Good Riddance, Jeff Flake!

US Republican Senator Jeff Flake of Arizona, who was trailing badly in the polls, has announced that he will not seek re-election. Flake, an open borders and amnesty advocate who supported replacing US workers with Third World immigrants, was one of the three most unpopular members of the US Senate. Flake went out blasting President Donald Trump and lamenting the trend in the GOP towards nationalism and populism. The BBC reports:

A US Republican senator says he will not seek re-election, delivering a fierce attack on President Donald Trump.

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake said “reckless, outrageous and undignified behaviour” at the top of the US government was dangerous to democracy.

Mr Trump has previously called Mr Flake “toxic”.

The US president is already embroiled in a row with another Republican Senator, Bob Corker.

Before confirming his decision in a speech to the Senate, Mr Flake told the Arizona Republic newspaper “there may not be a place for a Republican like me in the current Republican climate or the current Republican Party”.

Taking to the floor, he said he did not enjoy criticising the president but felt it was “a matter of duty and conscience”.

“We must never regard as ‘normal’ the regular and casual undermining of our democratic norms and ideals,” he said.

…Jeff Flake was facing an uphill battle in his re-election campaign next year. It wasn’t because the incumbent senator was matched up against a particularly tough Democrat, but rather because the Republican Party had shifted under his feet.

He found himself at odds with Donald Trump and the populist, nationalist movement that swept the president to power – and facing a right-wing challenger backed by Mr Trump’s former adviser and campaign guru, Steve Bannon.

So with poll numbers indicating he very well might be unceremoniously dumped from office, Mr Flake decided to go out on his own terms.

Flake was not only an leading anti-White voice in the Senate, he was also a coward who quit rather than face a tough battle and the wrath of his own party’s voters. Good riddance, Flake. You will not be missed.

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  1. the only difference between Flake and Trump is that

    Flake is an honest, in-your-face, open borders Jewstooge scumbag

    while Trump is a lying, shitface, open-borders Jewstooge scumbag.

    • Denise, he’s at least eight weeks behind in his news reading. He still thinks Trump is not the man we elected him to be. And yet, DT seems to be doing what he promised. So far, so good.

      Even if he’s not the “great white hope.”

      • Sending 3,500 additional troops to Afghanistan is not why we elected him. And hundreds of American troops in Africa? Maybe Trump is too busy squabbling with NFL owners.

  2. Here is a list of the Republican Senators with F ratings from Numbers USA.

    Corey Gardner, Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Marco Rubio, Todd Young, Susan Collins, Ben Sasse, Dean Heller, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Rob Portman, James Lankford, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Lamar Alexander

  3. How did this creep get re-elected? Ditto with McCain again and again? Obviously, all their support comes from the destructive California idiots that fled to Arizona only to repeat what they did to California. I always thought that experience was the best teacher.

    • Snowhitey – a big reason is it’s and LDS Mormon problem. They look healthy, White like us – but their religion is to somehow embrace every single person in the world and get them to like them because they are clean, wholesome and neat and aren’t racist anymore.

      LDS Mormons go with the flow – they were once persecuted for being well, not good Americans, not good Christians, so now that the flow has become a third world anti White flow, with the elites on the top getting the resources to be above the turd flow, they LDS Mormons have gone with the flow.

      I’ve started to push back in my LDS Mormon circles – to cause some social cost for doing things like trying to throw the election to Hillary – yeah, the Neo Con Jews did that recruiting Egg McMuffin to try to split off Utah.

      My close friend and LDS Bishop from Southern California was sent on a mission – guess where?

      To the Congo in Black Africa because he speaks French!

      The LDS Mormons (great folks) I was with in West Tennessee last weekend were extremely defensive about this, insisting that these missionaries to Black Africa are there to build the church there and get the locals to stay there, but that isn’t what happens.

      The corruptions of once White Christian denominations is a huge problem for us and often the corruption is presented as some wholesome, Conservative, neat White way like through this Rep. Flake.

      • Jack, the rank and file LDS members are mostly decent, hard working, law-abiding citizens. The leadership is a different story. I won’t go there now with you because you need to see far, far more before you’d even entertain what I’d say.

        It’s a cultish club just like Judaism! And, I’ll give you a hint….. they worship the same god but not the one we do.

      • This IS why I regard the churches in America as Jewish corrupted. It’s either Orthodox Christianity or not at all for me. Christian Zionism is why I will not attend most churches.

  4. I stick by my previous comments that PAUL KERSEY is a disgusting individual when he takes such a nonchalant..typical of Libertarians….attitude towards the death of White US Army Soldiers…..Trust Fund faggot all the way…Trust fund brat all the way…..

  5. Only if Dianne Feinswine would make the same announcement.

    The Jewess swine Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced Monday that she’s seeking re-election in 2018
    The old battle axe will be 85 years old. when she runs.for the 6,000,000th time…

    .Kikes never die they just become walking corpses.

    • Yeah, that’s kind of the way I feel. Flake will probably be replaced by another anti-White cuck, too soon for anything better. White Genocide meme hasn’t gone prime time yet but it’s getting close.

  6. Some good news at last. Rep. Flake represents a serious problem in American politics – that of the clean, good looking, clean living LDS Mormons who have nice families, talk conservative patriot things but who vote and act on immigration, Neo Con wars and in subtle and not so subtle anti White ways and it’s all rapped up in some Osmond Family wholesomeness.

    The LDS Mormons like it that they are accepted in the current system, hell one of their own Mittens Romney was tapped to be Presidential nominee. These LDS Mormons tend not to be very intellectual or question the powers that be, question the system – it’s all about looking neat and being nice.

    That’s Rep. Flake’s main problem with President Trump – “Trump isn’t nice”, “he’s devisive” “Trump’s supporters are mean racist, haters”.

    Hell, the cultural marxists got another LDS Mormon Senator Harry Reid to sponsor the Matthew Shepherd Federal Hate Crimes/Thought Crimes act.

    Go to BYU you’ll see so many healthy, wholesome, nice White people – I’m sure this was one of the reason BYU Quarterback then Chicago Bears punk quarterback Jim McMahon became a big beer drinker. Being around nice, clueless Church of Latter Day Sissies has pushed me to drink too much beer!

    And understand the original LDS Mormon Church was nothing like the current Nice Neat dressed club it is now. The original LDS Mormons were often bad asses – Cowboys, gunslingers like Porter Rockwell. Boy we could use some men like Porter Rockwell now.

  7. I like to think at least, that the alt right is catching on some. Paying attention to what these scummy politicians do, not just voting for somebody because they played basketball in college and look like Wally Cleaver.

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