Patriot Front Torch Rally In Austin, TX

In spite of all the ink that has been spilled about American nationalism, Patriot Front is only group in the United States that is incorporating it into their activism.

They were in Charlottesville as part of Vanguard America. I met them in Florida at Richard Spencer’s speech in Gainesville. I don’t have the slightest problem with them. In fact, I have said in the past that their approach to the issue which draws a distinction between the American nation and the ideology of the American state is in line with our thinking on the issue.

Patriot Front uses the American aesthetic without ingesting the poison of civic nationalist ideology. They’re also determined to stay active in the real world and work well with others. Good for them. I expect we will be seeing a lot more of them on the frontlines in 2018.

Note: The Texas flag was a nice touch. I hope they use that one more often.

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  1. I’m not a “joiner” by nature but these guys have the right look and the right attitude.

    American Fascism….an idea whose time has come. AGAIN.

    • @spahnranch1969
      Sir, could you tell me why you think Fascism is the best form of government for America? I understand the difference between National Socialism and Fascism, but I still distrust Fascism as it by nature is a very centralized and even authoritarian form of government. Fascism might have been alright for countries like Italy and Spain that never had much of a history of individual rights but the founding principles of America and those that the Confederacy tried to protect in the South were those of states and individuals rights and limited government. I ask you in all sincerity as I really want to know how you think Fascism is right for America.

      • America had a mildly Fascist/ NS bent from the 1880s to WWII. During that time the fasces and the swazi were commonly used symbols. Schoolchildren gave the Roman salute during the pledge of allegiance. There were many state and local laws regarding segregation, eugenics and miscegenation. Immigration policies were strict and citizenship was something that was not granted easily.

        The USA was seen as a latter day Roman Republic, a fascist State, that citizens were expected to serve and glorify. Its founding fathers were likened to ancient Roman statesmen and generals. In return the State (at least theoretically) put the best interests of its Citizens first. The proper relationship between Citizen and State had been more or less achieved, at least when viewed from a fascist perspective.

        • Bullshit, guinea. The USA was 100% conceived from the Separatist movement which strove to purge the last vestiges of Rome from the Church of England. All the protestant denominations which formed the foundation of this country, and which produced the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, stemmed from this reaction AGAINST roman influence in the Episcopalians.

          • TERRI: I see your new mood-stabilizing meds are not working. I think Dr. Kaplan should be notified, before you start in with your bi-polar antics.

          • Sandnigger science avoids, well, science.

            And facts. An italian’s version bears more resemblance to fantasy and ‘muh feelings’ than any approximation of reality: “America had a mildly Fascist/ NS bent from the 1880s to WWII. During that time the fasces and the swazi were commonly used symbols. Schoolchildren gave the Roman salute during the pledge of allegiance. There were many state and local laws regarding segregation, eugenics and miscegenation. Immigration policies were strict and citizenship was something that was not granted easily.”

            The fact is, the entire premise of the US of A was a protestant cleansing of romanized ways. And after the invasion America endured by mediterranean (italian and jewish) people from the 1880’s till 1924, whites tried desperately to recalibrate the quota system so as to contain the damage and prevent more niggers from polluting our white country. before that, waves of anti-guinea sentiment swept through any region the new ‘europeans’ (Italy’s borders are closer to Africa than Europe by far) tried to colonize with their mafia and flesh-peddling.

            Italians themselves sought to create a distance from their Third World culture of origin, all while seeking to refashion white America into a system they could nigger over. From the book, Immigrants Against the State, Yiddish and Italian Anarchism:

            “From the 1880s through the 1940s, tens of thousands of first- and second-generation immigrants embraced the anarchist cause after arriving on American shores. Kenyon Zimmer explores why these migrants turned to anarchism, and how their adoption of its ideology shaped their identities, experiences, and actions.

            Zimmer focuses on Italians and Eastern European Jews in San Francisco, New York City, and Paterson, New Jersey. Tracing the movement’s changing fortunes from the pre–World War I era through the Spanish Civil War, Zimmer argues that anarchists, opposed to both American and Old World nationalism, severed all attachments to their nations of origin but also resisted assimilation into their host society. Their radical cosmopolitan outlook and identity instead embraced diversity and extended solidarity across national, ethnic, and racial divides. Though ultimately unable to withstand the onslaught of Americanism and other nationalisms, the anarchist movement nonetheless provided a shining example of a transnational collective identity delinked from the nation-state and racial hierarchies.”

            Even the guinea’s fantasy about italian fascism conveniently fictionalizes not only white America’s very hostile reaction to it (which was preceded by intense anti-german fascism following WWI), but the american italian fascist stance towards jews, which, unlike its german counterpart, was largely and very loudly tolerant of their partners in parasitism.

            That’s a fact. For all those who understand the jew, notice its paisan resorts to jew pseudoscience to camouflage criticism of his people’s racketeering. And he’s not the slightest bit ashamed of it.

        • Thanks for replying and I appreciate your breakdown of American Fascism. I believe that you are correct in your assessment of that era, but at the same time it wasn’t a pure Fascist state. It was a mixture of Fascist ideals combined with our Constitutional Republic form of government. The problem I see with a Fascist form of government is that, though it looks good on paper and might work for awhile, the power is so centralized in the government that it is only a matter of time before idealism is lost and corruption sets in. That is how we got into the mess we are in today. I believe a limited government with many checks and balances is a better form of government. Unfortunately that old American form of government was lost when the South lost the war. I do respect your opinion, even though I might not agree with you in regards to Fascism, and I thank you for sharing it with me.

          • @a southerner

            My viewpoint is that NS, fascism, constitutional checks & balances, a monarchy, Confederacy, etc. can all be good forms of government or turn into bad forms quickly, all based upon the caliber of people running the government and the morality of the population. In this sense I think Jefferson had it nailed down by saying the tree of liberty needs watered every so often.

            The real question isn’t “what is the best form of government” but rather we need to be asking “what type of government do we need now to fix the mess we are in.” I personally feel like our country has lost total interest in communal living and thus it rules out a Confederacy, we have lost all self determination and responsibility and so we must forget about constitutionalism. I believe our moral compass is gone and thus a monarchy will be ineffective. This really only leaves a couple of options.

          • Southerners have no clue about italians, as your region of the country never had to absorb any significant number of them.

            There’s a reason they were called ‘WOPs’, dagos, guineas and greasy in the North, and that we tried unsuccessfully to block what had already become a fatal injection of them. LOTS of reasons. We’ve had a greek major party presidential candidate but never come close to electing an italian one, even though there are far more italians than greeks in the US.

            Part of the North’s inability to fully countenance the problems integration with blacks would bring came not just from the control jews wielded, which was profound, but from having to deal with the corrosion of the fabric of society that italians brought with them. They were/are considered that violent, dangerous and corrupt, while many northern blacks actually identified with America and prior to the 1970’s observed more upstanding mores than the niggers of the North. They hate anglos, but ‘greasily’ hide it when expedient. Or try to.

            Remember that the italians, like the hispanics, abandoned their homeland to invade America. No one abducted them or invited them. No religious persecution motivated their exodus from the cesspool they lacked the character, industriousness and talent to change. Italians can’t forge and sustain healthy middle class societies.

          • @ Professional

            You made an excellent point and one that I mostly agree with. The government we have today is only a reflection of what the people of America have become. Though I still hold to the opinion that the old pre-civil war government was the best form of government I also fully acknowledge that the caliber of people back then was much different than that of people of today. I in no way advocate for the restoration of the old Republic unless there has been a revival of sorts where the general population returns to God, morality, family, and heritage and make a conscious decision and effort to once again be self governing. I understand that if we returned to the old government tomorrow then we would lose it once again in no time because the people at large would not have changed. I don’t believe that there is any form of government that can fix the mess we are in as a country. The current government will either collapse under it’s own weight or merge into a global government, something like the UN but the UN on steroids with absolute power.

  2. I wonder which if any Southern States are going to go with American Nationalism over an independent Southern Nation.

      • Or you could return to the original way that America was intended to be run, that is with a minuscule federal government and every state basically being autonomous. This would ensure that every state could develop different culturally much like in the early days of our country’s history.

        • @a southerner

          Yeah, we have been beating that dead horse a long time. The System with a capital S doesn’t allow return back to logic. It’s going to require a more direct approach with a cohesive set of values that challenge everything this country has to “offer.” As everything is death spiraling here we have the ability to not say let’s “go back” but instead, here are OUR values and let’s advance forward.

          • @ Professional

            Well put. I understand that we will never go back to what we were as a country but we can look back on that period as an example or format for how we advance in the future.

  3. Well done, men.

    That red, white and blue flag with the Sonnenrad is the best implementation of visual optics yet to emerge from our movement.

    The Sonnenrad resonates in the organs of my cells, in some mystical way that no other symbol has ever done. It reverberates like a deep, heavy, pounding war drum. I suspect I’m not alone in this experience.

    I have a strong feeling that the fate of our people is bound up with this symbol, just as our fate is bound up with each other.


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