The Guardian: White Nationalism is a ‘Rising Danger’

The Guardian has released an editorial piece denouncing White Nationalism as “a rising danger” to the post-World War II order which has brought the West to the brink of.destruction. The editors describe this as a movement of young men in Europe and the United States who are economically disillusioned and harbor “dangerous emotions.” They write:

What we have once more is a growing cohort of men who know that the economy has no dignified use for them, and who feel this insult to their own personal self-worth is also an insult to the nation, the religion, or even the race, that they are proud to belong to. Their reaction brings shame on all three. These are dangerous emotions.

The editors dismiss the real issues (mass Third World immigration, neoliberal economic de-industrialization, cultural rot and elite disdain for the people over which they rule). After dismissing our issues, what solution do The Guardian editors offer?

The only counter to this kind of twisted idealism is an idealism of progress and decency which can carry an equivalent meaning and urgency, but values all people for themselves, not for their race or creed.

Empty slogans. Nothing. A few feel good words which do not address our issues or problems. How can they halt the growth of the pro-White Right-wing and regain support from the people while ignoring our issues? No wonder our enemies are losing support everywhere.

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  1. “What we have once more is a growing cohort of men who know that the economy has no dignified use for them, ”

    The economy, what does that mean? Who controls the economy? What are they doing to society? The family?

    These nations belong to us, not to these ruthless parasites like journalists in the employ of the criminal oligarchs subverting the bases of society with Leftist agitators, hordes of welfare aliens who constitute a violent class given over to crime, and with the police and propaganda organs backing it all.

    • “the economy” is NOT a free market, unless you consider the decisions of monopolist oligarchs engage din social engineering to represent the progress of human freedom. The dispossession of the people of their own land is the opposite of freedom. It is enslavement. I

      • That is why nationalism exists. Jews and their non-white proxies are working non-stop towards taking our land, our culture, religion, language, even our existence. Nationalism among our people is the only way we can fight back and crush these genocidal terrorists, invaders and thieves.

    • “…that the economy has no dignified use for them.”

      I’ll translate: …that many businesses have succumbed to Jewish/Leftist anti-straight-White-male pressure and refuse to hire them, opting instead to hire homosexuals and non-Whites across the board.

  2. “WHITE NATIONALISM.” Think how that sounds to John & Jane Q Public. “Oh … it’s just a bunch of those racists doing another rally George. No news here. What else is on ?”

    I’m reminded of the song by Freak Sonny Bono and Cu&t Cher, “The Beat Goes On.”

    Yes white nationalists … the beat goes on, and nothing changes. Did you WANT something to change ? WHAT did you want ? HOW will you get it ? Can’t expect different results by continuously doing the same thing right ? 🙂

    Might I suggest …. THE CONFEDERATE PARTY

    What else is on for George to watch ? Well, this time there’s a brand new political party that wants to divide America into 3 parts, and we white folks can have our own country. How about that George. A modern Mayberry / 1950’s America !!!

    “Turn that up Alice … I wanna hear these guys.”

    And after George “hears” you, he’ll want to donate to you, and tell his family and friends all about you. That isn’t happening now, nor will it ever happen unless you form THE CONFEDERATE PARTY

  3. Yes they are correct…we face a rising danger which has bought the West to the brink of disaster….caused by the Jews, Islam and the Left.
    Keep it up young men. Its ok to be white. Diversity is code for genocide…..and we never voted for it.
    The disaster these traitors in power have left us will force our hand. Its now catching up with them.
    Its not racist or wrong to drive incompatibles out or bring traitors to justice- that’s how our ancestors dealt with matters. Time for our generation to find some gumption and do the same.

  4. The empty cliches’ the Left uses to promote their definition of “tolerance,” and the whimpering pleas from the Neo-Cons for fair and equal treatment, remind me of a favorite quote. Although, it was made by a Bostonian, in my opinion, it effectively addresses those who are wavering, timid and complacent: “If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude more than the animating contest of Freedom, then go home from us now in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands of those that feed you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that ye were ever our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams
    By the way… Did ya’ll see the hilarious report about the Thug Life Negroes from the U.C.L.A. Basketball Team that got arrested for Shop Lifting in China? One was definitely a Mulatto. I guess his momma didn’t tell him that he wasn’t in Kansas anymore.

    • Neocohens don’t insist on fair treatment, neocohens policing the right insist that a much higher standard applies to “conservatives” – specifically, they must not do anything that Jews or other anti-Christian fanatics consider offensive.

  5. Meanwhile, another proof why every white country patriots must go after white liberals.

    German Defense Minister said that her country should support the “democratic resistance of the young generation” in Poland.

    Well, now it`s up to Eastern European patriots, will be there “resistance” or not. I think we will take care that Germany will find nobody to support.

  6. In other words, the Jews don’t want their little usury game disturbed. They want us to worship the god mammon and not talk about the social Kingship of Christ.

  7. If the Guardian had written the exact same article replacing the word ‘white’ with ‘black’ it would have been more true, but that would be considered racism.

    It is baffling to see these publications constantly exalting the unaccomplished races whose only skills are to export death and destruction.

    They are right about one thing, though. We, the white race, are dangerous. We need to be. They better watch it.

  8. Rising White Nationalism is a rising danger. Yes. Of course. We Whites are suppose to just lay down and let the niggers wipe us out with the help of the joos.

  9. A thought provoking piece. This Guardian rag referenced “a growing cohort of men who know that the economy has no dignified use for them”. Indeed. Many of my fellow young White males are waking up to this reality. The (((controlled economy))) indeed has no use for them.
    In the West, the whole economy and social structure used to be built around clans of nuclear families -led by White male patriarchs. To destroy Western civilization, this had to be changed. It is getting very hard for a blue collar White male to financially support a family. And this in addition to the officially sanctioned sexual perversion and cultural genocide that we Whites are bombarded with daily.
    Under these circumstances, it is only logical that young White men will begin to wake up and protest. I am not Polish or Catholic, but good for Poland for going out in the streets in mass protest this weekend!

    • Young white men were beginning to realize society had no use them thirty years ago. I was a young man then, and I couldn’t miss the hostility directed at me from young white women, as well as the education system and employers because i was white and male. Today young white girls demonstrate complete lack of respect towards white men and boys. That is why white males are increasingly alienated towards both females and society which despises them. It’s far worse now, and those young white men are the ones we must win over to our side.

  10. A rising danger to whom? It’s a good sign these anti-Whites are so rattled lately. That an innocuous statement like “It’s okay to be White” is considered a “hate message” is very telling.

  11. Danger to ” them ” …..some of us think that somebody must be held responsible for last 100 years of horror and those people demand Nurenberg 2 for libreals or communists or however anybody likes to call those “goodwhites”

    “””…..A form of government interesting to ponerologists is one they have called pathocracy, in which individuals with personality disorders (especially psychopathy) occupy positions of power and influence. The result is a totalitarian system characterized by a government turned against its own people. A pathocracy may emerge when a society is insufficiently guarded against the typical and inevitable minority of such abnormal pathology, which ?obaczewski asserts is caused by biology or genetics…..””

  12. Rotherham. What did they know and when did they know it? At what point did they consciously start turning a blind eye to the racist mass-rape of children (that is to say sponsoring it) for no other reason than that the victims were white? Racist mass rape, particularly of children, is a war crime by United Nations definition, at what point did they knowingly become racist war criminals?

    Again, “anti-racism” is only about keeping a white slave and working him to death. Murderous racial exploitation masquerading as high principle. Racist colonialism and genocide.

  13. GenX hit 18 right before the first Tech Boom, we were all expecting McJobs back in 1990 already according to Douglas Copeland. So what happened is the microprocessor put off the ugly decision for two decades.

  14. On Rotherham people should realize that it’s the Eastern Suburb of Sheffield. The problem no doubt is endemic in the English Rustbelt that stretches across the Pennines from the Irish Sea to the North Sea.

  15. Whites that are interested in keeping white nations white are a threat to the “Post WWII order”

    You mean the very decidedly Jewish order?

    We’re the threat, and not the violent welfare eaters that drain all of the resources of the West. Yeah. Okay.

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