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  1. Yes. Those books in the infamous photo from the 1930s of the Nazis burning books always leaves a small fact out. The books were mostly Jewish porn. No wonder the Germans hated the lying hypocrites.

    • Also left out, those books weren’t burned by the National Socialists but ordinary German citizens who were thoroughly disgusted with their contents & respective (((authors))). However, no doubt, the NSDAP & its leader gave full approval of such noble undertakings.

  2. Antifa just killed 27 people in a church. Leftist garbage all over the shooters social media. Devin Patrick Kelley. He’s dead. The next rally should be Communism out of the South!

  3. Now shit is just getting a little kooky and reminiscent of the perpetual and perennial failures of WN 1.0 mentality. Heimbach is now talking about religious zealots burning “heresy” as a great thing and something normal people are going to embrace? This is becoming theater all over again. Really, really predictably bad theater.

    Hunter, you were on a pretty good path toward realizing something tangible that could help White people in the real world. But somewhere along the way you got redirected and found yourself on a path that is destined for the same kind of failure that has always crippled pro-White movements in America. You don’t have to be slavishly devoted to the system to affect change and shape it into something totally different. But you also don’t have to be the antagonist and embrace caricatures and delusions of grandeur to set yourself apart from the system you wish to change.

    You have to be cunning. You have to be meek when it’s beneficial. You have to be bold when it’s beneficial. You have to be a shadow. You have to have supernatural like powers when it comes to character assessment and association. You have to know weaknesses, yours and theirs. You have to be 20 steps ahead in order to make calculated missteps in the present time. This current path is none of those things.

  4. Heimbach and his TWP comrades have been spending a lot of time at the firing range, I see. That’s an excellent idea. I would have chosen a different symbolic image to shoot at besides Lenin, though. My choice would have been some police mugshot of a nappy-headed coon, greasy Mexican cut-throat or ugly, clown-faced jew.

    • Because pro-White people run around fantasizing about shooting blacks, Mexicans and Jews, right? I probably have more firearms than all those guys combined, and I don’t see a need to publicly showcase any kind of behavior that would definitely seem neurotic and/or homicidal to an overwhelming majority of the population; especially considering the current political and social climate where lunatics with guns are setting records in mass shootings and being given the full attention of media and law enforcement. But that’s probably because I’m not neurotic or homicidal…….. well that, and I’m not a fed looking to entrap people.

      • I knew from your previous posts that you weren’t playing with a full deck, so this latest message of yours comes as no surprise. You are the last person who should ever be allowed to play with firearms. And your doctor needs to put you back on Xanax.

        Oh by the way, have you been introduced to Onceler? She’s off her meds too!

        • The guy suggesting others put up targets of coons, Mexicans and Jews is saying I’m a little unhinged? You’ve laid it on just a little too thick for it to be simple irony. I believe your stupidity and not-so-subtle caricature persona is all intentional. Even retarded and uneducated people get lucky if you give them enough chances to succeed at something. So it makes you wonder why the American White Nationalist mentality always resorts back to the same failed rhetoric and tactics that have miserably failed year after year, decade after decade.

          Could you please point to the exact comment(s) where it’s apparent that I’m not “playing with a full deck,” and give me your professional analysis?

          For the record, I don’t do drugs(illegal or prescription), I rarely drink, and I don’t “play with firearms.” What do you know about firearms, other than the fact that felons like yourself are prohibited from owning any?

  5. Recommended books for the Farenheit 451 pile: Night by Elie Weisel, Fear of Flying by Erica Jong…..just about any book written by a jew, with the possible exception of Catch 22 by Joseph Heller.

  6. Saturfay was the perfect day for some target practice, so I shot up some targets. Just to tweak the Antifas noses, we should declare Nov. 4 national target practice and gun cleaning day.

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