Charlottesville Launches Broadside Against US Constitution

In the latest sign that the City of Charlottesville considers itself a sovereign nation with its own foreign policy as well as the authority to nullify the US Constitution, two new lawsuits have been filed in federal and state court against Unite the Right organizers.

The lawsuit alleges that Jason Kessler and a number of pro-White organizations conspired to hold a “Unite the Right Free Speech Rally” in Lee Park in the City of Charlottesville to protest the removal of the Robert E. Lee Confederate monument, the anti-White vitriol of Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy and the violation of Jason Kessler’s civil rights by an anarchist street gang. The White Nationalist organizers are alleged to have made “incursions” into the sovereign nation of Charlottesville where they engaged in “hate speech” which caused severe emotional distress to several sheltered residents.

It gets even worse. The Unite the Right organizers, the Redneck Revolt counter-protesters and several unaligned Patriot groups were seen carrying guns in Charlottesville on August 12th which many residents found scary. The hate groups brought Confederate Battle Flags and American flags which are known symbols of white supremacy for the purpose of intimidating people of color. The public display of these archaic symbols and constitutional rights, including the right to freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the right to bear arms by White males, has left the City of Charlottesville in a traumatized state to this day. The toxic masculinity that was on display on August 12th has caused the plaintiffs to experience severe chest pain and recurring nightmares resulting in economic hardship.

After a federal court ruled that the City of Charlottesville had to allow the “Unite the Right Free Speech Rally” to proceed, the City of Charlottesville had no choice but to defend its sovereignty against the hostile White Nationalist invaders. It nullified the federal court order by ordering its police force to stand down and cede control of the streets to a deputized anarchist vigilante force. The violence which resulted from their attacks was used as an excuse to declare an “unlawful assembly” in Charlottesville and a “state of emergency” by Gov. Terry McAuliffe in Virginia. In such a way, Charlottesville was able to rid itself of the so-called First Amendment of the US Constitution and preserve its own orthodoxy.

The plaintiffs allege that nearly two hours after the Unite the Right organizers and attendees had left Charlottesville in compliance with Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s “state of emergency” – which applied only to the White Nationalists, but not to the Antifa counterprotesters who were still parading through the streets at that time – Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer initiated telepathic contact with James Fields, Jr. from his residence in Lagos, Nigeria and through a transatlantic Vulcan mind meld caused Fields’s car to plow into the crowd resulting in the death of Heather Heyer from a heart attack.

In the months since the events of August 12th, the City of Charlottesville has continued to make progress toward riding itself of the bigoted heritage of the US Constitution:

1.) It has vandalized the Thomas Jefferson monument, shrouded the Robert E. Lee monument in a trash bag and voted to remove the Stonewall Jackson monument.

2.) It has indicted Unite the Right organizer Jason Kessler on a perjury charge in order to intimidate him into not filing a lawsuit against the City of Charlottesville.

3.) It has denied bail to political prisoner Christopher Cantwell on the grounds of “hate speech” which is a serious crime in the sovereign nation of Charlottesville.

4.) It has issued warrants for the arrests of White Nationalists who were in Charlottesville on August 12th who were forced to defend themselves after the Charlottesville Police stood down and were attacked by Antifa and Black Lives Matter counter-protesters as a result. The City of Charlottesville doesn’t think it is necessary to arrest anyone on the other side of that conflict though. The sovereign nation of Charlottesville has adopted a social justice system which weighs all violent crimes on the scale of wokeness. It is sometimes necessary and legally permissible to punch Nazis – wide latitude is granted on this point as anyone carrying a Confederate Battle Flag is also a “Nazi.”

5.) The sovereign nation of Charlottesville has declared itself a sundown town and allowed the anarchist street gang to chase people out of City Council meetings.

6.) Charlottesville has addressed the concerns of the community by allowing an anarchist mob to hijack and occupy City Hall whenever the mood strikes:

NBC29 WVIR Charlottesville, VA News, Sports and Weather

7.) Vice-Mayor Wes Bellamy has continued to tune out White people at City Council meetings:

Bellamy enjoys seeing “little white men and the look on their faces when they have to look up to you.”

The sovereign nation of Charlottesville, which Mayor Mike Signer labeled the “Capital of the Resistance,” does not recognize the authority of President Drumpf. It hopes that this new lawsuit against the Unite the Right organizers and various Patriot groups can be the coup de grace to the US Constitution. It might even prove to be a model that can be exported to other cities which want to chill the constitutional rights of so-called American citizens who cling to heretical moral values and voted for the wrong candidate in the 2016 presidential election.

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  1. So I see Georgetown is representing the plaintiffs. Quelle surprise! The Jesuits are right about Constitutional rights, according to some on here and Question Diversity, who called me ‘diseased’ and ‘criminal’ for defying his judeo-roman kin’s total evisceration of mine. How hard should I laugh? Or is this the time when we recognize that some of us are legitimate ‘outlaws’, some pathetic mongrel cowards?

    The Washington Post article: “But Micah Schwartzman, who teaches constitutional law at the University of Virginia, noted that both lawsuits anticipate claims that the defendants’ actions were constitutionally protected and respond to them with evidence.”

    I would like to see this evidence against the League of the South especially. Isn’t there some type of countersuit for, among other things, frivolous lawsuits?

  2. Obviously this city has layers of corruption that are being protected. Is there a way to financially audit Signer and Bellamy and the chancellor of the Univeristy Mr Sullivan? Something profoundly wierd is happening in this city.

  3. Oh, and now is the time to clean house. Denise has been seen slumming with that vile guinea ‘chris’ who dedicated an entire post on his filthy blog to lionizing Jake LaMotta, whose achievements include, by the nigger’s (yes, italians were rightfully considered the niggers of the North) own accounting, the rape of a teen girl and the pimping of another, as a full adult, mind everyone.

    The nigger is proud of this. He even attributes such depravity to the ‘hostile conditions’ surrounding his nigger people in the US. We whites are responsible for the niggers’ rape and pimping of underage and almost certainly WHITE females, sure…

    Someone should have derailed Chris Cantwell’s crash into C’ville. I’m not suggesting he *did* anything (I don’t know because I wasn’t there but doubt it) but his grossly inappropriate blabbering beforehand will surely be used to buttress what I suspect is contrived ‘evidence.’

    Anyone seen associating with those promoting or defending violence against innocents or anyone else should be pro-actively discouraged from attending. Even mouthing off irresponsibly about guns and retribution should be grounds for banishment.

    • –” italians were rightfully considered the niggers of the North”–
      Are you serious? Does this website support this statement?

  4. It appears that the first lawsuit seeking the prohibition of ‘paramilitary organizations’ was filed in Charlottesville’s Circuit Court ( and would remain within the state’s jurisdiction. Hot air?

    The one seeking damages on behalf of the 11 residents claiming personal injury was filed in federal court by a NYC jewess attorney. Some of the plaintiffs are referred to as ‘Jane Doe.’

  5. Having read the claims, there is no evidence. It’s actually funny. Kaplan keeps asserting her clients were ‘peacefully protesting.’

    What a precedent would be set if, say, Michael Hill, were to be held civilly liable for the supposed speech not even actions of say, Andrew Anglin or one of his commenters. Imagine how whites could sue the living shit out of BLM and ADL and all sorts of jew and black organizations for very real violence perpetrated against very real white victims. This also presents a problem for (((their))) Fields hoax, as part of its requirement is not locating him with any specific group so as to prevent scrutiny and realization that it’s FAKE. To even humor this ridiculous Hail Yahweh move is to pose serious danger to their Psy Op racket.

  6. Okay I’ll stop spamming now.

    These lawsuits are saber-rattling, IMO. They aren’t legally sound, but they could discourage participation in the upcoming rallies by besmirching the reputations of the leaders.

    Virginia is such an occupied state it’s possible its kangaroo court system could conceivably find for some damages in certain individuals’ cases, but there are laws, I believe, that allow defendants in civil suits to challenge judgments or at least their payment in their home states.

  7. These “lawsuits” should be tossed out of court but of course they won’t be. They want to destroy the leadership financially. I know Kessler is under a lot of pressure but the last thing he should do is drop his suit, albeit will probably be tossed out under our anti-White “justice” system.

  8. @Hunter Wallace

    I was at the left of Harold crews. I poured water on his side wound (you can see my bottle and a puddle of water at his feet as a dark spot) then I watched someone run out of the crowd so fast and club him down in the street. It was so fast I couldn’t reasonably identify anyone. But I hated to see the attack, I thought Harold needed a hospital.

  9. I will add that he is hatless after the attack, his hat came off. After our guys helped him stand I held onto his hat so we could monitor his condition and need for a hospital.

  10. I hope AG Sessions is watching the events in Commieville closely. If 10,000 angry Whites showed up to take that town back…well, it’s a thought.

    This was an especially well-written article. HW has shown he is capable of injecting delightfully sarcastic humor into his normally reserved and scholarly style of writing.

    • Sessions is worthless on Jews & Blacks, a boomer’s boomer who constantly refers to his anti-KKK bona fides. His only value is as an immigration hawk.

  11. In the NBC 29 article linked to in the post the attorney that filed the suit said:

    “The way to fight back in this country is not by brandishing automatic weapons and yelling at people in the street and carrying tiki torches that you then throw on people on campus, the way to do this in our democratic country is to use the laws,” said Roberta Kaplan, Attorney.”

    Well Kaplan’s people certainly use the laws in this country to make sure the rest of us get put in our place. This suit is clearly intended to intimidate us and silence dissent. To add insult to injury they call it democracy. I even tried to comment on the article and it never got through. It shows as removed in my disqus notifications. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  12. Do you not realize yet that pro-Whites were setup? That Kessler is a Leftist who staged this event? And they staged it in a city that has had a long march through the institutions? Some of you pro-Whites will literally follow Spencer and this Kessler guy anywhere. How are we going to get anywhere with people that gullible?

    • We really need another Commander Rockwell or Robert J. Matthews to lead the White race to victory.

      All right, all right…I accept!

  13. Wikipedia’s “Unite the Right rally” page under the heading “DeAndre Harris” has he following false infomration (someone backed by some media org needs to go edit these lies out):

    DeAndre Harris

    In a move that surprised “many activists, including the Charlottesville Police Department”, Merlyn Goeschl, a local magistrate[104] signed a warrant on October 9, 2017, without the involvement of Charlottesville police, for the arrest of DeAndre Harris on a felony charge of unlawful wounding,[324] which is “punishable by up to five years in prison and a $2,500 fine.”[325] Public relations spokesman for the League of the South, Hunter Wallace and others, had gathered video evidence that allegedly showed that prior to Harris’ beating by white supremacists, there was an altercation between Harold Ray Crews, a Kernisville-based lawyer and North Carolina’s League of the South chairman and Harris, in which Crews claimed to be injured.[326][324][327][328] According to a October 12 Washington Post article, “online footage shows Crews trying to spear another counterprotester with the pole of a Confederate flag, prompting Harris to fight back. Harris swung his flashlight at Crews, appearing to hit him.”[104][101] Neither the Charlottesville Police nor the commonwealth attorney were interested in Wallace’s video evidence, so Wallace and Crews took it to Merlyn Goeschl.[104] Goeschl “said she found probable cause to believe Harris committed the offense based on the personal statements of Crews.”[329][324] According to an October 12 article in the Los Angeles Times, “supervising detective supervising DeAndre Harris’ case—Charlottesville Detective Sgt. Jake Via— “emphasized that his department had not issued the warrant against Harris” explaining that “[a]ny person who’s a victim of a crime can obtain a warrant if they’ve given probable cause to a magistrate and that magistrate finds probable cause is there”.[329] On October 12, Harris was released on an unsecured bond by a magistrate after he had turned himself in to Charlottesville Police.[104][324] The case is scheduled for a court hearing October 13 at Charlottesville General District Court.[104]

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