‘Alt-Right’s Worst Nightmare’ is Foreign Midget Woman

Newsweek‘s Michael Edison Hayden, a Queens, New York writer and Leftist activist, would have his readers believe that dwarfish Filipino woman Yvette Felarca is the Alt-Right’s greatest enemy. The middle school teacher and Antifa militant is open about her disdain for free speech and eagerness to use violence against those on the Right with whom she disagrees. Antifa is short for Anti-fascist Action, an anarcho-communist terrorist group that attacks conservatives and tries to shut down Right-wing events. Hayden lauds the stubby activist:

Anti-fascist leader Yvette Felarca doesn’t seem particularly imposing: She’s just 5 feet tall, for one thing. In TV appearances, like one in which she tangled with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, she’s polite and keeps a schoolteacher’s control of her emotions.

But the 47-year-old Filipino immigrant and middle school teacher is loathed by some figures on the right to the point of obsession. She has helped galvanize a series of counterprotests in her hometown of Berkeley, California, against conservative figures like Milo Yiannopoulos, as she did on Sunday, where his doomed “Free Speech Week” event lasted under a half an hour.

…Felarca has developed a reputation for aggressively confronting men during protests who are sometimes over a foot taller than she is. Frequently, she organizes a whole crew of BAMN members and other activists to completely circle conservative and white nationalist political targets at these events and then shout them down—sometimes with women of color going chin to chin with big white men in “Make America great again” hats.

The activists chant slogans like “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” This tactic, which by her recollection she has been employing for over two decades now with BAMN, tends to create a cacophony of competing voices where no one can be heard with any reasonable degree of clarity.

With the backing of the entire system in California the Lilliputian liberal chants anti-White slogans at peaceful Republicans and Trump supporters. #SoBrave.

Felarca is paying the price for her brand of activism, beyond the threats she says she’s received. In July, she was charged by police with assault and inciting a riot for her actions in a 2016 face-off between white nationalist groups and counterprotesters that took place in Sacramento.

She is a criminal immigrant. Ripe for deportation.

Felarca is consistent in her attacks on Yiannopoulos and similar figures. Her belief is that such people shouldn’t be given a platform to speak—period.

And she hates free speech. Anyone who disagrees with her has no rights.

We are literally shaking in our jackboots at the thought of this pint-sized communist chanting at us. Just terrified, I tell you!

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  1. Restore the Patriarchy.

    One quick slap to the face -what is known as a “bitch slap” (for quite obvious reasons) without hiding behind the uppity threat of illegal use of Law -as a false façade of “Equality” -used 24/7 by the (((usual))) suspects…

    would put her in her place… On a slow boat back to Flip-land. Let Rudy deal with her there.

  2. As I’ve said many times before, if men really ran the country, then we’d be swarmed with immigrants who looked like Melania or Giselle Bundchen, not this gargoyle.

    But at least I can enjoy the fact that I came of age in the Ferris Bueller era, when high schools really were teeming with white girls who looked like Mia Sara. I couldn’t imagine having to go into Algebra class today only to look beside me to see a girl who came to school wrapped in her bedsheets (and smelling like it). Our biggest issue was who was wearing the shortest miniskirt or the tightest jeans.

    It’s a shame America let its Beach Boys-Fast Times-roller rink-hot rod-surfer girl culture die. It was asphyxiated by non-European immigrants. At least I have my memories.

    • Uh, excuse me. White men allowed the swarm of ‘eastern europeans’ aka jews and ‘southern europeans’ into this country during the 1880’s through the 1924 immigration act, I think it was called, which imposed quotas. But it was too late by then as enough mongrels had arrived to help force through the zionist cultural revolution and the eventual 1964 immigration act, which put the final nail in the american white coffin.

      I don’t even think Mia Sara was really white, so if you dig all the WOP’s who barged their big noses in then go back to Africa…I mean Italy.

      • Whatever you’re trying to say, the culture still looked better in the ’80s and Mia Sara was hot and pale-skinned. The Johnson-Reed Act of 1924 was in place through 1965 to ensure a white racial majority. A quick glance through the high school yearbooks of the 1970s and 1980s will give you an idea of the society we used to have. My generation had no idea what was coming and I’m glad we got to live blissfully, even if it was short-lived.

        • Who do you think was responsible for the 1965 Immigration Act? Since the colored hordes were not here to push it through, who did?

          Once you recognize the jews were behind the 1965 Immigration Act, you will then have to face that enough jews and italians, their co-racialists, came into the US between the 1880’s and 1924 to give them momentum and ill-gotten wealth enough to impose the 1965 act.

          Our problem began in exactly that period when the northwestern europeans who founded the US became stalked once again by judeo-romans. The US was founded by northwestern europeans, english specifically, trying to flee the romanized Church of England.

          My state was already majority italian and jewish by the 1970’s. My high school year book looked very different than yours.

      • Let’s make one thing clear. Jews are a small and VERY hostile and treacherous minority in Eastern Europe, the vast majority are Slavs, who are white. I as an American with Russian and Ukrainian heritage whose family suffered at the hands of Jewry object to being lumped in with the Jews. I NEVER forgot the prejudice I was the target of at the hands of other whites here in the U.S.

        • Therein lies the problem –

          Slavs and whoever else think they endured ‘prejudice’ in the US.

          This isn’t your country. No one forced you to come here. You are and always have been free to leave.

        • And I guess it would be…who…we evil ‘WASPs’ imposing this ‘prejudice’ on your righteous people? Who committed this crime against you, do tell.

          I declare OD a No Apologies Zone. The northwestern europeans have NOTHING to apologize for, to you or anyone else. That means especially the anglo people.

          Take your voluntary victim status somewhere else.

          • I’m not going anywhere, you can take that up with my father, who did not come here as a gimmiegrant. There’s a lot more of us here than you think.

          • Fine, and I will not apologize to my origins not will I apologize for the payback my people got against the Nazis as well as the fucking Kikes.

        • And, your men hate women. Its is I who has endured horrific violence from your steppenigger people who ally with jews, guineas, negroes and whoever else to attack the anglo female. Your people are backwards, mercenary, despotic and misogynist. I have literally endured physical violence from steppeniggers in public places for not bowing down before you little narcissistic parasitic pricks. If my people weren’t superior YOU WOULDN’T BE HERE.


          No Apologies

  3. One of my managers is a gorilla-looking sheboon who has a BAMN bumper sticker on her car.

    Her favorite thing to say to me is “White people want to be oppressed so bad” whenever we talk about politics and I whip out facts on her.

    I fucking hate her.


    News weak went almost bankrupt and was purchased by a Judaist.

    This is a common scam of the Judaists–to glorify the gutter and denigrate the good.

    They found this gutter Filipina woman, who probably does not even know English, sinkks of fish, who does not know the first amendment, and then they are pumping her up into something bigger than what she is–a nobody.

    The Judaists know they are gutter people, of a gutter religion, so they hope that once you TOLERATE Filipina gutter, you will TOLERATE the Judaists, the biggest gutter.

  5. You don’t have free speech today unless you have the force to exercise it. Good move keeping alt-right out of these alt-lite fiascos. Let them get their own defense shields if they dare. BTW, if you’re White you’re a Nazi, the new anti-White code word.

  6. Anarchy is a complete absence of centralized leadership, like the democracy practiced by ancient Greeks. Anarchy is NOT a state of chaos. Because of their hatred for the concept, leaders of highly centralized governments, like those of monarchies and communist countries, have intentionally abused this term by redefining it as a state of chaos. One only needs to look at what the communists did to the Spanish anarchist of the 1930s to see the difference. By definition these people are NOT anarchist! Call them by their proper name – despotic, totalitarian, Marxists.

  7. You never truly understand the nature of life and human existence until you’ve been pinched in the face at least once. And if this broad got a knuckle sandwich on her next protest, she might lose a lot of her delusions. Such as the fact that, barring divorce court or skipping her lithium, no man will ever consider a woman half his size “his nightmare”.

  8. It never fails to amuse that she depends on the decency of larger males not punching her back. She strikes and fails against them and they look at her in amused irritation, but to not deliver a right cross because she is both female and tiny.

    However, recently she has crossed the line, bring with her a “gang” of men with her to shout the Right down. One guy even gave her a good punch which she exploited with an overlarge bandage and tears. However, that time is passed. When she appears and assaults, she should get what asks for, max force defense. She is an evil degenerate communist. If she was put in charge of the camps, she would inflict “Cambodian” horrors with a smile.

  9. Its a wonder this pint sized little shite is still in one piece. Give it two minutes with me!
    What you should do is tell it that you support diversity….in the Philippines-and see how it reacts.
    What a bloody hide coming to a white nation, and on top of that, telling us how to think!
    I’d hate to think what propaganda its feeding our children at school, and it could be verging on child abuse. Its a walking advertisement for home schooling.

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