Black GOP Senator Lectures Trump: ANTIFA is Superior to Alt-Right

US Senator Tim Scott (appointed by former SC Governor Nimrata “Nikki” Haley – an Indian immigrant, amnesty enthusiast and anti-Southern heritage activist) has lectured President Donald Trump on the moral superiority of violent anarcho-communist terrorists ANTIFA to Alt-Right demonstrators, according to a highly biased and poorly written Politico article by aliens (((Anni Karni))) and Seung Min Kim:

The Senate’s lone black Republican on Wednesday offered President Donald Trump a belated opportunity to rebound from a low point of his presidency – his equating of neo-Nazis and white supremacists who staged a violent uprising in Charlottesville last month with counter-protesters on the left.

But Trump’s delayed reckoning with his own comments – which exacerbated racial tensions and earned him public rebukes across the board, including from two former Republican presidents and senior members of his own administration – occurred off-camera, in a closed-door meeting with South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott.

…Speaking to reporters from the second floor of the Capitol, Scott said that while Trump “certainly tried to explain what he was trying to convey,” the president listened to him outline the significance of drawing a false equivalence between two sides in Charlottesville.

“The real picture has nothing to do with who’s on the other side,” Scott said he told the president. “It has to do with the affirmation of hate groups who over three centuries of this country’s history had made it their mission to create upheaval in minority communities as a reason for existence.”

The affirmative-action senator went on to explain why violent communists are so much better than peaceful pro-White activists:

“I shared my thoughts of the last three centuries of challenges from white supremacists, white nationalists, KKK, neo-Nazis…there’s no way to find an equilibrium when you have three centuries of history versus the situation that’s occurring today.”

Trump, a contrarian president who only doubled and tripled down on his divisive comments in response to backlash from leaders of his own party, has yet to publicly offer any acknowledgement of the white supremacists he enlivened, or the political damage he heaved upon himself.

But at least in a private setting, Scott’s message to Trump seemed to sink in. Scott said that in response to the brief history lesson he delivered to the president, Trump “shook his head and said ‘yeah.’ He got it.”

Scott called Trump “receptive” and noted that “he was ever-present during the entire meeting…we stayed on subject as well, which I thought was helpful. I thought it was important that he took it seriously.”

These ANTIFA communist street thugs are your moral superiors, Whitey!
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    • Dear Miss Bobbi – could it be that not enough Sandlappers have successfully digested the Nikki Haley lesson?


    If one sees this in the context that a Negro can both be a ‘Conservative’, yet still highly adversarial with The White Race, then Senator Scott’s statement makes perfect sense.

    Of course, the irony here is that, for a society which is determined to roll up all perspectives into one unvaried standard – all the while suggesting that everything is subjectively relative – Scott’s viewpoint is yet another glaringly cherry-pickt double standard.

    • Interesting point, JD. Scott is widely considered “conservative” but certainly is highly influenced by Black grievances against Whites – which leads him to side with communist terrorists against Right-wing, pro-Confederate activists.

      • Thank you so very much, Palmetto, for your kind approbation.

        I think that, if one were to see Senator Scott as a reincarnation of those Negro leaders that the early Vengeful Thaddeus Stevens Reconstruction Era Radical New England Yankee Congress foisted to power over our great-great-great granddaddies, and who, with a memory of having been forcibly banisht from a position of ascendency over us by the SC Red-Shirts and the NC Scarlet Klan, it is not hard to see who he is, and how he reacts.

        Senator Scott, though perhaps he insensible of it, is a psychick ghost; and, for us, not just any ghost, but, as was the cleverly appointed occupation governor Nikki Haley, an opprobious spectre – a real life remake of D.W. Griffith’s, ‘The Birth of a Nation.’

  2. I am absolutely FURIOUS. The base of the GOP is White, yet these FUCKING BASTARD TRAITORS STILL PANDER TO MAU MAUING NIGGER TRASH. I don’t know what to do, at this point – but I have had ENOUGH.

    It’s important to plan, sanely and intelligently. I must think this through………..

  3. You losers can burn in hell. You banished the realists who FUCKING KNEW that Trump was jew compromised and always part of the establishment. You are cowards and traitors and race does not matter in terms of honor. You deserve to be jewed to death.

      • That’s what you said fucker. The tea party liked Ted Cruz. You are tea party 2.0 retard. You can’t even fucking read my posts, loser! I said I hate you just like the tea party because you refuse to fight, like I said, literally. Blue lives matter!! I saw you assholes touting that until Charlottesville. The biggest thing of all, and it sounds so stupid to repeat, is that you fucking fake anti semites cheated those who would fight jewish political power to the end. You deserve Trump turning on you. I hope it gets worse for you traitors!

        • Fake anti-Semites? Lol. I wasn’t even at Charlottesville. I’ve visited this site over the years off and on.

          Of course I haven’t read your posts. You’re just posting angry gibberish lol. I asked you who was better than Trump? You don’t seem to have any idea. You’re just super angry, so you’re wanting to punish someone. You’re here, so you’re fussing at this site. Does it feel good? 🙂

        • Mike – STFU. We made our best of our circumstances. White Normies are out biggest obstacle. Stop Chimping Out like a little BITCH, and contribute. In a REAL way.

  4. I have never met a black “conservative” who did not harbor hatred and grievance against WHITE people and against America. They are snakes. They are natural enemies.

  5. I remember a Rubio rally in South Carolina before that state’s primary. On stage were Little Marco, Scott and the moron Nikki Halley pointing out to the crowd that the three of them represented diversity (Cuban, negro, Hindu) and the future of the Republican Party. The cheering crowd of whites were, in effect, being asked to celebrate their replacement. And they did. Truly awful.

    I hope the story tonight about Trump going for “dreamer” amnesty is not true. That would be an unpardonable betrayal and quite literally the beginning of the end. Millions and millions of “dreamers” and their kids ( and you know that their parents will be brought in eventually) voting in presidential elections both here and in Mexico.

    • The cheering is supposed to be that nonwhites will soon embrace white values, becoming Republicans.

      “If only we can prove to minorities that we’re not racist, then they’ll come around to supporting tax cuts and wars too!”

      And also, the implication is that whites won’t be persecuted under non-white majority, will retain freedoms, etc.

      The amnesty might end up being 2-4m total, due to parents etc. entering as you say. That’s taken from Breitbart when citing Mark Krikorian. So, first it will be the 800K, then a total of 2-4m will enter total.

      And since they’ll nearly all be voting Dem, we’ll keep waiting for that promised age when nonwhites are voting Republican :p (Maybe if we try supporting *more* immigration, they’ll like us better, guys!)

        • I don’t mean to pester you further, but I do believe it’s possible to win over a small percentage of minorities. They essentially want free stuff. So, we ought to give it to them.

          Whites have been this vanguard defending the wealthy in the US. Instead, we should support looting those with huge fortunes. 100% tax on those with more than $10m in assets and cash. It would send many fleeing, would destroy the US economy, but it would halt immigration.

          Also, we could support a higher minimum wage, which would make immigration difficult.

          There are nuclear options like this available. If the populist right can’t win, then it’s better to support the populist left.

          But the immigration needs to end. That’s priority number 1. Economic nationalism was potent, was a winning strategy. Trump decided against it. Looting the rich is another strategy.

          Dems want to loot someone, and I don’t want to be looted. So, I support their looting of NYC super wealthy.

          • I have no problem with taxing them “until they howl with anguish,” to steal a phrase from a Labour politician of the past.

        • People here keep talking of violence, but violence isn’t needed. We just need a more succulent target for Dems to loot than middle class whites.

          Since Trump has failed, that’s the next step. It’s the wealthy who are in cahoots over looting us after all.

    • What’s always annoying about pro-immigration whites is they tend to assume their values are superior and that everyone will eventually become like them. Truly Baizuo.

      “See? Race doesn’t matter, guys! He identifies as part of our race now, huzzah!”

  6. The fundamental principle of our society is that Whites have no legitimate interests and that we exist to serve the interests of other groups. Whites who don’t submit to that principle become a threat to the system.

  7. 2016 election a commercial break.And now back to our regularly schedule programming lemming. Megaphone has a strangle hold of controlling is all they have.Media cartels tell the legislation what to do.

  8. Got to say I pretty much called this one:

    “What’s the Matter With South Carolina”

    South Carolina voters managed to install:

    a Lib woman anti Southern Indian Governor (She’s now a preachy UN Ambassador)
    A magic negro Black Conservative who thinks most everything we want to conservative is racist.
    A flaming queer Christian ZIonist, Neo COnservative hate Russia (Because Russia is mean to queers) Open borders immigration loon

    This from South Carolina which was once the proudest Southern Confederate State – what the hell happened? Getting rich and trying to make lovely Charleston SC as lib and fashionable as New York City.

    • What’s the matter with South Carolina? Too many deaths in the Civil War. Not only on battlefields. Sherman took it easy on Georgia compared to what he did to S.C. Their gene pool got drained – especially the best and brightest. Place has never fully recovered.

    • SC receives more immigration annually than any other state. It’s not the same people year after year.

      That’s primarily why “the South” keeps changing… Alabama does not receive nearly so much immigration.

  9. Graham, Nimrata, and this reincarnation of a 19th Century republican; I’m pretty sure this state can’t take anymore cuckholdry.

  10. Until you break Jewish money you can’t hope to break Jewish power. They own most if not all the politicians. Especially if they’re black.

  11. Reasoning? Voting? It doesn’t work. Were the Romans able to reason with them? How about the Spanish before and after the Reconquista? Don’t kid yourself. They were completely warped by their rejection of Christ. This is a spiritual problem.

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