. This is the end when she turns down Fourth Street with Marissa Blair, Marcus Martin and Courtney Commander. They had been parading through traffic for an hour looking for trouble when this happened. Commander even said several times that what they were doing was “really, really dangerous.”

It was also foolish and illegal and the Charlottesville Police, Virginia State Police and National Guard made no effort to deter them even though under their orders they were supposed to be “providing for the safe movement of traffic and pedestrians.” They were incapable of even closing the intersection of Fourth Street and Market Street which was supposed to be closed until 7 PM.

In the final video, Courtney Commander is with the mob screaming “Whose Streets, Our Streets” as they pass parked Charlottesville Police patrol cars. She screams and says “it feels like a revolution” and “this shit feels unbelievable” and “it feels like a nightmare, yo.” The mob is chanting “anti anti antifa-ista.” Three minutes before the car crash, Commander says, “this is so liberating.” She screams in joy while chanting “No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA.” The mob is having a great time screaming “Whose Streets, Our Streets” and “Black Lives Matter.” Finally, we hear “Go Left, Go Left.” BOOM.

Faith Goldy is traveling with the Antifa mob down Water Street. She is disgusted that this is allowed to happen while #UniteTheRight was shutdown. Shortly thereafter, the car crash happens. You can hear the Dodge Challenger slamming on its brakes in the videos.

This is the final three minutes from Marissa Blair’s perspective:

This is the best frame we have of the wreck. Heather tumbles to the ground on the right side of the Challenger while another dude takes the direct hit. It is possible her legs could have been scraped or injured, but she is blown to the side of the street like everyone else.

Heather Is Given CPR

RIP Heather Heyer

There are plenty of gaps left to be filled in this timeline. I’m confident Heather Heyer, Commander, Blair and Martin were captured on video in the vicinity of Garrett Street and Water Street. The reckless actions of this group who were seeking out conflict really comes across in the full timeline. They knew that what they were doing was “really, really dangerous” and did it anyway.

UPDATE: This is another unseen angle of the Dodge Challenger in reverse.

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  1. She was a big one. Must have been on an all carb diet. And the cigarettes too, with all the walking she did that day. Bad combination that lead to her death. Seeking out trouble often leads to trouble.

  2. She really was a major league fatty. How odd it is that such an outlier was the casualty while another near-outlier just happened to land like a beached whale on the one car. What are the chances for such great optics?

    Is it typical for trained medics to lift the shirt of a recipient of CPR?

    I haven’t known that many truly obese people who smoked. Their addictive energy is too channeled through food and real obesity requires dedication. I’ve known somewhat overweight types who smoke, maybe, but no obese people. Smoking (I don’t but an intimate does fiendishly who is also chronically underweight) takes away one’s appetite, which is why smokers are often thin while overeaters or junk foodies carry extra weight.

    I just can’t get the echo of (((weev))) aggrandizing his gnomish self over Carrie Fisher’s death by way of ‘taking shit care of herself’ out of my mind. Fisher wasn’t obese by any means but was known to smoke and eventually get chunky on top of being a long term drinker and drugger.

    Fisher died from drinking and/or doing drugs on an airplane last Xmas, as an aside. But DS has had this theme going for some time. Supposed degenerate self-abusing white (Fisher was half jewish I guess from her father) women getting their just desserts.

    • “””……Is it typical for trained medics to lift the shirt of a recipient of CPR?…..”””

      Yes. Catastrophic hemorrage is trauma killer nr. 1. So in case of trauma you will be naked first to search for any hemorrages. Your brain survives 20-30 seconds without oxygen but when blood is out, noboby can put it back. So hemorrage search first and CPR later. CPR is useless when there is no blood in your body.

      Catastrophic hemorrage may be also interlnal, so when there is no blood visble, there may be still catastrophic hemorrage. For example with car accidents it is typical that leg bone will be broken and this broken sharp bone also cuts leg artery from inside body so there is catastrophic hemorrage but not visible blood outside and for the bystanders it looks ok. Instead of common appeasing and talking and rest of the popular bullshit , paramedic must undress trauma victim very first and very fast to search any signs of internal hemorrage. They got cuckstress Diana killed by this mistake 20 years ago.

      Btw, those trained paramedics did the CPR wrong. It was whalerocking, not CPR. CPR must made on the firm ground, and heart compressions must go sraight down with bodyweight. Hands must be locked and straight . Like this.

      When paramedic put whale on strecher and then start pushing whale chest with hand muscles aside, this is not heart compression, this is whalerocking and absolutely useless. Human body is built to survive outside pressure and when handpushing works, we all would be killed in the crowded bus or supermarekt line by accidental outside pushes. Heart compression proper technique means that you are compressing the one and only point, where heart is vulnerable.

      This works other way too. Karate masters give also direct hit to the same point and enemy will die by heart arrhythmia

      IMHO, Hunter and rest of the folk is right. Whale death was not caused by car crash.

  3. ‘Reconstructing her movements’? Its a wonder she could move at all! If she didn’t die in Charlottesville that day, it would have been diabetes, cancer or a heart attack down the track. I would have given her three years tops.
    She’s a walking advertisement for the need for good health and nutrition. The left for the most part have no pride in their race, culture, health or personal hygiene. Lets be better than that.

  4. Dodge Challenger………….1

    Make Commie George Soros pay Fields for the damage his Communists did to his car…

    • Turn Hearts,
      Fields should have used a 1969 Cadillac El Dorado with it extra steel and mass. The score would have read something like this:-

      Cadillac…….no damage whatsoever

      Commies……5 dead, 15 injured

      • Sacrifice a classic Cadillac or Chevy? Never! One of those deuce and a half Army trucks with a snowplow mounted on the front would have been perfect for taking out the commie trash.

        • I had a souped-up Prelude before I got married, and while the body would probably have taken damage from the commies, the sheer horsepower of the car would have shredded that crowd.

          And I mean it was SOUPED UP (had the works added to that engine).

  5. These people were surprised when a car did finally hit the crowd? Lol. They were deliberately blocking traffic all around town.

    • This whole story is starting to veer off into crayzee conspiracy territory. And once that happens we will NEVER get to the bottom of what actually happened.

      • What do you mean by ‘this whole story?’ Who are you accusing of veering off into ‘crayzee conspiracy territory?’

        Because if you haven’t noticed, both the concrete facts of the crash and the narrative propagated by the jewmedia continue to get crazier.

      • All that is needed is for someone to take all these bits and wrap them into a complete report, with an abstract listing the component parts. We just need something good enough to be shown on Tucker. We need high quality video for normies to watch, that wraps everything up.

        From the sound of things, HW is still investigating. He’s wanting to interview the guy driving the car, for one thing.

        Michael Moore made millions off of stupid videos. Maybe Wallace could release this as a Moore-level video. He’ll prob post for free though. And yea, Moore lies, but regardless.

  6. Do a meme with her pictures alongside Treyvon Martin. Something like:
    This is the media Treyvon Martin-this is the real Treyvon Martin.
    This is the media Heather Heyer. This is the real Heather Heyer.

  7. Mr. Hunter Wallace,

    I believe you’re mistaken to fued with Vox. RamzPaul has also been critical of AltRight. Generally people don’t seem to like the fascist/NS/Klan association. That’s it.

    I don’t think it’s good to give in to that sort of debate. And Anglin, from what y’all’ve said here, does not sound like he’s in your league.

    I dunno if this is all over Heimbach or what. I’m sure he’s a great and a unique guy.

    But Vox and RamzPaul look like they’re making very productive posts. I fear the bickering is counterproductive. Tearing one another down over whether or not symbols should be allowed, symbols that don’t even reflect your own views. That doesn’t sound productive.

    Vox’s comment on Milo is strange. Who cares? A lot of my friends commented they didn’t like the symbols used. It’s a common complaint among people who think just as you do.

    • VoxDay is an opportunist. Him allying himself to homosexuals such as Cernovich and Milo was strictly for financial gain. He is a publisher of low rate science fiction paperbacks and had his eye on capitalizing on their fame by riding coat tails and defending them for the sole purpose of latching on to them.

      He is not a principled man, just an opportunist.

      • Well, I know others who also wish to distance themselves a bit.

        I don’t admittedly know Vox. I just never got to reading him. I’ve heard of him, know he has an audience.

        The standard ethics on Right has generally been those slightly to the Left of you trash and condemn you. And since it’s not in your interests to retaliate, you just smile and ignore it.

        And the ADL/SPLC have generally tried to link everyone together as Nazi/Klan/violent/immoral/law breakers. So, whenever pushed in that direction, resistance has been the norm.

        I can really understand both sides. I, again, don’t know Vox, but I know plenty of people who’ve taken similar positions as did he regarding Charlottesville. I also understand the Trump movement wanting to distance itself from identity politics, push civic nationalism instead.

    • The Guv declares a “state of emergency” and then proceeds to bring about the very conditions a “state of emergency” is designed to prevent. He has his State Police violently break up a legal permitted rally protected by a federal court injunction and then push the legal demonstrators into the ranks of the armed, violent antifa- creating a mini-riot. Then both the state and local cops stand down and allow the antifa and
      their allies run amok and threaten the UTR (and the neutral patriot groups) for the rest of the day-at least, presumably, until the fatal incident.

  8. Why did antifa stop and turn on Fourth Street?? They were supposedly following white nationalist, but the white nationalists turned north on Fifth Street. Who stopped the protesters on Fourth and Waters?? It is interesting to note, that from First St to Fifth Street there is only on street that allows vehicle traffic to travel from Market to Waters, Fourth Street. The other four streets all are pedestrian mall and are closed off to cars and trucks.

  9. incredibly good reporting, as always. if the media were unbiased, the best newspaper in the country would immediately offer you a job!

    re: Vox. those of us on Gab saw it unfold: Vox deeply & permanently embarrassed himself. he revealed himself to be a petulant spoiled child. i was a reader/supporter of his for 10 years. i was appalled at his behavior & have permanently lost respect for him. he is smart on some issues (big deal, so are many of us anons:) but i will never read him in the same way. & will never give him any more money.

    Anglin, whom i’ve read for 2-3 years, was a prince throughout the ordeal. Vox leaves out a LOT of the story at his site, to make himself look better. i gained much respect for anglin, & continue to do so in the fallout. Vox seemed mad that Anglin was suddenly more popular than he at Gab, & that many DS pro-anglin folks joined Gab in the wake of their deplatforming(s). DS folks know NSDAP stuff is memeworld only & not 4 IRL. Gab: come for the memes, stay for the drama 🙂

    • VoxBeale is an attention-craving narcissist with serious unresolved daddy issues.

      I ask you: What kind of man invents a whole taxonomy of human caste and then places himself at the pinnacle in a very select caste? What kind of man goes into a rage on his own blog at the slightest innocuous disagreement from a commenter? What kind of man encourages an army of sycophants to beg him for status as followers (“minions”)?

      We know what kind of man: a messed-up little boy still seeking the approval of his distant daddy.

      • Oh, and I forgot, What kind of man thinks he can win an argument by saying “I’m 2 SDs smarter than you, so I win”? ROFLMFAO.

        You’re right. Once you know what you’re dealing with, there’s no point in continuing to read his blog, because every story is the same: it’s all about VoxBeale.

  10. Some funny comments over at VoxDay:

    147. Ooh lol lol September 08, 2017 1:20 AM
    The near future…Vox sits alone in his office, filled with impotent rage. He’s just received word that his legal action against the Gab trolls was defeated. Nursing his wine cooler, he begins to polish his sword (not a euphemism) as he mutters under his breath something about a travesty of justice. Suddenly, his phone rings. He is greeted by a familiar voice.

    “Vox. It’s Torba.”
    “What do you want now?” Vox replies, his voice quivering, barely able to contain his rage.
    “Nothing much. Just wanted to tell you that you’re a huge faggot and that I’m banning you from Gab. Not because you broke any rules, but just because I can! LOL!”

    Vox curses loudly and begins flailing wildly around his office, tearing books off the shelves and flinging them across the room. After a half a minute or so he collapses on the floor, tears streaming down his cheeks. “I…I just wanted to be a Dark Lord,” he sobs. “And a Dark Lord can’t let people make fun of him on the internet!”

    The wailing continues unabated for several hours, until eventually Spacebunny is able to comfort him with a grilled cheese sandwich and a bag full of Warhammer figurines. Vox finally manages to relax a bit.

    “Maybe a little television will put me in a better mood,” he tells himself as he reaches for the remote. Switching on CNN, Vox settles into his chair.

    From down in the kitchen below, Spacebunny hears Vox yell out, “NOOO!! It cannot be!” followed by a deafening howl of pain and indignation and the shattering of glass. She runs upstairs as quickly as she can, only to find her worst fears confirmed: the office window is broken and Vox’s body lies unmoving on the ground below.

    Horrified, she turns away. Over to her left, the television is still tuned into CNN while the talking heads blather on and on, but she is too deeply in shock to hear them, or to see the text of the news ticker that reads: ANDREW ANGLIN BUYS THE NEW YORK TIMES BUILDING.

  11. “LOL how fucking insecure and pathetic are you when a few bored anons talking shit on Gab results in you taking legal action against them? How hypocritical are you for freaking out over being called a pedophile when you’ve leveled the exact same insult at others on your FAR BIGGER platform? How big of a fucking pussy are you when you pick a fight with Anglin & Co. and immediately bitch out, run and tattle to daddy Torba, only to get so butthurt when he smacks you down that you immediately call your lawyers. Dread Ilk, your leader is a tremendous faggot and a textbook gamma male whose ego is so fragile he literally can’t handle being trolled at the lowest level possible. The funniest thing of all is going to be when your legal action gets smacked the fuck down and you go home hat in hand, you goddamned choad. You sat here and championed the need for a free speech platform for over a year, and yet as soon as you feel the faintest bit of heat from that fire you take your ball and go home to cry to mommy. You’re a fucking joke.

    VoxDay has jumped the shark.

    • He deletes the most innocuous comment that threatens his fragile (“I’m 2 SDs smarter than you”) ego.

  12. Guys, I hate to butt in on other people’s posting … but is it a good idea to turn this into a Vox vs. Anglin drama thread? Seems like it might be better for this site to remain kind of neutral in the exchange, though I might be wrong.

    • Fair enough. If a thread comes up here I’ll comment. I just find it odd that VoxDay is so adamant in applying pressure to Gab to enforce censorship.

      I’m done, for now.

  13. Check this out:

    Why would the town be worried enough about violence that they had the hospital cancel all elective surgery that day, but not worried enough to maintain order in the streets?

    “Ahead of the white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the University of Virginia Medical Center canceled all elective surgeries scheduled for Saturday, according to The Daily Progress, a daily newspaper for the Charlottesville area.
    UVA Medical Center spokesman Josh Barney told the Daily Progress on Friday that elective surgeries scheduled for Saturday had to be rescheduled, in part because they had to prepare for the possibility of incidents that could require more operating room space.”

    This is from Think Progress from August 12.

    It’s in stark contrast to the stand-down order and evident lack of preparation that was blamed for the violence. But it fits with later reports that DHS warned the city to expect violence. In the article they try to play this off as the usual response to any big event, but I don’t buy that. Do you really think hospitals cancel surgeries before every protest?


    Web archive of first link above;

  14. What is the estimated value of the property in Barbuda? There are maybe 1,800 people living there. Could WN get together and buy out the island?

  15. This video shows that James Fields’ car was attacked several seconds before he plowed into the protesters. It could be a that a group of antifa with clubs on the sidewalk had recognized him as alt-right and one of them attacked his car and spooked him and he inadvertently stepped on the gas and plowed into the crowd. Don’t be surprised if he is acquitted of homicide.

  16. Well done, Hunter. It’s a shame nobody in the media has taken the time to piece together Heyer’s participation at the rally. She and her friends are typical deranged leftists.

    This took a lot of time to patch together. Thank you for getting the truth out there.

  17. PROOF that Heather Heyer was definitely hit by the Fields’ vehicle: The alley known as 4th St is only 32.5′ wide. Based on the video showing Heather walking around the right side of the parked Tundra, Heather was practically in the middle of the road 4 seconds before impact. Anyone who doubts this, look how close the Tundra was to Fields’ car when he backed out, right over the spot where Heather had just been walking. Heather was thrown a tremendous distance, all the way to the spot where she was shown receiving treatment. I was in Charlottesville a week after and saw the scene. What people ARE missing is the fact that 4th St is on a 4 degree downhill slope. Generally speaking, the governing authorities repeatedly exposed all the demonstrators to dangerous conditions as if they were hoping for an incident. It’s amazing more weren’t killed.

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