Latvia: Thousands Participate In Annual Independence Day Torchlight Parade


I wish we could do things like this in our country. These Poles and Estonians are much better LARPers than we are in the United States. We will get thousands one day!

Note: In neighboring Estonia, the Soldiers of Odin also hold torchlight marches.

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  1. So it seems the centralizers of the movement thought to import this from Europe to the US. It didn’t work. What does work? “Memes”, “tweets”, in other words the modern political cartoon, the modern pamphlet, the modern wood cutting that was the main stay of the Gutenberg/Luther revolution.

  2. Eastern Europe looks like the most logical place for White ethno states. Perhaps your children and grand children should learn some Slavic languages.

    • If they want to learn Slavic languages, there’s a considerable Slavic diaspora here in the U.S. Russian, Polish and Ukrainian are the most important by number of people who speak them. Not all people and languages in Eastern Europe are Slavic, Hungarians, Lithuanisns, Estonians and Latvisns are not Slavs while the people of Belarus, Serbia, Moldova and Bulgaria are. There’s regions of the U.S. where you could meet first generation immigrants who would appreciate you helping them with America English. These languages are hard to learn, and some of them find English difficult as well. Some people there know English already. Be aware their history and culture is very different from America’s, but they care about the same things we do.

  3. We really need to have giant ceremonial processions like those. Meet new people, develop a sense of solidarity, raise morale, terrify the enemy – it’s all good!

  4. @Brad I’m sure the AltRight could put on a credible 4th of July Rally—much bigger than anything in Poland, or the Baltics. Matter of fact, I’m sure numerous AltRight parades, and gathering could be put on—even if not publically pre-announced all across the US for the 4th of July.

    • Latvians may be a tiny nation but they’re totally fearless. They battled the Teutonic Knights, the Soviets, the Mongols…I’m very impressed with them!

      • Until late XIX century Latvians were illiterate farmhands dominated by German landowners for 800 years. They were completely subdued in 1300s. Teutonic Knights took over Livonian Brothers of the Sword and never faced much trouble in the area until Russians started to move in in the middle of 16tg century. Latvian regimens were the backbone of Bolshevik power in the beginning of the revolution and were used to put out many anti-Communist peasant revolts, many of them serving later in CheKa- precursor of KGB. Mongols never made it to the area, so wrong there as well. All these marchers are expressions of small nationalist movements, both anti-German and anti-Russian.

        • The three Baltic states, along with Poland and Finland, fought Trotsky’s Red Army for their independence from Bolshevik Russia from 1918 to 1921. And the mongols advanced as far west as the Pripyat Swamp in Ukraine. Jerk.

  5. Aaannnnnddd what do the marchers represent ? Twinkies. Blue jeans ? The demand for free cable ?

    See … WITHOUT a clear coherent BRAND … and BRAND IDENTITY, these great organized marches are useless !!! However WITH a strong coherent message and brand, they are an effective ARM OF the brand, and they can form a new nation !

    THE CONFEDERATE PARTY is our brand.

    A VERY ENLARGED WHITE CHRISTIAN CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA BY 2024 is our coherent message and our brand identity.

  6. Marching in America right now just gives leftists and the media a way to talk about the “rise of hate” and other garbage, an excuse for the splc to fund raise to fight the growing “hate movement” Plus allow leftists to dox everyone and law enforcement pictures

    Why is the southern league so small but Northern league in Italy very large and a presence, all over Europe far right movements like national front, jobbik,etc are much larger . Private meetings and build up of membership is the only way, why arent there 1000-5000 members in the Southern league and on the far right yet?

    Marches just allow leftists an splc to use those as an excuse an scares away members. No one wants to join small organizations that need police protection and never number more than a few hundred

  7. The Estonians and Poles are marching with their national symbols. Y’all are marching with a handful of people who think they are living in Germany circa 1932. The differences should be obvious.

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