Democracy Fails: Court Limits Trump Travel Ban… Again

A Federal appeals court has again circumvented the will of a president elected on a platform of protecting the United States from a deluge of Muslim refugees and illegal Third World immigrants. Every time President Donald Trump achieves something on this front un-elected Left-wing judges (typically from the West Coast) step in to shut him down, demonstrating the farce of American democracy. The New York Times reports:

A federal appeals court on Thursday reopened the country’s door to thousands of refugees who had been temporarily blocked by President Trump’s travel ban, and also upheld a lower court decision that had exempted grandparents and other relatives from the ban.

The ruling, from the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit in Seattle, was cheered by refugee resettlement organizations, and clarified, for now, who was covered by the ban.

The Ninth Court. Again. Of courshhh. Why haven’t we abolished that court yet? And why can’t the most powerful executive of the world’s major super power halt the influx of savage aliens to protect his people? If Donald Trump can’t do this what possible value does democracy hold for us?

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  1. Seems like a game. Trump throws us a sop knowing some “judge” is going to strike it down. Let’s get on with more important stuff like tax cuts, debt ceilings and sneaking DACA in through the Congressional door.

  2. I’d be inclined to ask “why” Trump hasn’t pulled these treasonous, subversive “judges” off their benches, and put them on trial for treason, but what’s the point?

  3. This is not democracy. It is a globalism masquerading as democracy. What can I say? Until we get on board with red state secession and the formation of a Heartland Republic out of the majority white and politically conservative red states we have no chance under the present system and will be replaced.

    • I agree. I was telling a family member yesterday that Trump should just tell the people that the courts were defying the will of the people and that he is enacting his policies anyhow without judicial review and there will be no more elections for a while. At this point we basically need an authoritarian leader to get anything done. We are basically like Spain in the 30s or Rome in the late empire.

  4. I’m sorry, I thought the nation’s decision maker
    resided in the white house, not in some courthouse. Silly me…I must have missed something. Does anyone here recall voting for any of these treacherous judges, thought not.
    It begs the question- how is democracy any better than any other system of rule? I really have no fuckin idea.
    The system is set up for our imminent genocide. Nobody has our back.
    Nup, it likely can’t be solved politically.

    • These judges are our masters. They have completely usurped power; their opinions and whims now carry the weight of indisputable law and command.

      “L’etat, c’est moi.”

    • @John…

      ‘I’m sorry, I thought the nation’s decision maker resided in the white house, not in some courthouse’

      The South has had a war waged on it, via the courts, since the late 1940s.

      The Courts & The Corporations are how the Jew-inspired New England Yankee Empire shoots The South, in any many it pleases.

      If they don’t get what they want the first or second time, they keep at it, until the do.

      That’s called, ‘a precedent’, and from there many new cans of worms are opened.

      And so on it goes, until we are ready to fight.


    Yes, I can only repeat the now hackneyed phrase of Southron Nationalism.


    Because those alien entities, which have invested enormous amounts of capital and time, over more than a century, in the usurpation of The New England Yankee Governmental System, are NEVER going to give it back to the people it, ostensibly, claims to represent, NOR are they going to share it.

    I don’t mean to browbeat or offend anyone, but, this is not going to change, fundamentally, until a sizeable portion White Citizenry (irrespective of location) is prepared to launch national strikes of civil disobedience, and or violence.

    A collapse of currency or the economy won’t do the trick, either, unless it is accompanied by the former.

    Until then, there is no incentive to those in the system to share anything of it.


    Yes, these are the only solutions to usurpation and tyranny that thousands of years of human civilization, or the lack of it, has ever proven to be effective.

    I hate that, because like most humans, I prefer peace and piddling about in my garden, but, there is a day of reckoning coming, whether I like it or not.

  6. @Billy Ray Jenkins…

    ‘Donald Trump is either one of them or he is a prisoner. I will draw my own conclusions you draw yours.’

    Donald Trump is no prisoner of anyone. You don’t dominate that man for long, as his daddy found out.

    Donald Trump IS one of them.

    If he were not one of them, he would never have so well thriven in the most powerful Jewish locale in the world.

      • I kind of figured you did, Billy Ray.

        To be clear, I very much liket Candidate Trump’s platform, and happily voted for him, though, when folks around here were so giddy about him being The Great White Hope, I tried to remind them that he is perhaps the most Jewified Wasp I have ever seen, and, even that aside, no man could be what he was in Manhatten, and be anything close to a White Nationalist.

        That said, The Lord works through all sorts, and I am satisfied that he is, waffling defects and all, a much better president than Miss Hillary would have been.

        I’ll spare you the list why.

        Be well!

  7. It seems strange that a President can’t defy court orders but State Governors & City Mayors can. I guess it all depends on whether you’re on the “right side of history” as they are so fond of saying.

      • Weav- It’s one of Spawn of Hell’s quirks. He is an antinomian, basically. He loathes law, and is therefore an anarchist. Or, haven’t you figured that out, yet?

        • I don’t really get him, truth be told. I tried asking about his religious views, but he wasn’t interested in explaining.

          Doesn’t matter. You’ve been around for ages though.

          • “I tried asking about his religious views, but he wasn’t interested in explaining.”

            That tells me plenty, in a GOOD way, about spahnranch1969. And don’t take Fr. John+’s word on the matter as “gospel”, no matter long he’s been around. How do you explain his statement that spahn “loathes law”, when you can read his post up there above somewhere that negates that statement?:
            “To hell with democracy, I want an authoritarian White ethnostate.”

            spahnranch1969 and his assertions might be an enigma to you, but he’s a long way from being a “Spawn of Hell” — assuming one believes in that Semitic hogwash to begin with.

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