Two Sides

Dylann Roof, Emanuel Samson

“If you smash our skull with a mag lite, do we not bleed?” William Shakespeare, paraphrased.

It would be an understatement to say that the narrative is one-sided.

As you know, President Trump was pilloried by the media for saying that there were two sides in the Charlottesville conflict. His comments have been disingenuously interpreted to mean “Nazis are fine people,” but the point he was really trying to make, that some of the Unite the Right attendees were decent people with legitimate concerns, was correct. (In fact, his comments did not go far enough in our defense, but considering that Trump is the head executive of the federal government and hails from New York, I think he was surprisingly even-handed.)

Shortly thereafter, SC Senator Tim Scott read Trump the riot act in response to his Charlottesville comments, later explaining that Trump …”needs to hear something from folks who have gone through this painful history.” Sure. But has Senator Scott listened to the folks who attended UTR, and asked what made them decide to attend? No, and since he is a member of the Senate that unanimously condemned UTR, I think it’s fair to assume he has made up his mind to agree with those who believe there is only one side to the debate.

Perhaps he is unaware that Charlottesville city officials are openly anti-white, and vindictively targeting statues that were of historic importance to whites. Maybe he thinks nothing of importance has changed since the 1960s, when whites made up the overwhelming majority of population and positions of authority. Maybe he just doesn’t want to give up the power that “victim” status provides to black Americans in the modern US.

The Charlottesville issue was in the headlines again this past week when a warrant was issued for the arrest of DeAndre Harris. Leftists all over the country were shrieking in horror at the news that sweet, gentle DeAndre, who was brutally attacked by cruel white supremacists while skipping to church, had been arrested for NO REASON WHATSOEVER. Apparently it is beyond the ability of many Americans to even consider that there might be two sides to the story of DeAndre’s injuries, despite the fact that there is video evidence that Harris started the brawl and severely injured another man BEFORE being injured himself. I’d love to see the psychological profile of the people unable to absorb the evidence disproving their preferred version of the story.

The one-sidedness of the narrative may also be exemplified by the recent church shooting in Tennessee. The suspect in the mass shooting in a majority white church is a black Sudanese immigrant, whose social media posts were full of anti-white, black power posts and likes, prompting some to describe him as a “black Dylann Roof.” However, the crimes of Roof and testimonies of the victims were broadcast incessantly on national news media for weeks. There were countless think pieces written about White supremacy, cries to remove all vestiges of Confederate history, and guilt by association cast upon some groups simply because he had visited their websites.

Imagine the same response to the crimes of Tennessee suspect Emanuel Kidega Samson. Imagine national news media combing through his social media posts and browser history. Photos of the victims on the national news every night for weeks. Talking heads wringing their hands about the evil bigots of Black Lives Matter, and the damage caused by their hateful rhetoric. Demands to ban sales of all black power imagery, and to presume that anyone who displays it is evil and potentially violent. Calls to monitor and perhaps shut down any websites, speakers, and writers who might have inspired his evil, racist, and violent behavior.

Why is the mistreatment of blacks by white authority figures assumed to be the norm, while mistreatment of whites by black authority figures is ignored? Why is race-inspired violence horrific when perpetrated by whites, but barely worthy of note when perpetrated by blacks? The victims are equally dead. How can any honest person of good faith argue that there are not two sides to this story? The danger, I believe, is that honest examination would require acknowledging that whites are actually far MORE likely to be the victims of interracial violence, which would be a very uncomfortable discussion for those deeply invested in the “equality” narrative.

Of course there are two sides to the story, and from now on, Whites intend to make sure that our side will be heard.


  1. No one notices that black shooters are both incredibly rare and incredibly ineffective.

    Or so a media owned by six jews (maybe one is just a zionist) and law enforcement trained in Israel assure us.

    The only thing Dylan Roof and Emanuel Samson share in common is that they’re fake criminals.


    • Neither rare, nor ineffective:
      2017 – San Francisco (California) UPS shooting of three Americans – Asian male.
      2017 – Bogue Chitto (Mississippi) shooting of eight Americans – African-American male
      2017 – Fresno (California) shooting of four Americans – African-American male (probably Islam related).
      2017 – Fort Lauderdale (Florida) airport shooting of five Americans – Puerto Rican male (probably Islam related).
      2016 – Los Angeles (California) party shooting of four Americans – Jamaican male immigrant
      2016 – Burlington (Washington) Mall shooting of five Americans – Turkish male immigrant (probably Islam related).
      2016 – Baton Rouge (Louisiana) shooting of three American police officers – African-American male
      2016 – Dallas (Texas) shooting of five American police officers – African-American male
      2016 – Orlando (Florida) shooting of 49 Americans – Afghan-American male (2nd generation) (probably Islam related).
      2016 – High Point HS (Maryland) shooting of three Americans – Asian male
      2015 – Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino (California) shooting of 14 Americans – Pakistani-American male (2nd generation) & Pakistani female immigrant (probably Islam related).
      2015 – Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting of nine Americans – half-Black male immigrant
      2015 – Chattanooga (Tennessee) shootings of five American military men – Kuwaiti male immigrant (probably Islam related).
      2014 – Alturas (California) shooting of four Americans – Native-American female
      2014 – Springfield (Missouri) shooting of four Americans – African-American male
      2014 – Marysville (Washington) shooting of four Americans – Native-American male
      2014 – Santa Barbara (California) college killing of six Americans – half-Asian male immigrant
      2014 – Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, four Americans killed – Puerto Rican male immigrant
      2013 – Washington Navy Yard (DC) shooting, 12 Americans killed – African-American male
      2013 – Hialeah (Flordia) shooting of six Americans – Cuban male immigrant
      2013 – Boston (Massachusetts) Marathon killings, five Americans died – two Chechen male immigrants (probably Islam related).
      2012 – Miami (Florida), three Americans shot – Haitian male immigrant
      2012 – Oikos University (California) shooting of seven Americans – Korean male immigrant
      2011 – Permanente Quarry (California) shooting of three Americans – African-American male
      2011 – Carson City (Nevada) IHOP killing of four Americans – Mexican male immigrant
      2010 – Hartford Distributors (Connecticut) shooting of eight Americans – African-American male
      2009 – Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, 13 American soldiers killed – Palestinian-American male (2nd generation) (probably Islam related).
      2009 – Lakewood (Washington) shooting of four American police officers – African-American male
      2009 – Binghamton (New York) shooting of 13 Americans – Vietnamese male immigrant
      2007 – Virginia Tech (Virginia) shooting killing 32 Americans – Korean male immigrant
      2007 – Salt Lake City (Utah) shopping mall, five Americans killed – Bosnian male immigrant (probably Islam related).
      2005 – Red Lake (Minnesota) shooting of 10 Americans – Native-American male
      2004 – Birchwood (Wisconsin) killing of six Americans – Hmong male immigrant
      2003 – Windy City Core Supply warehouse Chicago (Illinois) in 2003, six Americans killed – Mexican male immigrant
      2002 – D.C. Sniper (Washington DC Metro Area) killing of 17 Americans – two African-American men (probably Islam related).
      1993 – Long Island (New York) Railroad massacre, six Americans dead – Jamaican male immigrant
      1993 – 101 California Street (San Francisco) shootings of nine Americans – Ethiopian male immigrant
      1990 – GMAC massacre Jacksonville (Florida) 11 Americans killed – African-American male

      • Many on your list are not black, and my definition of the word was meant to refer to american blacks, as opposed to people who would be called islamic.

        If you compare these american black shooters’ kill rates with american ‘white’ men’s, somehow white men’s dwarfs that of the black men’s.

        I don’t think that’s just coincidence. I think it’s jewish agitprop.

        I don’t believe most of the ‘crazedgunman’ shootings are, in fact, fully real or real at all. The jewish governmedia can’t frame white men too often without getting detected and eventually caught, so they have to use other colors of men. Islamic is the easiest for them and helps stoke foreign wars against ‘radicalism.’

        Sometimes to maintain the appearance of ‘reality,’ they also have to feature a black crazedgunman. But when they do, he is woefully ineffective compared to his white counterparts. Because if he weren’t, whites wouldn’t look to some Nanny State commissars to solve the problem. Instead of giving up our guns and due process, whites really would start shooting up the place.

      • To expose the junta that controls the government and media, and get people to recognize that there is no separation between the fourth estate and the executive branch, as it were. And that we have to stop taking these psy op’s at face value.

  2. Do you realize that on the 23rd day after Roof’s crime, without a trial to determine his real motives, SC ripped down the Confederate Battle Flag…which started a cultural cleansing of the South and has now expanded to other white Americans not associated with the Confederacy. Now, the 23rd day after Samson’s crime will be this Tuesday and as scheduled in their script the M$M has buried the story…what black shooter?…

  3. There is no point in asking “why?”

    Most “whites” are active self-annihilators. Literally unable to spot a deadly nigger even at the end of their nose.

    Most “whites” have been thoroughly brainwashed to defer to “black” primitiveness in the manner that one makes “nice” with a snarling pit bull.

    Most “whites” are therefore disqualified from partaking in a system of “political equity.” Yet, because of “political equality,” they are able to gorge at the public trough.

    Now add non-white parasites to this environment and their awareness of this self-abnegating ethos of the “white” self-annihilator and “we” are caught up in this free-for-all.

  4. Come on Emily… know that only whites are racist, and that blacks never do nuffin to no one. Blacks are our future inventers, scientists and engineers, but whitey is so meeeaaan!
    Blacks are equal….and pigs might fly.

    • John, I’d bet money that all (except for one) of the 13 blacks on my high schools basketball team have contributed more to our community before we graduated, than you have to yours in your whole life.

  5. If the radical leftist can see nothing other than “white supremacist” and *you* are trying everything jew can TO NOT BE perceived as a “white supremacist” then it’s CUCKMATE.

  6. Oh, stop it with the BS false equivalence! This is why a cultural cleansing of the South and an ethnic cleansing of White people is occurring, Emily – simpering false equivalency displayed by 95% or so of Whites. Dylann Roof did nothing wrong, and I don’t particularly like the weird Photoshopped picture you have of him as somehow equivalent to the monkey nigger. Grow a spine and a brain, please.

  7. It’s not just the Jewsmedia and the cucked conservatives-it’s Everyone that is not red pilled!!
    There are levels of “fingers in ears” going on, that shouldn’t even be possible… In the current year!

    For example, There is a [sic] “traditionalist catholic” website I’ve stumbled upon, that I thought was pretty good…until I started commenting on the person’s bizarre avoidance of the JQ, the NQ, the FQ, and the RCQ.

    This last article, for example, I gave him two comments after he tried to posit the RC heretical fallacy of the “universalism of Christianity,” -and he’s not allowing my opinions to be shown, because he has no way to refute them, other than to silence me!

    It’s like the cucked answer to everything: from Anglin’s domain heist, to C’ville, the FAKE death of Whalewoman Heyer, to ‘Russia did it all,’ ad infinitum-

    “If JEW can’t control the narrative, shut it down!”

    The original post-

    Here’s what followed ( my rebuttals)
    ” Father John+ says:October 15, 2017 at 6:42 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    God is not the God of all, he is the “God of your fathers, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” as the Scriptures clearly indicate. The Bible is an unabashedly ethnocentric document that elevates ONE family of humanity above all others- indeed, so much so, that the divinity incarnates in that one Ethnicity-the incarnation of Jesus Christ- and gives them [Europe/ Christendom] dominion to rule over everyone else! It is not a universalist credo -that is BS.

    I grant, He is LORD of all…but he is not God of all. Because if one person does not believe in Jesus Christ as Lord, he’s damned and will go to hell. That includes all Jews, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus, Taoists, Confucianist, feminists, sodomites, leftist liberal loons, etc. ad infinitum!

    Do you not understand you are so filled with Romanist error, that even trying to fight against Rome, you are using their Kabbalist and talmudic derived formulas, and failing!?

    This is the point and thrust of Michael Hoffman’s book “The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome”- Rome was ALREADY heretical in the 15th century, due to the desire on the part of people like pico Della Marandola and Reuchlin, to mesh Babylonian Talmudic ideas with the Catholic faith.

    Father John+ says:October 15, 2017 at 7:22 am
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    As I was reading Andrew Fraser’s new book, “Dissident dispatches” I came across a pertinent point -your universalism, (forgive me) is not a standard universalism, it is a Barthian universalism. Therefore it is eminently: Protestant, low church, reductionistic, and not Catholic theology. [“Europe is the Faith; the Faith, Europe “-H. Belloc]

    Sorry for the confusion. ”

    We are in a very sorry state in our world, when the adage “truth is no defense;” first iterated at the Ernst Zundel trials in Canada in the 1980s, seems to have become the operating methodology across the board.
    Misericordie, Domine .

    • First, all comments are moderated. Your comments sat in moderation for one day until I had a chance to respond. You were not “silenced.” Though I kindly ask that you not take to defaming us as Universalists and Jews on other websites because your comments were not approved quickly enough.

      Second, anyone familiar with our website knows that articles regularly address Jews, modernism, feminism, the Post-Conciliar Church, and the like. We also clearly do not advocate theological Universalism (“nonbelievers will be saved”). There is no “bizarre avoidance” of any of that. If you have not bothered to read through past articles, feel free to do so to enlighten yourself on our stances.

      God bless,

      • Dear Sir/Madam: Please feel free to delete all comments from El Chapo, Onceler and West. They are sick, dangerous individuals with malformed brains. And the FBI is looking for them.

  8. The cards are stacked against us. That which doesn’t kill us…..

    White Lives Matter too. God be with you at our rally.

    • God sure won’t be with GoyGodless. If she even shows up. I doubt the peasant whore has the funds/resources to make it to TN (that’s half the reason the WN “protests” draw such small crowds)

        • Here’s the thing. Coming on here and trying to manipulate people, like Goy Goddess, is a waste of time. You don’t fool her or any strong whites. Vulnerable ones, like Denise perhaps, might fall for your games but Goy Goddess isn’t so gullible.

          And she’s germanic. Remember her men sent you pathetic WOP’s packing out of mainland Europe in short order.

          WOP. You people don’t understand that we don’t confront you because we don’t see through you, we just think you’re ridiculous and Without Pride, cuz if you had any you wouldn’t a. follow us everywhere and b. engage in such pathetically transparent tactics.

          Go steal from the Greeks again. At least they can’t smell you a mile away.

          • Thank you. I don’t respond to ‘El Chapo’ or whatever it wants to call itself, because I don’t care about its retarded trolling as a non-White sociopath.

            Where are the moderators of this site, in banning these strange individuals? Brad and Marcus, you are really dropping the ball here.

        • It’s so amusing how yall act like children when you don’t get your way lol. I can’t wait to see the day when your king gets fired in 2020

  9. Oh yea, just ban and block everybody who doesn’t agree with you. I thought you WNs were all about free speech? Typical right wing hypocrisy…

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